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Internet Use Policy


  • Respect the privacy of other computer users.
  • Obey copyright, software, and data laws and regulations.
  • Take responsibility for the Internet activity of the children in your care


  • Send, receive, or display text or graphics that may reasonably by regarded as illegal or obscene.
  • Display or print images that may create an intimidating or hostile environment for other library users or staff.
  • Interfere with others' use of computers.
  • Access any other computer or computer system without authorization.
  • Try to change or access files, passwords, or data belonging to others.
  • Misrepresent yourself as another user.

Please Remember:

  1. Use of the Library's Internet connection is not guaranteed to be private.  The Library may be required to provide information about your library activities, including Internet use, to law enforcement authorities.
  2. The Library is not responsible for the availability or content of websites other than the Library's own website.
  3. The Library is not responsible for damages to equipment or data on a user's personal computer resulting from websites accessed or from software or data downloaded using the Library's Internet connection.
  4. The Library is not responsible for security breaches of a user's data or personal accounts.  If you access your personal financial accounts, for example, you do so at your own risk.  Do not store your work on a Library computer's hard drive.
  5. Library staff will require users to stop using the Library's Internet connection if these rules are not followed.  Failure to follow these rules may result in the loss of Internet privileges at the Library.

Due to the changing nature of computer services, policies are subject to change without notice, at the Library's discretion.

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Adopted March 2010
Duluth Public Library Board


Page Last Modified: 6/5/2013
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