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Zinio Downloadable Magazines

Downloading magazines from Zinio 

Two log-ins are required to use this service: one to check out from the library collection and another to read your checked out items on the Zinio website.

Step 1: Go to the library’s Zinio collection.

Step 2: If this is your first time using Zinio, begin by making an account.  On the upper right corner of the Zinio collection page, click on “Create new account.”  Enter your library card number, name, email address, and create a password. 

Step 3: To check out a magazine, click on the cover.  Enter the email address and password you registered with, then click on “complete checkout” to advance to the Zinio website. 

Step 4: At the Zinio website, you need to create another account to access your checked out magazines. If it is your first time using Zinio, fill in your first name, last name, email address, and password to create an account. If you have previously created a Zinio account, click on the “sign in” link in the top right corner of the Zinio page to enter your registered email address and password and log in. 

Step 5: From the Zinio page, you can read your checked out magazines using your Internet browser. 

Step 6: To read a magazine on a tablet or smartphone, download the Zinio app and sign in with your Zinio login information. 
     Apps for:  Apple devices    Android devices    Windows devices

From the Zinio app, you can read any items you have already checked out from the library. To check out new items, you must download them through the Library’s Zinio page.

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