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New Audiobooks - December 2014

These titles were added during November

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Call Number Author Title
BOD-2760 Book on Disc Smiley, Jane. Some luck
BOD-2740 Book on Disc Belle, Kimberly. The last breath
BOD-2741 Book on Disc Mandel, Emily St. John Station Eleven
BOD-2742 Book on Disc Mott, Jason. The wonder of all things
BOD-2743 Book on Disc Roberts, Nora. Blood magick. (Cousins O'Dwyer trilogy, book 3.)
BOD-2745 Book on Disc Nicholls, David Us
BOD-2746 Book on Disc Oliver, Lauren Rooms
BOD-2748 Book on Disc Brown, T. J. A bloom in winter. (Summerset Abbey, book 2.)
BOD-2749 Book on Disc Lepucki, Edan. California
BOD-2750 Book on Disc Burton, Jessie. The miniaturist
BOD-2751 Book on Disc Brown, T. J. Spring awakening. (Summerset Abbey, book 3.)
BOD-2752 Book on Disc Donohue, John J. Deshi
BOD-2753 Book on Disc King, Stephen Revival
BOD-2754 Book on Disc Waters, Sarah The paying guests
BOD-2755 Book on Disc Nicholls, David One day
BOD-2757 Book on Disc Coulter, Catherine. The lost key. (Brit in the FBI, #2.)
BOD-2758 Book on Disc Preston, Douglas J. Blue labyrinth
BOD-2759 Book on Disc Patterson, James Private India: city on fire
BOD-2762 Book on Disc . FaceOff
BOD-2763 Book on Disc Baldacci, David. The escape
BOD-2764 Book on Disc Cussler, Clive. Havana storm [a Dirk Pitt novel]
BOD-2765 Book on Disc Afshar, Tessa. In the field of grace
BOD-2766 Book on Disc Billingham, Mark. The bones beneath
BOD-2767 Book on Disc Burke, James Lee Wayfaring stranger
BOD-2768 Book on Disc Cain, Chelsea. One kick
BOD-2769 Book on Disc Cussler, Clive. The eye of heaven. (Fargo adventures, #6.)
BOD-2770 Book on Disc French, Tana. The secret place. (Dublin murder squad series, #5.)
BOD-2775 Book on Disc Hilderbrand, Elin. Winter Street
BOD-2776 Book on Disc Hooper, Kay Haunted. (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit novel, #3.)
BOD-2777 Book on Disc Kingsbury, Karen. Angels walking. (Angels walking series, #1.)
BOD-2778 Book on Disc Macomber, Debbie. Mr. Miracle [a Christmas novel]
BOD-2781 Book on Disc McCullough, Colleen Bittersweet
BOD-2783 Book on Disc Robards, Karen. The last kiss goodbye. (Dr. Charlotte Stone series, #2.)
BOD-2784 Book on Disc Robards, Karen. Her last whisper. (Dr. Charlotte Stone series, #3.)
BOD-2785 Book on Disc Robinson, Marilynne. Lila
BOD-2786 Book on Disc Rowell, Rainbow. Landline
BOD-2787 Book on Disc Smith, Tom Rob. The farm
BOD-2788 Book on Disc Vreeland, Susan. Lisette's list
BOD-2789 Book on Disc Patterson, James Hope to die
BOD-5288 Book on Disc Cussler, Clive. Devil's gate. (Kurt Austin adventures, #9.) a novel from the NUMA files
BOD-5626 Book on Disc Davidson, MaryJanice. Undead and unwary
BOD-5627 Book on Disc Palahniuk, Chuck. Beautiful you
BOD-5632 Book on Disc Sparks, Beatrice. Go ask Alice
SMP-836 Sound Media Player Oates, Joyce Carol Lovely, dark, deep: stories
SMP-838 Sound Media Player Picoult, Jodi Leaving time
SMP-840 Sound Media Player Koontz, Dean R. Wilderness and other stories
BOD-5633 Juv Book on Disc Kinney, Jeff. The long haul. (Diary of a wimpy kid, book 9.)
BOD-5634 Juv Book on Disc Pastis, Stephan. We meet again. (Timmy Failure, no. 3.)
SMP-837 Juv M Sound Media Player Snicket, Lemony. Shouldn't you be in school? (All the wrong questions, question 3.)
BOD-2739 Juv SF Book on Disc Riordan, Rick. The blood of Olympus. (Heroes of Olympus, book 5.)
BOD-5638 Juv SF Book on Disc Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Revealed. (The missing, book 7.)
SMP-839 Juv SF Sound Media Player Flanagan, John Scorpion Mountain. (Brotherband chronicles, book 5.)
BOD-2737 M Book on Disc Connelly, Michael The burning room
BOD-2747 Book on Disc Theroux, Paul. Mr. Bones: twenty stories
BOD-2761 M Book on Disc Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. Flesh and blood: a Scarpetta novel
BOD-2771 M Book on Disc Gilman, Dorothy Mrs. Pollifax and the second thief
BOD-2772 M Main Book on Disc Gilman, Dorothy Mrs. Pollifax pursued
BOD-2773 M Book on Disc Grecian, Alex. The devil's workshop. (Scotland Yard's Murder Squad, #3.)
BOD-2774 M Book on Disc Grimes, Martha. Vertigo 42: a Richard Jury mystery
BOD-2779 M Book on Disc Mankell, Henning An event in autumn [a Kurt Wallander mystery]
BOD-2780 M Book on Disc Mayle, Peter. The Corsican caper
BOD-2782 M Book on Disc Coleman, Reed Farrel Robert B. Parker's blind spot [a Jesse Stone novel]
BOD-5610 M Book on Disc Krueger, William Kent. Windigo Island
BOD-5628 M Book on Disc Johnson, Craig Wait for signs: twelve Longmire stories
BOD-5629 M Book on Disc Francis, Felix. Dick Francis's Damage
SMP-299 M Sound Media Player Krueger, William Kent. Copper River
004.092 Is16i Book on Disc Isaacson, Walter. The innovators: how a group of hackers, geniuses, and geeks created the digital revolution
153.98 P133s Book on Disc Padgett, Jason. Struck by genius: how a brain injury made me a mathematical marvel
248.32 L962b Book on Disc Lucado, Max Before amen [the power of a simple prayer]
248.4 L193sm Book on Disc Lamott, Anne. Small victories [spotting improbable moments of grace]
248.482 R636f Book on Disc Rohr, Richard. Falling upward [a spirituality for the two halves of life]
289.3 B37a Book on Disc Beam, Alex. American crucifixion [the murder of Joseph Smith and the fate of the Mormon Church]
291.17833 Ar57f Book on Disc Armstrong, Karen Fields of blood [religion and the history of violence]
291.43 K967s Book on Disc Kurtz, Ernest. The spirituality of imperfection [storytelling and the search for meaning]
338.47664 L552m Book on Disc Leonard, Christopher The meat racket: [the secret takeover of America's food business]
363.28 K485i Book on Disc Kessler, Ronald In the president's Secret Service [behind the scenes with agents in the line of fire and the presidents they protect]
364.1524 Or141kp Book on Disc O'Reilly, Bill. Killing Patton [the strange death of World War II's most audacious general]
364.162 B61m Book on Disc Blanding, Michael. The map thief [the gripping story of an esteemed rare-map dealer who made millions stealing priceless maps]
534 C839s Book on Disc Cox, Trevor J. The sound book [the science of the sonic wonders of the world]
614.47 B543o Book on Disc Biss, Eula. On immunity: an inoculation
651.09 Sa93c Book on Disc Saval, Nikil. Cubed [a secret history of the workplace]
658.85 Sch32t Book on Disc Schiffman, Stephan. The 25 sales skills they don't teach at business school
791.4475 N8792 Book on Disc . NPR driveway moments: love stories.
813.009 N13r Book on Disc Nafisi, Azar. The republic of imagination [America in three books]
910 B643u Book on Disc Bonnett, Alastair Unruly places [lost spaces, secret cities, and other inscrutable geographies]
921 B9626bu Book on Disc Bush, George W. 41: a portrait of my father
921 J1385g Book on Disc Gwynne, S. C. Rebel yell [the violence, passion, and redemption of Stonewall Jackson]
921 P7522AAy Book on Disc Poehler, Amy Yes please
921 W8325At Book on Disc Wolff, Tobias This boy's life [a memoir]
940.4 B777l Book on Disc Brittain, Vera Letters from a lost generation [the First World War letters of Vera Brittain and four friends]
942.04 J713w Book on Disc Jones, Dan The Wars of the Roses [the fall of the Plantagenets and the rise of the Tudors]
956.7 T398s Book on Disc Thorpe, Helen Soldier girls [the battles of three women at home and at war]
158.1 L565c Sound Media Player Leslie, Ian. Curious: the desire to know and why your future depends on it
D-10701 SF Book on Disc . The Twilight Zone radio dramas: volume 4
BOD-2756 SF Book on Disc Grossman, Lev. The magician's land
BOD-5637 YA Book on Disc Abawi, Atia Secret sky [a novel of forbidden love in Afghanistan]
BOD-5638 YA Book on Disc Winters, Cat. The cure for dreaming
BOD-2744 YA SF Book on Disc Lu, Marie The Young Elites. (Young Elites, vol. 1.)
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