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New Audiobooks - July 2014

These titles were added during June

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Call Number Author Title
BOD-2193 Book on Disc Guthrie, A. B., Jr. The big sky
BOD-2604 Book on Disc Moore, Lorrie. Bark stories
BOD-2605 Book on Disc Roberts, Nora. The collector
BOD-2606 Book on Disc Burke, James Lee Two for Texas
BOD-2607 Book on Disc Cunningham, Michael The snow queen
BOD-2610 Book on Disc Scottoline, Lisa. Keep quiet
BOD-2611 Book on Disc Smith, Martin Cruz Tatiana: an Arkady Renko novel
BOD-2612 Book on Disc Patterson, James Unlucky 13
BOD-2613 Book on Disc Dekker, Ted Outlaw
BOD-2614 Book on Disc Cook, Thomas H. Sandrine's case
BOD-2615 Book on Disc Kenyon, Sherrilyn Born of ice. (League novel, #3.)
BOD-2617 Book on Disc Tanenbaum, Robert. Bad faith
BOD-2619 Book on Disc Wiggs, Susan. The beekeeper's ball
BOD-2624 Book on Disc Weiner, Jennifer. All fall down
BOD-2625 Book on Disc Hunter, Stephen The 47th samurai: a Bob Lee Swagger novel
BOD-2626 Book on Disc Miller, Sue The arsonist
BOD-2627 Book on Disc Sakey, Marcus. A better world
BOD-2629 Book on Disc Heyer, Georgette The grand Sophy
BOD-5583 Book on Disc McMurtry, Larry. The Last Kind Words Saloon
BOD-5584 Book on Disc Cussler, Clive. Ghost ship. (Kurt Austin adventures, #12.): a novel from the NUMA files
BOD-5585 Book on Disc Finder, Joseph. Suspicion
BOD-5586 Book on Disc Addison, Corban The garden of burning sand
BOD-5587 Book on Disc Ignatius, David The director
BOD-5588 Book on Disc Gabaldon, Diana. Written in my own heart's blood. (Outlander series, #8.)
DVD-2628 Book on Disc Harrison, Jim Legends of the fall
SMP-379 Sound Media Player McEwan, Ian. Solar
SMP-815 Sound Media Player Scottoline, Lisa. Keep quiet
BOD-1003 Juv Book on Disc . Lost & found
BOD-2621 Juv Book on Disc Gantos, Jack. Dead end in Norvelt
BOD-2622 Juv Book on Disc Gantos, Jack. From Norvelt to nowhere
BOD-5577 Juv Book on Disc Lord, Cynthia. Half a chance
BOD-5579 Juv Book on Disc Woods, Brenda The blossoming universe of Violet Diamond
BOD-5580 Juv Book on Disc Angleberger, Tom. Princess Labelmaker to the rescue!. (Origami Yoda, vol. 5.)
BOD-5578 Juv SF Book on Disc Torday, Piers. The last wild
SMP-814 Juv SF Sound Media Player Cowell, Cressida. How to seize a dragon's jewel. (How to train your dragon, book 10.)
BOD-5582 M Book on Disc Johnson, Craig Any other name
BOD-621 M Book on Disc Krueger, William Kent. Northwest angle: a Cork O'Connor mystery
D-11116 M Book on Disc Krueger, William Kent. Heaven's keep: a Cork O'Connor mystery
SMP-321 M Sound Media Player Crombie, Deborah. Necessary as blood
SMP-460 M Sound Media Player Davidson, Diane Mott. Crunch time: a catering mystery
SMP-817 M Sound Media Player Estleman, Loren D. Ragtime cowboys
153.43 L579t Book on Disc Levitt, Steven D. Think like a freak: the authors of Freakonomics offer to retrain your brain
154.634 Es85i Book on Disc Estes, Clarissa Pinkola In the house of the riddle mother
185.1 Ar45zK Book on Disc Koterski, Joseph W. The ethics of Aristotle
190 Er44p Book on Disc Erickson, Stephen A. Philosophy as a guide to living
226.066 D745h Book on Disc Douglas-Klotz, Neil. The hidden Gospel
242.8 Od52t Book on Disc O'Donohue, John To bless the space between us: a collection of invocations and blessings
282 F847c Book on Disc Francis, Pope The church of mercy
294.344 C451tr Book on Disc Chodron, Pema. True happiness
294.344 K842bu Book on disc Kornfield, Jack Buddhist meditation for beginners
304.23 H759p Book on Disc Honore, Carl. The power of slow [finding balance and fulfillment beyond the cult of speed]
305.244 W623m Book on Disc Whyte, David Midlife and the great unknown
332.62 L587f Book on Disc Lewis, Michael Flash boys: a Wall Street revolt
338.19 B233t Book on Disc Barber, Dan The third plate: field notes on the future of food
359.984 M459e Book on Disc McEwen, Scott. Eyes on targe:t inside stories from the brotherhood of the U.S. Navy SEALs
575.0162 L329t Book on Disc Larson, Edward J. The theory of evolution: a history of controversy
612.8 C67s Book on Disc Colavita, Francis B. Sensation, perception, and the aging process
613.7046 C43am Book on Disc Chiarella, Gael. A.M. yoga meditations
613.7046 C43p Book on Disc Chiarella, Gael. P.M. yoga meditations
615.8512 W429h Book on Disc Weil, Andrew. Heal yourself with medical hypnosis
615.852 D152e Book on Disc . Energy clearing [heal energetic wounds, release negative influences, and create healthy boundaries]
618.2 W899f Book on Disc Worth, Jennifer Farewell to the East End
618.2 W899s Book on Disc Worth, Jennifer Shadows of the workhouse
781.65 M562e Book on Disc Messenger, Bill. Elements of jazz from cakewalks to fusion
814.54 P271t Book on Disc Patchett, Ann This is the story of a happy marriage
814.54 W6754f Book on Disc Williams, Terry Tempest. Finding beauty in a broken world
828.912 L585zM Book on Disc . The life and writings of C.S. Lewis
921 C6173AAh Book on Disc Clinton, Hillary Rodham. Hard choices: a memoir
921 Eh84AAl Book on Disc Ehrenreich, Barbara. Living with a wild god: a nonbeliever's search for the truth about everything
921 M2654c Book on Disc Cheney, Lynne V. James Madison: a life reconsidered
956.7 W256n Book on Disc Warren, W. Lee No place to hide: a brain surgeon's long journey home from the Iraq War
973.3 M139c Book on Disc McCullough, David G. The course of human events
618.92898 G764a Sound Media Player Grandin, Temple. The autistic brain thinking across the spectrum
791.4475 P39 Sound Media Player . People we meet: unforgettable conversations.
921 W252AAf Sound Media Player Warren, Elizabeth. A fighting chance
D-10920 SF Book on Disc Butcher, Jim Fool moon. (Dresden files, book 2.)
D-10922 SF Book on Disc Butcher, Jim Summer knight. (Dresden files, book 4.)
BOD-2608 W Book on Disc Mulford, Clarence Edward The coming of Cassidy
BOD-2609 W Book on Disc Schaefer, Jack Monte Walsh
BOD-2616 W Book on Disc Striker, Fran The Lone Ranger rides
BOD-2618 YA Book on Disc Nielsen, Jennifer A. The shadow throne. (The ascendance trilogy, book 3.)
BOD-2623 YA Book on Disc Rowell, Rainbow. Fangirl
BOD-5581 YA Book on Disc Preus, Margi. West of the moon
SMP-816 YA SF Sound Media Player Plum, Amy. After the end
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