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New Audiobooks - November 2014

These titles were added during October

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Call Number Author Title
BOD-1915 Book on Disc Garwood, Julie. Prince Charming
BOD-2507 Book on Disc Patterson, James Private L.A.
BOD-2691 Book on Disc Binchy, Maeve. Chestnut Street
BOD-2692 Book on Disc Thomas, Matthew We are not ourselves
BOD-2693 Book on Disc Child, Lee. Personal: a Jack Reacher novel
BOD-2696 Book on Disc Murakami, Haruki Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage
BOD-2698 Book on Disc Phillips, Susan Elizabeth. Heroes are my weakness
BOD-2699 Book on Disc Macomber, Debbie. Love letters. (Rose Harbor Inn, #3.)
BOD-2701 Book on Disc Doerr, Anthony All the light we cannot see
BOD-2702 Book on Disc Karon, Jan Somewhere safe with somebody good. (Mitford years, book 10.)
BOD-2703 Book on Disc Follett, Ken. Edge of eternity. (Century trilogy, book 3.)
BOD-2704 Book on Disc Brown, Sandra Mean streak
BOD-2708 Book on Disc Gregory, Philippa. The king's curse. (Cousins' war, book 6.)
BOD-2709 Book on Disc Harbison, Elizabeth M. Driving with the top down
BOD-2710 Book on Disc Heyer, Georgette Faro's daughter
BOD-2712 Book on Disc Kubica, Mary. The good girl
BOD-2713 Book on Disc Moyes, Jojo One plus one
BOD-2714 Book on Disc Patterson, James Burn
BOD-2716 Book on Disc Roberts, Nora. Shadow spell. (Cousins O'Dwyer trilogy, book 2.)
BOD-2717 Book on Disc Scott, Walter, Sir Ivanhoe
BOD-2718 Book on Disc Straub, Emma. The vacationers
BOD-2719 Book on Disc Weldon, Fay. The new countess. (Love and inheritance trilogy, #3.)
BOD-2720 Book on Disc Weldon, Fay. Long live the king. (Love and inheritance trilogy, #2.)
BOD-2721 Book on Disc Sandford, John Deadline
BOD-2722 Book on Disc Grisham, John. Gray mountain
BOD-2723 Book on Disc Picoult, Jodi Leaving time
BOD-2724 Book on Disc Hemingway, Ernest The Nick Adams stories
BOD-2725 Book on Disc Hugo, Victor The hunchback of Notre Dame
BOD-2729 Book on Disc Woods, Stuart. Paris Match
BOD-2730 Book on Disc Stein, Garth. A sudden light
BOD-2731 Book on Disc Mantel, Hilary The assassination of Margaret Thatcher: stories
BOD-2734 Book on Disc Baldacci, David. The target
BOD-2735 Book on Disc Johansen, Iris. The perfect witness
BOD-280 Book on Disc Koontz, Dean R. What the night knows
BOD-5614 Book on Disc Mitchell, David The bone clocks
BOD-5617 Book on Disc McEwan, Ian. The children act
BOD-5618 Book on Disc Karon, Jan In this mountain. (Mitford years, book 7.)
BOD-5621 Book on Disc Dunnett, Dorothy. Niccolò rising (House of Niccolo, book 1)
BOD-5622 Book on Disc Amis, Martin. The zone of interest
D-10478 Book on Disc Freeman, Brian Stripped. (Jonathan Stride series, #2.)
D-10702 Book on Disc Smith, Betty A tree grows in Brooklyn
D-9383 Book on Disc Karon, Jan Shepherds abiding with Esther's gift and The Mitford snowmen
SMP-281 Sound Media Player Niffenegger, Audrey. Her fearful symmetry
SMP-710 Sound Media Player Barclay, Linwood. Trust your eyes
SMP-834 Sound Media Player Eggers, Dave. What is the what: the autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng: a novel
BOD-1949 Juv Book on Disc , Silver celebration producers' picks!
BOD-5624 Juv Book on Disc Angleberger, Tom. Emperor Pickletine rides the bus. (Origami Yoda, vol. 6.)
BOD-5624 Juv Book on Disc Erskine, Kathryn The badger knight
BOD-5625 Juv Book on Disc Dowell, Frances O'Roark. Anybody shining
SMP-829 Juv SF Sound Media Player Mass, Wendy 11 birthdays. (Willow Falls, vol. 1.)
BOD-1571 M Book on Disc Deaver, Jeffery. XO: a Kathryn Dance novel
BOD-2151 M Book on Disc Castle, Richard. Heat rises. (Nikki Heat series, #3.)
BOD-2694 M Book on Disc Deaver, Jeffery. The skin collector: a Lincoln Rhyme novel
BOD-2695 M Book on Disc Galbraith, Robert. The silkworm
BOD-2700 Book on Disc Evanovich, Janet. Top secret twenty-one: a Stephanie Plum novel
BOD-2705 M Book on Disc Connelly, Michael Angels flight
BOD-2706 M Book on Disc Connelly, Michael The poet
BOD-2707 M Book on Disc Connelly, Michael Trunk music
BOD-2711 M Book on Disc Kellerman, Faye. Murder 101 [a Decker/Lazarus novel]
BOD-2715 M Book on Disc Reichs, Kathy. Bones never lie
BOD-2727 M Book on Disc King, Laurie R. A monstrous regiment of women
BOD-2728 M Book on Disc King, Laurie R. The beekeeper's apprentice, [or, On the segregation of the queen]
BOD-2732 M Book on Disc Castle, Richard. Raging heat. (Nikki Heat series, #6.)
BOD-2733 M Book on Disc Castle, Richard. Deadly heat. (Nikki Heat series, #5.)
BOD-2736 M Book on Disc Mosley, Walter. Rose Gold [an Easy Rawlins mystery]
BOD-456 M Book on Disc Castle, Richard. Naked heat. (Nikki Heat series, #2.)
BOD-5615 M Book on Disc Perry, Anne. Blood on the water: a William Monk novel
BOD-5620 M Book on Disc Davidson, Diane Mott. Crunch time: a catering mystery
D-9298 M Book on Disc Christie, Agatha The body in the library: a Miss Marple mystery
SMP-492 M Sound Media Player Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. From Potter's field
SMP-832 M Sound Media Player Mankell, Henning Firewall: a Kurt Wallander mystery
100 B983 Book on Disc Butler-Bowdon, Tom, 50 philosophy classics: [thinking, being, acting, seeing: profound insights and powerful thinking from fifty key books]
153.83 M199e Book on Disc McKeown, Greg. Essentialism: the disciplined pursuit of less
158 Ac47b Book on Disc Achor, Shawn. Before happiness [the 5 hidden keys to achieving success, spreading happiness, and sustaining positive change]
158.1 D882p Book on Disc Duhigg, Charles. The power of habit [why we do what we do in life and business]
234.1 K628d Book on Disc Kipp, Mastin Daily love growing into grace
248.4 Sh77b Book on Disc Shook, Kerry Be the message: taking your faith beyond words to a life of action
291.4 H243w Book on Disc Harris, Sam Waking up [a guide to spirituality without religion]
294.344 C451wa Book on Disc Chodron, Pema. Walking the walk [putting the teachings into practice when it matters most]
301.476 Al184 Book on Disc W., Bill. Alcoholics anonymous
304.2 Ac57h Book on Disc Ackerman, Diane The human age [the world shaped by us]
305.42 C245c Book on Disc Carter, Jimmy A call to action: women, religion, violence and power
305.42 M454 Book on Disc Mayor, Adrienne The Amazons [lives & legends of warrior women across the ancient world]
338.4779 El16b Book on Disc Elberse, Anita. Blockbusters: hit-making, risk-taking, and the big business of entertainment
361.74 K898p Book on Disc Kristof, Nicholas D. A path appears [transforming lives, creating opportunity]
362.175 G248b Book on Disc Gawande, Atul. Being mortal [medicine and what matters in the end]
363.33 G366e Book on Disc Giffords, Gabrielle D. Enough [our fight to keep America safe from gun violence]
423 W721p Book on Disc Winchester, Simon. The professor and the madman [a tale of murder, insanity, and the making of the Oxford English dictionary]
599.74442 J265w Book on Disc Jans, Nick A wolf called Romeo
616.8589 Am34a Book on Disc Amen, Daniel G. ADD in intimate relationships: a comprehensive guide for couples
791.4475 N8794 Book on Disc , NPR laughter therapy: funny for a living
796.323 J765la Book on Disc Lazenby, Roland. Michael Jordan: the life
811.008 G591 Book on Disc , Good poems
811.54 K265o Book on Disc Keillor, Garrison. O, what a luxury: verses lyrical, vulgar, pathetic & profound
812.54 M31g Book on Disc Mamet, David. Glengarry Glen Ross
817.6 D92n Book on Disc Dunham, Lena Not that kind of girl: [a young woman tells you what she's "learned"]
921 B75AAm Book on Disc Bremer, Krista. My accidental Jihad [a love story]
921 B782AAf Book on Disc Brockmeier, Kevin A few seconds of radiant filmstrip: a memoir of seventh grade
921 F6459AAb Book on Disc Flinn, Kathleen. Burnt toast makes you sing good: [a memoir of food and love from an American Midwest family]
921 R423r Book on Disc Ross, John F. Enduring courage [ace pilot Eddie Rickenbacker and the dawn of the Age of Speed]
921 R6771Aa Book on Disc Roosevelt, Eleanor The autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt
940.412 C872y Book on Disc Crocker, H. W. The Yanks are coming: a military history of the United States in World War I
940.5318 G574a Book on Disc Goldsmith, Martin Alex's wake: a voyage of betrayal and a journey of remembrance
940.5472 H557u Book on Disc Hillenbrand, Laura. Unbroken: a World War II story of survival, resilience, and redemption
968.065 L137g Book on Disc La Grange, Zelda. Good morning, Mr. Mandela
973.785 Ab27l Book on Disc Abbott, Karen Liar, temptress, soldier, spy [four women undercover in the Civil War]
973.785 Ab27l Sound Media Player Abbott, Karen Liar, temptress, soldier, spy: four women undercover in the Civil War
BOD-5616 SF Book on Disc Stirling, S. M. The golden princess. (Emberverse, book 11.) a novel of the change
SMP-833 Sound Media Player Clarke, Arthur C. 2001, a space odyssey
BOD-2690 YA Book on Disc Nelson, Jandy. I'll give you the sun
BOD-2726 YA M Book on Disc MacHale, D. J. Strike. (SYLO chronicles, #3.)
SMP-835 YA SF Sound Media Player Colfer, Eoin. The hangman's revolution. (W.A.R.P, book 2.)
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