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New Audiobooks - March 2015

These titles were added during January & February

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Call Number Author Title
BOD-1579 Book on Disc Diffenbaugh, Vanessa. The language of flowers
BOD-1669 Book on Disc Cameron, W. Bruce. A dog's purpose: a novel for humans
BOD-2101 Book on Disc Oates, Joyce Carol The corn maiden and other nightmares
BOD-221 Book on Disc Franklin, Tom. Crooked letter, crooked letter
BOD-256 Book on Disc L'Amour, Louis Walking drum
BOD-2701 Book on Disc Doerr, Anthony All the light we cannot see
BOD-2722 Book on Disc Grisham, John. Gray mountain
BOD-2820 Book on Disc Hoag, Tami. A thin dark line
BOD-2821 Book on Disc Stabenow, Dana. Prepared for rage
BOD-2824 Book on Disc Patterson, James Gone
BOD-2826 Book on Disc Woolf, Virginia Jacob's room
BOD-2827 Book on Disc Koryta, Michael. Those who wish me dead
BOD-2828 Book on Disc Cooney, Ellen. The mountaintop school for dogs and other second chances
BOD-2830 Book on Disc Christie, Alix. Gutenberg's apprentice
BOD-2831 Book on Disc Maum, Courtney I am having so much fun here without you
BOD-2832 Book on Disc Gaiman, Neil. Trigger warning [short fictions and disturbances]
BOD-2833 Book on Disc Robards, Karen. Hush
BOD-2834 Book on Disc Greaney, Mark. Full force and effect
BOD-2835 Book on Disc Abel, James. White plague
BOD-2836 Book on Disc Hawkins, Paula. The girl on the train
BOD-2837 Book on Disc Koontz, Dean R. Saint Odd. (Odd Thomas novel, #8.)
BOD-2838 Book on Disc Higgins, Jack Rain on the dead
BOD-2839 Book on Disc Allen, Sarah Addison. First frost
BOD-2842 Book on Disc Cornwell, Bernard. The empty throne. (Saxon tales, book 8.)
BOD-2844 Book on Disc Gerritsen, Tess. Rizzoli & Isles: die again
BOD-2845 Book on Disc Krentz, Jayne Ann. Trust no one
BOD-2846 Book on Disc Tyler, Anne. A spool of blue thread
BOD-2847 Book on Disc Heller, Peter The painter
BOD-2848 Book on Disc Hoag, Tami. Cold cold heart
BOD-2849 Book on Disc Parmar, Priya Vanessa and her sister
BOD-2850 Book on Disc Reichl, Ruth. Delicious!
BOD-2853 Book on Disc Rice, Anne Prince Lestat. (Chronicles of the vampires, book 13.)
BOD-2854 Book on Disc Rosenberg, Joel C. The third target
BOD-2855 Book on Disc Scherm, Rebecca. Unbecoming
BOD-2856 Book on Disc Simsion, Graeme C. The Rosie effect
BOD-2857 Book on Disc Steel, Danielle. Pegasus
BOD-2858 Book on Disc Johnston, Tim Descent
BOD-2859 Book on Disc Ng, Celeste. Everything I never told you
BOD-2861 Book on Disc Clark, Stephan Eirik. Sweetness #9
BOD-2862 Book on Disc Ford, Richard Let me be Frank with you: a Frank Bascombe book
BOD-2864 Book on Disc Archer, Jeffrey Mightier than the sword
BOD-2866 Book on Disc Evanovich, Janet. The job. (Fox and O'Hare novel, #3.)
BOD-2867 Book on Disc Flynn, Gillian Dark places
BOD-2868 Book on Disc Gardner, Lisa. Crash & burn
BOD-2871 Book on Disc Hannah, Kristin. The nightingale
BOD-2872 Book on Disc Hornby, Nick. Funny girl
BOD-2873 Book on Disc Patterson, James Private Vegas. (Private novels, #9.)
BOD-2876 Book on Disc Steel, Danielle. Prodigal son
BOD-5644 Book on Disc Kava, Alex. Breaking Creed
BOD-5645 Book on Disc Ekback, Cecilia Wolf winter
BOD-5646 Book on Disc Carey, Peter Amnesia
BOD-5647 Book on Disc Ward, Amanda Eyre The same sky
BOD-5658 Book on Disc Mengestu, Dinaw All our names
D-11112 Book on Disc Howard, Linda Burn
SMP-847 Sound Media Player Grisham, John. Gray mountain
SMP-848  Sound Media Player Orwell, George


SMP-850 Sound Media Player Sandford, John Deadline
SMP-851 Sound Media Player Hoag, Tami. Cold cold heart
SMP-852 Sound Media Player Karon, Jan Somewhere safe with somebody good. (Mitford years, book 10.)
BOD-5652 Juv Book on Disc Perkins, Lynne Rae. Nuts to you
BOD-5655 Juv Book on Disc Korman, Gordon. Jackpot. (Swindle series, vol. 6.)
BOD-5656 Juv Book on Disc Smith, Dan Big game
BOD-2819 Juv M Turnage Turnage, Sheila. The ghosts of Tupelo Landing
BOD-5654 Juv M Book on Disc Milford, Kate. Greenglass House
BOD-2814 Juv SF Book on Disc Prineas, Sarah. Home. (The magic thief, book four.)
BOD-5657 Juv SF Book on Disc Prineas, Sarah. Found. (The magic thief, book three.)
SMP-853 Juv SF Sound Media Player Mass, Wendy Finally. (Willow Falls, vol. 2.)
BOD-2266 M Book on Disc Penny, Louise. How the light gets in: a Chief Inspector Gamache novel
BOD-2572 M Book on Disc Deaver, Jeffery. Trouble in mind the collected stories, vol. 3
BOD-2817 M Book on Disc Page, Katherine Hall. The body in the belfry
BOD-2830 M Book on Disc Haddam, Jane Fighting chance [a Gregor Demarkian novel]
BOD-2840 M Book on Disc Barr, Nevada. Destroyer angel
BOD-2843 M Book on Disc Robb, J. D. Obsession in death
BOD-2851 M Book on Disc Rendell, Ruth Put on by cunning
BOD-2853 M Book on Disc Rendell, Ruth A sleeping life
BOD-2865 M Book on Disc Beaton, M. C. Death of a liar: a Hamish Macbeth mystery
BOD-2870 M Book on Disc Lippman, Laura Hush hush
BOD-853 M Book on Disc Mankell, Henning Faceless killers
070.92 B6239AAf Book on Disc Blow, Charles M., Fire shut up in my bones: a memoir
152.4 M178h Book on Disc McGraw, Peter The humor code [a global search for what makes things funny]
158.1 It11 Book on Disc Thomas, Marlo. It ain't over-- till it's over [reinventing your life--and realizing your dreams--anytime, at any age]
158.12 Iy11a Book on Disc Iyer, Pico. The art of stillness [adventures in going nowhere]
191 D932f Book on Disc Durant, Will Fallen leaves: last words on life, love, war and God
332.024 R534m Book on Disc Robbins, Anthony. Money master the game: 7 simple steps to financial freedom
359.984 Ow25n Book on Disc Owen, Mark No hero: the evolution of a Navy SEAL
362.734 B675w Book on Disc Bowen, Jenny. Wish you happy forever [what China's orphans taught me about moving mountains]
363.1196 T551d Book on Disc Tobar, Hector Deep down dark [the untold stories of 33 men buried in a Chilean mine, and the miracle that set them free]
428.2 Sh31b Book on Disc Shea, Ammon. Bad English [a history of linguistic aggravation]
575 N982u Book on Disc Nye, Bill. Undeniable: evolution and the science of creation
613 M575g Book on Disc Meyer, Joyce Good health, good life [12 keys to enjoying physical and spiritual wellness]
614.1 M485w Book on Disc Melinek, Judy. Working stiff [two years, 262 bodies, and the making of a medical examiner]
616.8582 Oc58r Book on Disc O'Connor, Richard Rewire [change your brain to break bad habits, overcome addictions, conquer self-destructive behavior]
639.978 R123b Book on Disc Raffin, Michele. The birds of Pandemonium: life among the exotic & the endangered
782.4092 J591s Book on Disc Schruers, Fred. Billy Joel: the definitive biography
782.4092 Y862AAs Book on Disc Young, Neil Special deluxe
791.4472 P884kl Book on Disc Keillor, Garrison. Lake Wobegon family reunion: selected stories
808.3 P429p Book on Disc Perry, Anne. Put your heart on the page: an introduction to writing
814.6 D266u Book on Disc Daum, Meghan The unspeakable and other subjects of discussion
817.6 H192u Book on Disc Handler, Chelsea. Uganda be kidding me
818.54 Or66b Book on Disc O'Rourke, P. J. The baby boom: how it got that way and it wasn't my fault and I'll never do it again
822.33 T1j Book on Disc Shakespeare, William A midsummer night's dream
824.914 B51m Book on Disc Binchy, Maeve. Maeve's times: in her own words
921 D631l Book on Disc LaGrow, Cathy. The waiting [the true story of a lost child, a lifetime of longing, and a miracle for a mother who never gave up]
921 F847i Book on Disc Ivereigh, Austen. The great reformer: Francis and the making of a radical pope
921 G414AAo Book on Disc Gillibrand, Kirsten Off the sidelines
921 G754ro Book on Disc Robinson, Jeffrey. Grace of Monaco: the true story
921 L1313a Book on Disc Auricchio, Laura. The marquis Lafayette reconsidered
921 L638fox Book on Disc Fox, Richard Wightman Lincoln's body
921 M1252m Book on Disc McCandless, Carine. The wild truth
921 M7873AAw Book on Disc Moore, Wes The work: my search for a life that matters
921 Ob67AAi Book on Disc O'Brien, Pat I'll be back right after this [my memoir]
921 Os91AAs Book on Disc Oswalt, Patton Silver screen fiend [learning about life from an addiction to film]
921 P3987AAd Book on Disc Pepys, Samuel The diary of Samuel Pepys
921 Sh815AAi Book on Disc Short, Martin I must say: my life as a humble comedy legend
921 Sk92t Book on Disc Skyhorse, Brando. Take this man: a memoir
921 V862v Book on Disc Vogel, Jennifer. Flim-flam man: [the true story of my father's counterfeit life]
929.1 G223fy Book on Disc Gates, Henry Louis, Jr. Finding your roots: [the official companion to the PBS series]
958.1047 G646n Book on Disc Gopal, Anand No good men among the living [America, the Taliban, and the war through Afghan eyes]
973.092 F5191 Book on Disc . First ladies
973.711 F732g Book on Disc Foner, Eric Gateway to freedom: the hidden history of the Underground Railroad
817.54 G12f Sound Media Player Gaffigan, Jim. Food: a love story
921 M7932AAm Sound Media Player Moran, Mollie Minding the manor: the memoir of a 1930s English kitchen maid
921 P7522AAy Sound Media Player Poehler, Amy Yes please
BOD-2282 SF Book on Disc Weber, David Echoes of Honor. (Honor Harrington, book 8.)
BOD-2822 SF Book on Disc Weir, Andy. The martian
BOD-2869 SF Book on Disc Gibson, William The peripheral
BOD-2875 SF Book on Disc Rothfuss, Patrick The slow regard of silent things
D-15117 SF Book on Disc Card, Orson Scott. Ender in exile. (Ender's saga, #1.5.)
BOD-2815 W Kelton Kelton, Elmer. Bitter trail
BOD-2816 W Book on Disc L'Amour, Louis Utah Blaine
BOD-2818 W Book on Disc L'Amour, Louis Tucker
BOD-2823 W Book on Disc Brand, Max The white Indian
BOD-2825 W Book on Disc Brand, Max Rusty Sabin
BOD-2829 W Book on Disc Grey, Zane The rainbow trail
BOD-2841 W Book on Disc Brand, Max Out of the wilderness a western story
BOD-2863 W Book on Disc L'Amour, Louis Law of the desert
BOD-2874 W Book on Disc Knott, Robert Robert B. Parker's The bridge. (Cole and Hitch novel, #7.)
BOD-5653 YA M Book on Disc Auxier, Jonathan. The night gardener
SMP-854 YA SF Sound Media Player Pearson, Mary The Fox Inheritance. (Jenna Fox chronicles, vol. 2.)
SMP-849 YA Sound Media Player Russell, Rachel Renee Tales from a not-so-happily ever after. (Dork diaries, vol. 8.)
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