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New Fiction - March 2015

These titles were added during January & February

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Author Title
. Africa39: new writing from Africa south of the Sahara
. All for you
. New Year's resolution: romance!
. We go bump. (Creepypasta wiki anthology, vol. 1.)
. We go bump. (Creepypasta wiki anthology, vol. 2.): no happy endings
Abbott, Jeff. Inside man
Abel, James. White plague
Ackerman, Elliot. Green on blue
Adler-Olsen, Jussi. The alphabet house
Alcott, Kate. A touch of stardust
Allen, Sarah Addison. First frost
Altrama, Erin. Inion
Anderson, Catherine Silver thaw: a Mystic Creek novel
Andrews, V. C. Christopher's diary. (Diaries, #2.): echoes of Dollanganger
Anekwe, Adolphus A. Mark of the beast
Archer, Jeffrey Mightier than the sword. (Clifton chronicles, vol. 5.)
Ashley, Kristen. Kaleidoscope. (Colorado mountain series, #6.)
Atkins, Lucy. The missing one
Bailey, Martine. An appetite for violets
Baldacci, David. The escape
Balogh, Mary. Beyond the sunrise
Banks, Maya. Burn. (Breathless trilogy, book 3.)
Banks, Maya. In his keeping. (Slow burn novel, #2.)
Barbieri, Maggie. Lies that bind. (Maeve Conlon novels, #2.)
Barnett, LaShonda K. Jam on the vine
Barry, Quan. She weeps each time you're born
Baxter, Charles There's something I want you to do: stories
Beauman, Ned. Glow
Benson, Amber The witches of Echo Park. (Witches of Echo Park, #1.)
Berenson, Alex. Twelve days
Bergman, Megan Mayhew. Almost famous women: stories
Bertsch, David Riley. River of no return: a Jake Trent novel
Blake, Toni Love me if you dare. (Coral Cove novel, #2.)
Boyne, John A history of loneliness
Bradford, Arthur. Turtleface and beyond: stories
Brandt, Harry The Whites
Brennan, Allison. Notorious
Brick. Hood misfits, vol. 2
Brown, Carolyn The trouble with Texas cowboys. (Burnt Boot, Texas series, #2.)
Brown, Lorelie. Ahead in the heat. (Pacific blue novel, #2.)
Burgess, Matt Uncle Janice
Burley, John The forgetting place
Burrowes, Grace. A single kiss. (Sweetest kisses novel, #1.)
Burrowes, Grace. The first kiss. (Sweetest kisses novel, #2.)
Burton, Jaci. Quarterback draw. (Play-by-play series, #9.)
Buwalda, Peter Bonita Avenue
Callahan, Michael Searching for Grace Kelly
Camden, Elizabeth Beyond all dreams
Campbell, Rick Empire rising
Campbell, Sasha. Scandals
Carey, Peter Amnesia
Carr, Robyn. The homecoming. (Thunder Point novel, #6.)
Chapin, Andrea. The tutor
Christie, Michael If I fall, if I die
Clarkson, John Among thieves
Cohen, Tamar War of the wives
Cole, Kresley. The master. (Game maker series, #2.)
Cooper, Thomas. The marauders
Corman, Avery. The old neighborhood
Cornwell, Bernard. The empty throne. (Saxon tales, book 8.)
Cummins, Jeanine. The crooked branch
Cusk, Rachel Outline
Cutter, Nick. The deep
Dare, Tessa. Say yes to the marquess. (Castles ever after, #2.)
Davis, Brooke. Lost & found
Davis, Kyra. Dangerous alliance. (Pure sin, book 2.)
De Mariaffi, Elisabeth The devil you know
DeCandido, Keith R. A. Sleepy Hollow: children of the revolution
Diamant, Anita. The Boston girl
Doerr, Anthony All the light we cannot see
Dorsey, Tim. Shark skin suite
Druon, Maurice The royal succession. (Accursed kings, book 4.)
Duvall, Dianne. Night unbound. (Immortal guardians, #5.)
Ekback, Cecilia Wolf winter
Elliott, Cathy A stitch in crime. (Quilts of love series, #25.)
Erwin, Sherri Browning. An affair downstairs. (Thornbrook Park series, #2.)
Fabry, Chris The song: even the wisest of men was a fool for love
Ferriss, Lucy A sister to honor
Filipacchi, Amanda. The unfortunate importance of beauty
Flanagan, Richard The narrow road to the deep north
Fox, Candice. Hades
Fox, Savanna. Bound to be dirty. (Dirty Girls Book Club, #3.)
Freeman, Brian Turn to stone. (Jonathan Stride series.): a Jonathan Stride novella
Freud, Esther. Mr. Mac and me
Frost, Kimberly. Casually cursed. (Southern witch novel, #5.)
Gaiman, Neil. Trigger warning: short fictions and disturbances
Galenorn, Yasmine Panther prowling. (Otherworld series, book 17.)
Gapper, John. The ghost shift
Gardner, Lisa. Crash & burn
Gaynor, Hazel. A memory of violets: a novel of London's flower sellers
Gerritsen, Tess. Rizzoli & Isles: die again
Giorello, Sibella. Stone and spark. (Raleigh Harmon series, #1.)
Goldhagen, Shari In some other world, maybe
Gordon, Alex. Gideon
Grahame-Smith, Seth. The last American vampire
Gray, Shelley Shepard. The promise of Palm Grove. (Amish brides of Pinecraft, book 1.)
Green, Jane Saving Grace
Greenland, Seth. I regret everything: a love story
Grey, Amelia. The duke in my bed. (Heirs' Club of Scoundrels, #1.)
Griffin, Patience. Meet me in Scotland. (Kilts and quilts novel, #2.)
Griffin, W. E. B. The assassination option. (Clandestine operations novel, #2.)
Grippando, James Cane and Abe
Hagberg, David. Retribution
Halle, Karina. Bold tricks. (Artists trilogy, book 3.)
Hampton, Brenda BFF's 2. (Best frenemies forever series, #2.)
Handler, Daniel. We are pirates
Hannah, Kristin. The nightingale
Hannah, Sophie The carrier. (Zailer and Waterhouse mystery, #8.)
Harmel, Kristin. The life intended
Harper, Karen Broken bonds. (Cold Creek trilogy, #3.)
Harris, Lisa Hidden agenda. (Southern crimes, book 3.)
Harrison, Jim The big seven: a faux mystery
Harrison, Rashad. The abduction of Smith and Smith
Hawkins, James A. A common virtue
Hawkins, Paula. The girl on the train
Hawley, Ellen. The divorce diet
Heiny, Katherine. Single, carefree, mellow: stories
Henderson, Smith Fourth of July Creek
Hepworth, Sally. The secrets of midwives
Hermann, Nellie The season of migration
Hernandez, Treasure. The block
Hieber, Leanna Renee. The Eterna files
Higgins, Jack Rain on the dead
Hill, Lawrence The book of negroes
Hoag, Tami. Cold cold heart
Hockley, Julie. Crow's row
Hockley, Julie. Scare crow: a Crow's row love story
Hogan, Phil A pleasure and a calling
Hooper, Emma. Etta and Otto and Russell and James
Hornby, Nick. Funny girl
Howard, Ravi. Driving the king
Irvin, Kelly. The beekeeper's son. (Amish of Bee County, #1.)
Ivy, Alexandra. Blood assassin. (Sentinels, #2.)
Jaaskelainen, Pasi Ilmari. The Rabbit Back Literature Society
Jackson, Brenda Sparks of temptation
Jackson, Lisa. Illicit
James, Sophia. Marriage made in money. (Penniless lords, #1.)
Jerkins, Grant. Done in one
Johnson, T. Geronimo Welcome to Braggsville
Johnston, Tim Descent
July, Miranda The first bad man
Kapoor, Deepti. A bad character
Kardos, Michael. Before he finds her
Karlsson, Jonas The room
Kava, Alex. Breaking creed
Kegan, Stephanie. Golden state
Kellerman, Jonathan. Motive: an Alex Delaware novel
Kelly, Diane. Paw and order
Kelly, Lee. City of savages
Kelly, Mary Pat. Of Irish blood
Kelly, Vanessa. How to plan a wedding for a royal spy. (Renegade royals, #3.)
Kendrick, Beth. New uses for old boyfriends
Keneally, Thomas. Shame and the captives
Kincaid, Kimberly. Fire me up. (Pine Mountain novel, #4.)
King, Lily. Euphoria
King, Stephen Revival
Kingsbury, Karen. Angels walking. (Angels walking series, #1.)
Klaber, William The rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell
Klay, Phil. Redeployment
Knightley, Erin. The earl I adore. (Prelude to a kiss novel, #2.)
Koontz, Dean R. Saint Odd. (Odd Thomas novel, #8.)
Kramer, Kieran. You're so fine
Krentz, Jayne Ann. Trust no one
K'wan. The fix 2
Lacey, Rachel. For keeps. (Love to the rescue novel, #2.)
Lane, Amy. The bells of Times Square
Lane, Harriet, 1969- Her: a novel
Larsen, Reif. I am Radar
Lawson, M. A. Viking Bay. (Kay Hamilton novel, #2.)
LeCraw, Holly. The half brother
Lee, Wendy Across a green ocean
Lester, Alison Jean. Lillian on life
Lethem, Jonathan. Lucky Alan and other stories
Levy, Robert Joseph. The glittering world
Lewis, Kristyn Kusek. Save me
Lewis, Susan Behind closed doors
Leya, Ella. The orphan sky
Lillard, Amy. Courting Emily. (Wells Landing series, #2.)
Link, Kelly. Get in trouble: stories
Loehfelm, Bill. Doing the devil's work. (Maureen Coughlin novel, #3.)
Loren, Roni. Need you tonight. (Loving on the edge novel, #5.)
Lough, Loree. Currency of the heart. (Secrets on Sterling Street, book 1.)
Lowe, Fiona. Montana actually
Ludlum, Robert Robert Ludlum's the Geneva strategy. (Covert-One novel, #11.)
Macallister, Greer. The magician's lie
Macomber, Debbie. Together again
Mallery, Susan. Shelter in a soldier's arms
Mallery, Susan. The girls of Mischief Bay
Mandel, Emily St. John Station eleven
Mann, Catherine. Rescue me. (Second Chance Ranch romance, #2.)
March, Emily. Teardrop Lane. (Eternity Springs novel, #9.)
Marche, Stephen. The hunger of the wolf
Marr, Andrew. Head of state: a political entertainment
Martin, Kat. Against the sky. (Brodies of Alaska, #2.)
Mason, Jamie. Monday's lie
Masterman, Becky. Fear the darkness. (Brigid Quinn series, #2.)
Mayhue, Melissa. All the time you need. (Magic of time series, book 1.)
McBeth, Colette. The life I left behind
McCall Smith, Alexander Bertie's guide to life and mothers. (44 Scotland Street series, book 9.)
McCarthy, Tom Satin Island
McKenna, Cara. Give it all. (Desert Dogs novel, #2.)
McKenna, Lindsay Down range. (Shadow warriors, #1.)
McKenna, Shannon. In for the kill. (McCloud brothers, #11.)
Meissner, Susan Secrets of a charmed life
Meister, Ellen. Dorothy Parker drank here
Michaels, Fern. In plain sight. (Sisterhood, book 25.)
Milan, Courtney. Trade me. (Cyclone series, #1.)
Miller, Linda Lael. The marriage charm. (Brides of Bliss County, #2.)
Mirabella, Angelina. The sweetheart
Mitchell, Siri L. Like a flower in bloom
Modiano, Patrick Honeymoon
Mofina, Rick. Full tilt
Moning, Karen Marie. Burned. (Fever series, book 7.): a fever novel
Morrissey, Di. The winter sea
Morrow, James Galapagos regained
Mott, Jason. The wonder of all things
Munro, Alice Family furnishings: selected stories, 1995-2014
Neggers, Carla. Echo Lake. (Swift River Valley series, #4.)
Neville, Miranda. The duke of dark desires. (Wild quartet, #4.)
Newman, Sandra The country of Ice Cream Star
Ng, Celeste. Everything I never told you
Nicholls, David Us
Nicholson, William. Amherst
Noire. Red hot liar. (Misadventures of Mink LaRue, #4.)
North, Claire. Touch
Oakley, Colleen. Before I go
Oates, Joyce Carol The sacrifice
Odell, Jonathan Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League
Oke, Janette Where trust lies. (Return to the Canadian West, book 2.)
Oksanen, Sofi When the doves disappeared
O'Nan, Stewart West of Sunset
Palmer, Liza. Girl before a mirror
Parmar, Priya Vanessa and her sister
Pataki, Allison. The accidental empress
Patterson, James Private Vegas. (Private novels, #9.)
Patterson, William. The inn
Pearlman, Edith Honeydew: stories
Pelecanos, George P. The martini shot: a novella and stories
Perry, Thomas A string of beads: a Jane Whitefield novel
Peterson, Jessica. The millionaire rogue. (Hope diamond trilogy, #2.)
Peterson, Tracie. Steadfast heart. (Brides of Seattle, book 1.)
Pierce, Thomas Hall of small mammals: stories
Pinborough, Sarah Murder
Plec, Julie. The originals: rise
Praag, Menna van. The dress shop of dreams
Proby, Kristen. Falling for Jillian. (Love under the big sky series, #3.)
Punke, Michael. The revenant: a novel of revenge
Pyne, Daniel. Fifty mice
Pyper, Andrew. The damned
Quinn, Erin The three fates of Ryan Love. (Beyond series, #2.)
Quinn, Julia The secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy. (Smythe-Smith quartet, #4.)
Rayner, Sarah. Another night, another day
Reardon, Bryan. Finding Jake
Reilly, Matthew. The great zoo of China: a thriller
Repino, Robert. Mort(e)
Rhoades, J. D. Devils and dust: a Jack Keller novel
Ridgway, Christie. Make me lose control. (Cabin fever novel, #2.)
Ringo, John Strands of sorrow. (Black tide rising, book 4.)
Riordan, Kate. Fiercombe Manor
Ritchell, Ross. The knife
Robson, Jennifer After the war is over
Rollins, James Blood infernal. (Order of the Sanguines series, #3.)
Romain, Theresa. Secrets of a scandalous heiress. (Matchmaker trilogy, #3.)
Rose, Karen Closer than you think
Rosenberg, Joel C. The third target
Samson, Lisa A thing of beauty
Sandford, John Deadline
Santiago, Nisa. South Beach cartel
Scherm, Rebecca. Unbecoming
Schickel, Katie. Housewitch
Scott, Bronwyn Playing the rake's game. (Rakes of the Caribbean, #1.)
Scott, Melanie. Angel in Armani. (New York Saints, #2.)
Scotton, Chris. The secret wisdom of the earth
Sears, Michael Long way down. (Jason Stafford novel, #3.)
Seskis, Tina. One step too far
Seymour, Gerald. The outsiders
Shannon, Samantha The mime order
Sharma, Akhil Family life
Shaw, William The kings of London
Sherry, Miranda. Black dog summer
Shields, Sharma. The Sasquatch hunter's almanac
Simsion, Graeme C. The Rosie effect
Smiley, Jane. Some luck
Smith, Ali How to be both
Snyder, Carrie. Girl runner
Solheim, Tracy. Back to before. (Second chances, #1.)
Soli, Tatjana. The last good paradise
Solomon, Asali. Disgruntled
Solomon, Nina The love book
Sorenson, Jill. Freefall. (Aftershock series, #2.)
Sparks, Kerrelyn. Crouching tiger, forbidden vampire. (Love at stake series, book 16.)
Spindler, Erica The first wife
Steel, Danielle. Prodigal son
Sternbergh, Adam. Near enemy: a Spademan novel
Sumell, Matt. Making nice
Swanson, Peter The kind worth killing
Swierczynski, Duane. Canary
Taylor, Brad No fortunate son: a Pike Logan thriller
Terry, Candis. Sweet surprise. (Sweet, Texas, #4.)
Thilliez, Franck. Bred to kill
Thompson, Carlene. Can't find my way home
Topper, Jessica. Dictatorship of the dress
Treuer, David. Prudence
Tyler, Anne. A spool of blue thread
Tyler, Paige. Hungry like the wolf. (SWAT: special wolf alpha team, #1.)
Tyler, Stephanie. Fragmented. (Section 8 novel, #3.)
Unger, Lisa Crazy love you
Vaillant, John. The jaguar's children
Van den Berg, Laura. Find me
Waggoner, Tim. Grimm: the killing time
Waites, Martyn. The woman in black: angel of death
Walsh, Dan The desire. (Restoration series, #3.)
Walsh, Dan When night comes
Walsh, M. O. (Milton O'Neal) My sunshine away
Walton, Jo. The just city
Ward, Amanda Eyre The same sky
Warren, Susan May Always on my mind. (Christiansen family, #4.)
Webb, Heather Rodin's lover
Weir, Alison The marriage game: a novel of Queen Elizabeth I
Weir, Andy. The Martian
Welsh, Irvine. The sex lives of Siamese twins
Whitehouse, David Mobile library
Wilson, C. L. The winter king
Wolff, Isabel. Shadows over paradise
Woods, Hazel. This is how I'd love you
Woods, Sherryl. Dogwood Hill. (Chesapeake shores, book 12.)
Woods, Stuart. Insatiable appetites
Wurth, Erika T. Crazy Horse's girlfriend
Yoerg, Sonja Ingrid House broken
Zander, Joakim. The swimmer
Zanetti, Rebecca. Blind faith. (Sin brothers series, #3.)
Zanetti, Rebecca. Marked. (Dark protectors, #7.)
Zourkova, Krassi. Wildalone
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