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New Fiction - September 2015

These titles were added during August

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Author Title
. Among the fair magnolias: four southern love stories
. Midian unmade: tales of Clive Barker's Nightbreed
Abel, James. Protocol zero
Akhtiorskaya, Yelena. Panic in a suitcase
Alcott, Kathleen. Infinite home
Alkemade, Kim Van. Orphan #8
Armstrong, Kelley. Deceptions. (Cainsville novel, #3.)
Arthur, Artist C. Primal heat. (Shadow shifters, #6.)
Ashford, Jane. A radical arrangement
Atkins, Dani. The story of us
Baggott, Julianna. Harriet Wolf's seventh book of wonders
Balogh, Mary. Heartless
Balogh, Mary. Silent melody
Banks, Maya. Sweet addiction. (Sweet series, #6.)
Barker, Susan The incarnations
Baxter, Kate. The last true vampire
Beattie, Ann. The state we're in: Maine stories
Behre, Mary. Energized. (Tidewater, #3.)
Black, David Fast shuffle
Black, Shayla. Scandal never sleeps
Boykin, Kim A peach of a pair
Brandmeyer, Diana Lesire. Mind of her own
Brelinski, Val. The girl who slept with God
Brennan, Allison. Best laid plans. (Lucy Kincaid series, #9.)
Breslin, Kate. Not by sight
Brown, Sandra Friction
Buchman, M. L. Hot point. (Firehawks novel, #3.)
Burrowes, Grace. Tremaine's true love. (True gentlemen, #1.)
Burton, Jaci. All wound up. (Play-by-play series, #10.)
Butcher, Shannon K. Rough edges. (Edge novel, #5.)
Cameron, Cate. Just a summer fling. (Lake Sullivan romance, #1.)
Cameron, W. Bruce. The dog master
Campbell, Karen Rise
Carr, Robyn. Wildest dreams. (Thunder Point novel, #9.)
Celt, Adrienne. The daughters
Chan, Darcie. The promise of home. (Mill River novel, #3.)
Chase, Bethany. The one that got away
Chase, Samantha. Made for us. (Shaughnessy brothers, #1.)
Clayton, Meg Waite. The race for Paris
Cleave, Paul Trust no one: a thriller
Coffey, Billy. The curse of Crow Hollow
Cohen, William S. Collision
Conner, Amy Million dollar road
Coughlin, Jack Night of the cobra. (Kyle Swanson sniper novel, #8.): a sniper novel
Crouch, Blake. Wayward. (Wayward Pines, #2.)
Crucet, Jennine Capo. Make your home among strangers
Della Pietra, Cheryl. Gonzo girl
Deutermann, Peter T. Cold frame
Diaz, Lena. Exit strategy. (Exit Inc. series, #1.)
Diffenbaugh, Vanessa. We never asked for wings
Doig, Ivan. Last bus to wisdom
Du Brul, Jack B. The lightning stones
Duran, Meredith. Lady be good. (Rules for the reckless, #1.)
Egan, Elisabeth. A window opens
Elliott, Cara Passionately yours. (Hellions of High Street series, #3.)
Ellory, Roger Jon Ghostheart
Erwin, Sherri Browning. The great estate. (Thornbrook Park series, #3.)
Evans, Lissa. Crooked heart
Everson, Eva Marie. Five brides
Fabry, Chris War room: prayer is a powerful weapon: a novelization
Fox, Lauren. Days of awe
Frampton, Megan Put up your duke. (Dukes behaving badly, #2.)
Francombe, Leona. The sage of Waterloo: a tale
Freeman, Kimberley Evergreen falls
Galassi, Jonathan. Muse
George, Nina The little Paris bookshop
Ghosh, Amitav Flood of fire. (Ibis trilogy, #3.)
Glatt, Lisa The nakeds
Gomez-Jurado, Juan Point of balance: a thriller
Gottlieb, Eli Best boy
Goyer, Tricia. Made with love. (Pinecraft Pie Shop series, book 1.)
Grace, Samantha. The best of both rogues. (Rival rogues, #3.)
Gracie, Anne. The spring bride. (Chance sisters, #3.)
Graham, Heather. The forgotten. (Krewe of hunters, #16.)
Graham, Winston. Ross Poldark. (Poldark series, book 1.)
Greenwood, Emily. The beautiful one
Gregory, Philippa. The taming of the queen
Grey, Amelia. The earl claims a bride. (Heirs' Club of Scoundrels, #2.)
Griffin, W. E. B. Deadly assets. (Badge of honor, book 12.)
Grossman, Austin Crooked
Handeland, Lori. Smoke on the water. (Sisters of the craft, #3.)
Hannah, Sophie Woman with a secret
Hannon, Irene. Hope Harbor
Hassib, Rajia. In the language of miracles
Hayworth, Jesse. Coming home to Mustang Ridge. (Mustang Ridge, #5.)
Heaberlin, Julia. Black-eyed susans: a novel of suspense
Henry, Christina Alice
Hewitt, Kate. Rainy day sisters: a Hartley-by-the-sea novel
Higgins, Kristan. If you only knew
Hoffman, Alice. The marriage of opposites
Holdstock, Nick. The casualties
Holmes, Lauren Barbara the slut and other people
Hood, Joshua. Clear by fire: a search and destroy thriller
Horowitz, Craig. Badge of evil
Howell, Hannah. If he's noble. (Wherlocke family series, #7.)
Hughes, Anita Rome in love
Iggulden, Conn. Wars of the Roses: Margaret of Anjou
Islam, Tanwi Nandini. Bright lines
Jeffries, Sabrina. The art of sinning. (Sinful suitors, #1.)
Jenoff, Pam. The last summer at Chelsea Beach
Johncock, Benjamin The last pilot
Johnson, Adam Fortune smiles: stories
Jones, Lisa Renee. Infinite possibilities. (Secret life of Amy Benson, #2.)
Jordan, Sophie. All the ways to ruin a rogue. (Debutante files, #2.)
Juska, Jane. Mrs. Bennet has her say
Kellerman, Jonathan. The murderer's daughter
Kelly, Diane. Laying down the paw
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Dragonbane. (Dark-hunter novel, #20.)
Klaussmann, Liza. Villa America
Kleeman, Alexandra. You too can have a body like mine
Kleypas, Lisa. Brown-eyed girl
Knightley, Erin. The duke can go to the devil. (Prelude to a kiss novel, #3.)
Koryta, Michael. Last words
Kubica, Mary Pretty baby
Lamb, Cathy. My very best friend
Lancaster, Jen The best of enemies
Lang, Kimberly. Something to prove. (Magnolia Beach novel, #1.)
LaPlante, Alice Coming of age at the end of days
Laurens, Stephanie. A match for Marcus Cynster. (Cynster next generation novel, #3.)
Lee, Patrick Signal. (Sam Dryden novel, #2.)
Linden, Caroline. Love in the time of scandal. (Scandalous series, #3.)
Lock, Norman American meteor
Locke, Thomas Trial run. (Fault lines, #1.)
Lowell, Elizabeth Perfect touch
Lucas, Mason. Error in diagnosis
Lynds, Gayle. The assassins
MacAlister, Katie. Dragon fall. (Dragons fall series, #1.)
Macomber, Debbie. Silver linings. (Rose Harbor Inn, #4.): a Rose Harbor novel
Mallery, Susan. Thrill me. (Fool's Gold series, #20.)
Mallery, Susan. When we met. (Fool's Gold series, #15.)
Mansell, Jill. Falling for you
Marlowe, Mia. Never resist a rake. (Somerfield Park series, #2.)
McMahon, Jennifer. The night sister
McNeill, Laura. Center of gravity
McPartlin, Anna The last days of Rabbit Hayes
Michaels, Fern. Point blank. (Sisterhood, book 26.)
Moore, Christopher Secondhand souls
Moshfegh, Ottessa. Eileen
Moulin, Jules. Ally Hughes has sex sometimes
Murakami, Haruki, 1949- Wind/Pinball: two novels
Neill, Chloe. The veil. (Devil's Isle, #1.)
Nelson, James L. The French prize
Novak, Brenda. The secret sister
Orchard, Sandra. Desperate measures. (Port Aster secrets, book 3.)
Pacat, C. S. Captive prince. (Captive prince trilogy, #1.)
Patterson, James Alert. (Michael Bennett novel, #8.)
Phillips, Helen The beautiful bureaucrat
Prebble, Stuart. The insect farm
Ransom, Michael. The ripper gene
Reilly, Matthew. The great zoo of China: a thriller
Richards, Emilie The color of light
Robards, Karen. The last time I saw her. (Dr. Charlotte Stone series, #4.)
Roiphe, Anne Richardson Ballad of the black and blue mind
Saintcrow, Lilith. Trailer park fae. (Gallow and ragged, book 1.)
Sands, Lynsay. The highlander takes a bride
Shattuck, Shari. Becoming Ellen
Shea, Hunter. Tortures of the damned
Shupe, Joanna. The lady hellion. (Wicked deceptions, #3.)
Smith, Dan The darkest heart
Somer, Bradley. Fishbowl
Spjut, Stefan The shapeshifters
Steele, Jon The way of sorrows. (Angelus trilogy, #3.)
Steil, Jennifer. The ambassador's wife
Sundin, Sarah. Through waters deep. (Waves of freedom, #1.)
Sutton, Jenna. All the right places. (Riley O'Brien & Co. novel, #1.)
Tanenbaum, Robert. Trap
Taylor, Katherine Valley fever
Topper, Jessica. Courtship of the cake. (Much "I do" about nothing novel, #2.)
Tran, Vu Dragonfish
Tyler, Paige. Wolf trouble. (SWAT: special wolf alpha team, #2.)
Urquhart, Jane. The night stages
Urza, Gabriel. All that followed:
Vollmann, William T. The dying grass. (Seven dreams, a book of North American landscapes, v. 5.): a novel of the Nez Perce war
Walters, Louise. Mrs. Sinclair's suitcase
Walton, Jo. The philosopher kings
Ware, Ruth. In a dark, dark wood
Weiner, Jennifer. Who do you love
Weisman, Jonathan. No. 4 Imperial Lane
Wells, Dan The devil's only friend. (John Cleaver series, #4.)
Whitlow, Robert A house divided
Wiggs, Susan. Starlight on Willow Lake. (Lakeshore chronicles, book 11.)
Williams, Naomi J. Landfalls
Wilson, Anne A. Hover
Wine, Mary. A sword for his lady
Winters, Cat. The uninvited
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