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New Fiction - April 2015

These titles were added during March

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Author Title
. The best American short stories, 2014: selected from U.S. and Canadian magazines
Alexander, Maria. Mr. Wicker
Alexandra, Belinda. White gardenia
AlLee, Jennifer. Vinnie's diner
Andre, Bella. It must be your love. (Seattle Sullivans, #2.)
Andrews, Mesu The pharaoh's daughter: a treasures of the Nile novel
Anolik, Lili. Dark rooms
Arthur, Artist C. Hunger's mate. (Shadow shifters, #5.)
Ashe, Katharine. I loved a rogue. (Prince catchers, #3.)
Ashford, Jane. Married to a perfect stranger
Ashley, Jennifer. Shifter mates. (Shifters unbound, #8.): a Shifters unbound anthology
Balogh, Mary. Longing
Barton, Beverly. Just the way you are
Baxter, Mandy. One kiss more. (U.S. marshals series, #2.)
Beatty, Paul. The sellout
Beckstrand, Jennifer. Huckleberry spring. (Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill, #4.)
Berry, Steve The patriot threat
Bilyeau, Nancy. The tapestry
Black, Shayla. His to take. (Wicked lovers, book 9.)
Blackstock, Terri Twisted innocence. (Moonlighters series, book 3.)
Blackwood, Scott. See how small
Blake, James Carlos. The house of Wolfe: a border noir
Bond, Cynthia Ruby
Bond, Stephanie. 7 brides for 7 bodies: a body movers mystery
Bostwick, Marie. The second sister
Box, C. J. Endangered: a Joe Pickett novel
Bradford, Barbara Taylor The Cavendon women
Brandt, Harry The Whites
Brendan, Maggie The trouble with Patience. (Virtues and vices of the old West, book 1.)
Bromberg, K. Slow burn: a driven novel
Brunstetter, Wanda E. The decision. (Prairie state friends, book 1.)
Bruschini, Vito. The prince
Bunn, T. Davis The Patmos deception
Burke, James Lee Wayfaring Stranger
Burke, Shannon. Into the savage country
Byrd, Sandra. Mist of midnight
Caldwell, Ian The fifth gospel
Calvert, Candace By your side. (Crisis team, #1.)
Cameron, Graeme. Normal
Carr, Robyn. One wish. (Thunder Point novel, #7.)
Carter, Lisa Vines of entanglement
Castle, Kendra Leigh. Every little kiss. (Harvest cove series, #2.)
Center, Katherine. Happiness for beginners
Chiaverini, Jennifer. Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule
Ciment, Jill Act of god
Clanchy, Kate Meeting the English
Clark, Mindy Starns. The Amish clockmaker. (Men of Lancaster County, book 3.)
Coben, Harlan The stranger
Colgan, Jenny. Little Beach Street bakery
Copeland, Lori. My heart stood still
Crawford, Susan. The pocket wife
Crummey, Michael Sweetland
Cussler, Clive. The assassin. (Isaac Bell novels, #8.)
Dahl, Victoria. Flirting with disaster. (Jackson girls' night out, book 2.)
Daniels, B. J. Wild horses. (Montana Hamiltons, #1.)
Davis, Susan Page. The outlaw takes a bride
Day, Sylvia. Captivated by you. (Crossfire novels, #4.)
De los Santos, Marisa The precious one
DeAngelis, Camille. Bones & all
Delinsky, Barbara. Cardinal rules
Donohue, Meg. Dog crazy
Dreiling, Vicky. What a devilish duke desires. (Sinful scoundrels, book 3.)
Eicher, Jerry S. Miriam's secret. (Land of promise, book 1.)
Ellis, Mary The last heiress
Enoch, Suzanne. Mad, bad, and dangerous in plaid. (Scandalous highlanders, #3.)
Ephron, Hallie. Night night, sleep tight
Essbaum, Jill Alexander. Hausfrau
Evans, Leigh. The danger of destiny. (Mystwalker novel, #4.)
Everett, Lily. Heartbreak Cove. (Sanctuary Island novel, #3.)
Feehan, Christine. Viper game. (GhostWalkers series, book 11.)
Ferguson, Mark Andrew. The lost boys symphony
Fielding, Joy. Someone is watching
Fisher, Suzanne Woods. Anna's crossing: an Amish beginnings novel
Flusfeder, D. L. John the pupil
Force, Marie. And I love her. (Green Mountain romance, #2.)
Frank, Jacquelyn. Cursed by fire. (Immortal brothers, #1.)
Frater, Rhiannon. Dead spots
Freeman, Brian Season of fear
Frost, Jeaniene. Bound by flames. (Night prince novel, #3.)
Galen, Shana. Earls just want to have fun. (Covent Garden cubs, #1.)
Glinski, Robert. The friendship of criminals
Goldreich, Gloria. The bridal chair
Goss, James Haterz
Graham, Heather. The dead play on. (Cafferty & Quinn novel, #3.)
Green, Jocelyn. Spy of Richmond. (Heroines behind the lines: Civil War, book 4.)
Gregory, Daryl. Harrison squared
Haig, Francesca. The fire sermon
Hannah, Kristin. The nightingale
Hannaham, James. Delicious foods
Harman, Patricia The reluctant midwife: a Hope River novel
Harris, Lisa Hidden agenda. (Southern crimes, book 3.)
Hauck, Rachel How to catch a prince. (Royal wedding novel, #3.)
Hawkins, Paula. The girl on the train
Haynes, Elizabeth Behind closed doors
Hayworth, Jesse. Firelight at Mustang Ridge. (Mustang Ridge, #4.)
Hepinstall, Kathy. Sisters of Shiloh
Hernandez, Treasure. Obsession
Hewitt, Jason. The dynamite room
Higgins, Lisa Verge. Senseless acts of beauty
Holm, Catherine Dybiec. Voice lessons: tales of breaking free
Horack, Skip. The other Joseph
Hornby, Nick. Funny girl
Howell, Hannah. Highland guard
Humphreys, Sara. Vampires never cry wolf. (Dead in the city, #3.)
Hunter, Jillian. Forbidden to love the duke. (Fenwick sisters affairs, #1.)
Hunter, Madeline. His wicked reputation
Ishiguro, Kazuo The buried giant
James, Steven Checkmate. (Bowers files, book 8.)
James, Tania. The tusk that did the damage
Jance, Judith A. Cold betrayal. (Ali Reynolds series, #10.)
Jeffries, Sabrina. If the viscount falls. (Duke's men, #4.)
Johansen, Iris. Sight unseen
John, Sally Heaven help Heidi
Jones, Belinda The traveling tea shop
Joy, David Where all light tends to go
Joyce, Eddie. Small mercies: a novel
Joyce, Rachel. The love song of Miss Queenie Hennessy: a novel
July, Miranda The first bad man: a novel
Kanon, Joseph. Leaving Berlin: a novel
Kearsley, Susanna A desperate fortune
Kelly, Mary Louise. The bullet
Kenemore, Scott. The Grand Hotel
Kennedy, Joanne. How to kiss a cowboy. (Cowboys of Decker Ranch, #2.)
Kiefer, Christian The animals
Klavan, Andrew. Werewolf cop
Kornegay, Jamie Soil
Krentz, Jayne Ann. River road
Lambdin, Dewey. Kings and emperors: an Alan Lewrie naval adventure
Landau, Alexis. The empire of the senses
Landsem, Stephanie. The tomb. (Living water series, #3.): a novel of Martha
Lange, Richard Sweet nothing: stories
Laukkanen, Owen. The stolen ones. (Stevens and Windermere novel, #4.)
Laurens, Stephanie. The tempting of Thomas Carrick. (Cynster next generation novel, #2.)
Lehane, Dennis. World gone by
Levien, David. Signature kill. (Frank Behr novel, #4.)
Lewis, Beverly The love letters
Ludlum, Robert Robert Ludlum's the Geneva strategy. (Covert-One novel, #11.)
Macomber, Debbie. Last one home
Mansell, Jill. The unexpected consequences of love
Mathews, Francine. Too bad to die
May, Stephen Wake up happy every day
McGuane, Thomas. Crow fair: stories
McKenna, Lindsay Taking fire. (Shadow warriors, #6.)
McKinty, Adrian. Gun street girl: a Detective Sean Duffy novel
McMaster, Bec. Of silk and steam. (London steampunk series, #5.)
Meader, Kate. Hot and bothered. (Hot in the kitchen, #3.)
Mehl, Nancy. Deadly echoes. (Finding Sanctuary, book 2.)
Mello, Deborah Fletcher. Playing with fire. (Sultry Southern nights, #1.)
Mitchell, Judith Claire A reunion of ghosts
Moggach, Deborah. Heartbreak hotel
Moran, Kelly. Return to me. (Covington Cove novel, #1.)
Moran, Michelle. Rebel queen
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia. Signal to noise
Morgan, Sarah First time in forever. (Puffin Island, #1.)
Morrison, Mary B. I'd rather be with you
Neill, Chloe. Dark debt. (Chicagoland vampires, book 11.)
Newman, Kim. An English ghost story
Newport, Olivia. Meek and mild. (Amish turns of time, book 2.)
Owens, Sandra. Someone like her: a K2 team novel
Parssinen, Keija. The unraveling of Mercy Louis
Patterson, James NYPD red 3
Perry, Marta. Where secrets sleep
Pettrey, Dani. Sabotaged. (Alaskan courage, book 5.)
Phillips, Caryl. The lost child
Preston, Douglas J. The lost island: a Gideon Crew novel
Puertolas, Romain The extraordinary journey of the fakir who got trapped in an Ikea wardrobe
Quinn, Kate. Lady of the eternal city
Ranney, Karen. In your wildest Scottish dreams. (MacIain series, #1.)
Rapp, Adam. Know your beholder
Rax, Cydney. Scandalous betrayal
Renehan, John. The valley
Reus, Katie. Hunter reborn. (Moon shifter, #5.)
Robinson, K. A. Torn. (Torn series, book 1.)
Robotham, Michael Life or death
Rose, M. J. The witch of painted sorrows
Rubin, Jacob. The poser
Russell, Mary Doria Epitaph: a novel of the O.K. Corral
Sands, Lynsay. The immortal who loved me. (Argeneau family, book 21.)
Sawyer, Kim Vogel. When grace sings. (Zimmerman restoration trilogy, book 2.)
Scheibe, Amy. A fireproof home for the bride
Scherm, Rebecca. Unbecoming
Sedgwick, Marcus. A love like blood
Smale, Alan Clash of eagles. (Hesperian trilogy, book 1.)
Snelling, Lauraine. A harvest of hope. (Song of Blessing, book 2.)
Sorrells, Amy K. Then sings my soul
Spear, Terry. Jaguar pride. (Heart of the jaguar series, #4.)
Staub, Wendy Corsi. The black widow
Steinhauer, Olen. All the old knives
Stibbe, Nina. Man at the helm
Sullivan, Anna. Secret harbor. (Windfall Island novel, #3.)
Swanson, Cynthia The bookseller
Swanson, Peter The kind worth killing
Sykes, V. K. Meet me at the beach. (Seashell Bay novel, #1.)
Taylor, David C. Night life
Thomas, Diane C. In wilderness: a novel
Thompson, Janice A. Every bride needs a groom. (Brides with style, book 1.)
Thorland, Donna. Mistress Firebrand. (Renegades of the American revolution, #3.)
Tierney, Kathleen Cherry bomb. (Siobhan Quinn novel, #3.)
Torday, Daniel. The last flight of Poxl West
Treadway, Jessica Lacy eye
Tremain, Rose. The American lover: and other stories
Truss, Lynne. Cat out of hell
Turano, Jen. After a fashion
Unsworth, Simon Kurt The devil's detective
Valentine, Genevieve. Persona
Vann, David. Aquarium
Vargas Llosa, Mario The discreet hero
Walker, Shiloh. Darker than desire. (Secrets & shadows, #3.)
Warren, Tiffany L. The favorite son
Warren, Tracy Anne. The bedding proposal. (Rakes of Cavendish Square, #1.)
Watterson, Kate. Fractured
White, Randy Wayne. Cuba straits. (Doc Ford novel, #22.)
Whiting, Frances. Walking on trampolines
Wilde, Lori. Back in the game. (Stardust, Texas series, #1.)
Wilson, Susan The dog who saved me
Wright, Laura. Brash. (Cavanaugh brothers, #3.)
Yanagihara, Hanya. A little life
Young-Stone, Michele. Above us only sky
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