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New Fiction - June 2015

These titles were added during May

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Author Title
. Hot alphas
. Way of the warrior
Acampora, Lauren. The wonder garden
Ackerman, Elliot. Green on blue
Adair, Marina. Sugar on top. (Sugar, Georgia novel, #2.)
Adrian, Chri The new world
Alexander, Tamera. To win her favor. (Belle Meade Plantation novel, #2.)
Alexander, Victoria. The daring exploits of a runaway heiress
Alward, Donna. Summer on Lovers' Island. (Jewell Cove novel, #3.)
Andersen, Laura. The virgin's daughter. (Tudor legacy trilogy, #1.)
Andrews, Mary Kay Beach town
Angell, Kate. No one like you. (Barefoot William series, #4.)
Arend, Vivian. High seduction. (Adrenaline novel, #3.)
Ashenden, Jackie. Make you mine. (Nine circles novel, #2.)
Atkinson, Kate. A god in ruins
Baart, Nicole. The beautiful daughters
Bailey, Tessa. Risking it all. (Crossing the line novel, #1.)
Baker, Stephen The boost
Barker, Clive The scarlet gospels
Beecroft, Alex. The reluctant berserker
Bell, Ted. Assassin
Bennett, Jenn. Grave phantoms. (Roaring Twenties novel, #3.)
Bollen, Christopher Orient
Bolton, S. J. Little black lies
Bond, Larry. Lash-up
Bracewell, Patricia Shadow on the crown
Breen, Christine Her name is Rose
Brick. Hood misfits, vol. 1
Brooks, Max. The zombie survival guide: complete protection from the living dead
Brown, Sandra Mirror image
Burton, Mary Be afraid
Butler, Nickolas. Beneath the bonfire: stories
Cadwallader, Robyn. The anchoress
Caldwell, Ian The fifth gospel
Cander, Chris. Whisper Hollow
Cane, Emma. Ever after at Sweetheart Ranch. (Valentine Valley, #6.)
Carr, Robyn. 'Tis the season. (Virgin River novel.)
Chanter, Catherine. The well
Chase, Emma. Overruled. (Legal briefs series, #1.)
Child, Lincoln. The forgotten room
Christopherson, Kaaren. Decorum
Clarke, Richard A. Pinnacle event
Clipston, Amy. A simple prayer. (Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel, book 4.)
Coben, Harlan The stranger
Cook, Robin Outbreak
Couch, Dick Tom Clancy's Op-Center: into the fire
Craft, Kathryn. The far end of happy
DeLeeuw, Brian. The dismantling
DeMille, Nelson. By the rivers of Babylon
DeMille, Nelson. Radiant angel. (John Corey novel, #7.)
Dickerson, Melanie. The huntress of Thornbeck Forest: a medieval fairy tale
Dickey, Eric Jerome. Milk in my coffee
Divine, Karmel. Grimey bitch
Donoghue, John The Death's Head chess club
Dubow, Charles. Girl in the moonlight
Eason, Lynette. No place to hide. (Hidden identity, book 3.)
Eden, Cynthia. Twisted. (LOST series, #2.)
Ellison, J. T. 14. (Taylor Jackson novel, #2.)
Ervin, Andrew. Burning down George Orwell's house
Faye, Lyndsay. The fatal flame. (Timothy Wilde trilogy, #3.)
Feehan, Christine. Cat's lair. (Leopard series, book 6.)
Feehan, Christine. Shadow game. (GhostWalkers series, book 1.)
Fluke, Joanne Fatal identity
Flynn, Avery Make me up: a killer style novel
Foley, Bridget Hugo & Rose
Foster, Lori Heartbreakers
Frank, Jacquelyn. Cursed by ice. (Immortal brothers, #2.)
Fuller, Claire. Our endless numbered days
Gaston, Diane Bound by duty. (Scandalous Summerfields, #1.)
Gerritsen, Tess. Never say die
Gist, Deeanne. Tiffany girl
Gould, Leslie Amish promises. (Neighbors of Lancaster County, book 1.)
Gray, Amelia Gutshot: stories
Gray, Shelley Shepard. Deception on Sable Hill. (Chicago World's Fair mystery, #2.)
Greenfeld, Karl Taro The subprimes
Greiman, Lois. Hearth stone. (Home in the hills series, #1.)
Griffin, Neal C. Benefit of the doubt
Harper, Molly. The dangers of dating a rebound vampire. (Half-Moon Hollow series, #3.)
Harper, Tom Zodiac station
Harris, Charlaine. Day shift. (Novel of Midnight, Texas, #2.)
Harris, Joanne The gospel of Loki
Harrison, Thea. Midnight's kiss. (Elder races, #8.)
Hatcher, Robin Lee. Whenever you come around. (King's Meadow romance, #2.)
Heath, Lorraine. The duke and the lady in red. (Scandalous gentlemen of St. James, #3.)
Hemon, Aleksandar The making of Zombie wars
Hoag, Tami. Night sins
Hunter, Stephen I, Ripper
Jackson, Ruby. A Christmas gift. (Churchill's angels series, #4.)
Jackson, Ruby. On a wing and a prayer. (Churchill's angels series, #3.)
Jaff, Sophie. Love is red. (Night song trilogy, #1.)
Johnson, Cat. Midnight ride. (Midnight cowboys series, #1.)
Johnston, Joan Sinful. (King's brats series, #1.)
Jones, Darynda. Eighth grave after dark
Jones, Stephen Lloyd. Written in the blood
Justiss, Julia. The rake to rescue her. (Ransleigh rogues, #3.)
Justiss, Julia. The rake to reveal her. (Ransleigh rogues, #4.)
Kaye, Marguerite. The soldier's dark secret. (Comrades in arms, #1.)
Kelly, Diane. Death, taxes, and cheap sunglasses. (Tara Holloway novel, #8.)
Kendig, Ronie. Falcon. (Quiet professionals, book 3.)
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Born of defiance. (League novel, #7.)
Kilpatrick, Sally. The happy hour choir
King, Lily. Euphoria
Kingsbury, Karen. Chasing sunsets. (Angels walking series, #2.)
Knight, Renee. Disclaimer
Knoll, Jessica. Luckiest girl alive
Kowal, Mary Robinette Of noble family. (Glamourist histories, #5.)
Kowal, Mary Robinette Valour and vanity. (Glamourist histories, #4.)
Kushner, Rachel. The strange case of Rachel K
Leavell, Peter. West for the Black Hills. (Dakota sunrise, book 1.)
Leipciger, Sarah. The mountain can wait
Leotta, Allison. A good killing. (Anna Curtis series, #4.)
Logan, Kirsty. The gracekeepers
London, Julia. The scoundrel and the debutante. (Cabot sisters, #3.)
Lutz, Lisa. How to start a fire
Lynch, Paul The black snow
Mabry, Richard L. Fatal trauma
Macomber, Debbie. I left my heart
Mallory, Sarah. A lady for Lord Randall. (Brides of Waterloo, #1.)
Mansell, Jill. Making your mind up
Martin, Charles Water from my heart
Martin, Rea Nolan. Mystic tea: a novel
Martini, Steve The enemy inside: a Paul Madriani novel
Massey, Jeremy. The last four days of Paddy Buckley
Matheson, Richard I am legend
McCoy, Sarah The mapmaker's children
McEnroe, Kevin. Our town
McEwen, Scott. The sniper and the wolf. (Sniper elite novel, #3.)
McKenna, Lindsay Running fire. (Shadow warriors, #7.)
McNear, Mary. Moonlight on Butternut Lake. (Butternut Lake trilogy, #3.)
Merrill, Christine. A ring from a marquess. (De Bryun sisters, #2.)
Miles, Olivia. A match made on Main Street. (Briar Creek series, book 2.)
Monroe, Mary Alice. The summer's end. (Lowcountry summer trilogy, #3.)
Moore, Christopher Practical demonkeeping: a comedy of horrors
Morrell, David First blood
Munaweera, Nayomi. Island of a thousand mirrors
Murray, J. J. Let's stay together
Nevill, Adam L. G. No one gets out alive
Noonan, Rosalind. Take another look
Novic, Sara Girl at war
Oates, Joyce Carol Jack of spades: a tale of suspense
Olsen, Gregg. Heart of ice
Palmer, Michael Trauma
Park, Patricia Re Jane
Parry, Leslie Church of marvels
Pekkanen, Sarah. Things you won't say
Perry, Michael The Jesus cow
Peters, Ralph Valley of the shadow
Pitlor, Heidi. The daylight marriage
Plec, Julie. The originals: the resurrection
Putney, Mary Jo. Not always a saint. (Lost lords, book 7.)
Reisman, Nancy Trompe l'oeil
Richardson, Kim Michele. Liar's bench
Riley, Lucinda. The seven sisters
Roberts, Nora. Heart of the sea. (Irish trilogy, book 3.)
Roberts, Nora. Jewels of the sun. (Irish trilogy, book 1.)
Roberts, Nora. Key of light. (Key trilogy, book 1.)
Robinson, Christopher Gerald. War of the encyclopaedists
Robuck, Erika. The house of Hawthorne
Roe, Andrew The miracle girl
Ruchti, Cynthia. As waters gone by
Savage, Michael Countdown to Mecca
Schoenewaldt, Pamela. Under the same blue sky
Scott, Melanie. Lawless in leather. (New York Saints, #3.)
Seilstad, Lorna. As love blooms. (Gregory sisters, book 3.)
Shayne, Maggie. Wake to darkness. (Brown and De Luca novel, #2.)
Shepard, Jim. The book of Aron
Silva, Daniel A death in Vienna
Silva, Daniel The marching season
Sneed, Christine Paris, he said
Swinson, Kiki. Lifestyles of the rich and shameless
Sykes, Lucy. The knockoff
Taylor, Mary Ellen At the corner of King Street
Thayer, Nancy The guest cottage
Thomas, Sarah Loudin. Until the harvest
Thompson, Vicki Lewis. Crazy for the cowboy. (Sexy Texans novel, #1.)
Tigner, Tim. Coercion
Tremayne, S. K. The ice twins
Treuer, David. Prudence
Tripp, Ben Rise again: a zombie thriller
Tyler, Paige. Her wild hero. (X-Ops series, #3.)
Vaughan, Sarah, The art of baking blind
Vermes, Timur Look who's back
Wagamese, Richard. Medicine walk
Walker, Shiloh. Busted
Washington, DiShan. The preacher's wifey
Watson, Christie. Where women are kings
Webb, Katherine The unseen
White, Karen The sound of glass
Wiggs, Susan. Summer by the sea
Woods, Stuart. Chiefs
Wright, Kim The Canterbury sisters
Young, Samantha. On Dublin Street
Zink, Nell. Mislaid
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