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New Fiction - February 2016

These titles were added during January

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Author Title
. The best American short stories 2015
. The O. Henry Prize stories 2015
Allen, Louise His Christmas countess. (Lords of disgrace, #2.)
Amidon, Stephen. The real Justine
Amos, Kim. Every little kiss. (White Pine novel, #3.)
Anderson, Catherine New leaf: a Mystic Creek novel
Anderson, Ray The trail
Asher, Bridget. All of us and everything
Ashford, Jane. Heir to the duke. (Duke's sons, #1.)
Ashley Antoinette Luxe
Austin, Lynnette The best laid wedding plans. (Magnolia brides, #1.)
Badani, Sejal. Trail of broken wings
Banks, Maya. Mastered. (The enforcers, [book 1])
Barcelona, Stella. Shadows. (Black raven, #1.)
Barnes, Sophie. The earl's complete surrender. (Secrets at Thorncliff manor, #2.)
Basso, Adrienne. The highlander who loved me. (McKennas, #1.)
Benincasa, Sara. DC trip
Bernard, Jennifer. Caught by you. (Love between the bases novel, #2.)
Bowman, Valerie. The irresistible rogue. (Playful brides series, #4.)
Bradley, Anna A wicked way to win an earl. (Sutherland scandals, #1.)
Brick Hood misfits, volume 3
Brown, Carolyn Wild cowboy ways. (Lucky Penny ranch novel, #1.)
Brown, Taylor Fallen Land
Burrowes, Grace. Daniel's true desire. (True gentlemen, #2.)
Burrows, Annie. A mistress for Major Bartlett. (Brides of Waterloo, #2.)
Burrows, Annie. The captain's Christmas bride
Bush, Nancy You don't know me
Cameron, Marc. Brute force. (Jericho Quinn series, #6.)
Chase, Loretta Lynda Dukes prefer blondes. (Dressmakers series, #4.)
Chase, Samantha. I'll be there. (Montgomery brothers, book 6.)
Christie, Sally The sisters of Versailles. (Mistresses of Versailles trilogy, #1.)
Conroy, Robert Liberty 1784
Cooke, Elizabeth The gates of Rutherford. (Rutherford Park series, #3.)
Cornwell, Bernard. Warriors of the storm. (Saxon tales, book 9.)
Daniels, B. J. Lucky shot. (Montana Hamiltons, #3.)
Daniels, B. J. Reunion at Cardwell Ranch; & The masked man
Darling, Nadine. She came from beyond!
De la Cruz, Melissa Triple moon: summer on East End
Dekker, Ted A.D. 33. (A.D., #2.)
Di Grado, Viola. Hollow heart
Dickey, Eric Jerome. Naughtier than nice
Douglas, Kate. Intimate. (Intimate relations, #1.)
Douglas, Kate. Redemption. (Intimate relations, #2.)
Drake, Olivia. Bella and the beast. (Cinderella sisterhood, #4.)
Edwards, Cassie. Wild desire. (Wild series, #1.)
Edwards, Cassie. Wild whispers. (Wild series, #3.)
Elizabeth, Anne. A SEAL forever. (West coast Navy SEALs, #3.)
Faulkner, Colleen. Julia's daughters
Fowler, Karen Joy. Black glass: short fictions
Frampton, Megan One-eyed dukes are wild. (Dukes behaving badly, #3.)
Freeman, Castle The devil in the valley
Fresina, Jayne. How to rescue a rake. (Book Club Belles Society, #3.)
Gerritsen, Tess. Whistleblower
Gracen, Jennifer. More than you know. (Harrisons, #1.)
Greene, Vanessa. The seafront tearoom
Hammer, Lotte. The girl in the ice
Hampton, Brenda Slick 2
Harper, Jordan. Love and other wounds: stories
Hearth, Amy Hill Miss Dreamsville and the lost heiress of Collier County
Higgins, Kristan. Anything for you. (Blue Heron novel, #5.)
Hoag, Tami. The bitter season. (Kovac and Liska, #5.)
Humphreys, Sara. The good, the bad, and the vampire. (Dead in the city, #4.)
Hunt, Rebecca. Everland
Irvin, Kelly. The bishop's son. (Amish of Bee County, #2.)
Ivy, Alexandra. Kill without mercy. (ARES Security, #1.)
J., Anna. Hell's diva saga
Jackson, Lisa. After she's gone
James, Lorelei. What you need. (Need you series, #1.)
James, Sophia. Marriage made in shame. (Penniless lords, #2.)
Johnston, Joan Shameless. (King's brats series, #2.): a Bitter Creek novel
Kilpatrick, Sally. Bittersweet Creek
Kimmel, Kathleen. A lady's guide to ruin. (Birch Hall romance, #1.)
Knightley, Erin. The viscount risks it all. (Prelude to a kiss novel, #4.)
K'wan. Gangsta
Lance, Jack. Pyrophobia
Land, Jon. Strong light of day: a Caitlin Strong novel
Lang, Kimberly. Everything at last. (Magnolia Beach novel, #2.)
Laurens, Stephanie. The lady's command. (Adventurers quartet, #1.)
Lee, Jade. 50 ways to ruin a rake. (Rakes and rogues, #1.)
Lee, Jade. One rogue at a time. (Rakes and rogues, #2.)
Leonard, Elmore Charlie Martz and other stories: the unpublished stories
Lethbridge, Ann The duke's daring debutante
Logan, Michael World war moo: an Apocalypse cow novel
Long, Kelly. The Amish bride of Ice Mountain. (Ice Mountain series, #1.)
Long, Kelly. The Amish heart of Ice Mountain. (Ice Mountain series, #3.)
Long, Kelly. The Amish man of Ice Mountain. (Ice Mountain series, #2.)
Lord, Susanne. In search of scandal
Lorrimer, Claire. Trust me
Lynn, Kirk. Rules for werewolves
Maberry, Jonathan. Ghostwalkers. (Deadlands, #1.)
MacLean, Sarah. The rogue not taken. (Scandal & scoundrel, book 1.)
Magson, Adrian. Close quarters. (Marc Portman thrillers, #2.)
Mallery, Susan. When we met. (Fool's Gold series, #15.)
Marion, Isaac The new hunger: a Warm bodies novella
Martin, Valerie Sea lovers: selected stories
Marvelle, Delilah. The duke of Andelot. (School of gallantry, #6.)
Maxwell, Cathy. The match of the century. (Marrying the duke, #1.)
McKenna, Cara Burn it up. (Desert Dogs novel, #3.)
McKenna, Lindsay Night hawk. (Wyoming series, #10.)
Meloy, Paul. The Night Clock
Michaels, Kasey. An improper arrangement. (Little season London series, #1.)
Mitchell, Emily. Viral: stories
Mofina, Rick. Every second
Moggach, Deborah. In the dark
Moliner, Sara. The whispering city
Mosher, Howard Frank. God's kingdom
Newman, Kim. The secrets of Drearcliff Grange School
Noble, Kate The lie and the lady. (Winner takes all novel, #2.)
Noire. Red hot liar. (Misadventures of Mink LaRue, #4.)
Noire. Stone cold liar. (Misadventures of Mink LaRue, #5.)
Pappano, Marilyn. A chance of a lifetime. (Tallgrass novel, #5.)
Patrick, Seth. Lost souls. (Reviver trilogy, #2.)
Patterson, James NYPD red 4
Peterson, Jessica. The gentleman jewel thief. (Hope diamond trilogy, #1.)
Peterson, Tracie. Love everlasting. (Brides of Seattle, book 3.)
Punke, Michael. The revenant: a novel of revenge
Quinn, Julia The duke and I. (Bridgerton family series, book 1.)
Riley, Lia. Inside out. (Off the map novel, book 3.)
Riley, Lia. Sideswiped. (Off the map novel, book 2.)
Riley, Lia. Upside down. (Off the map novel, book 1.)
Robert, Katee. The marriage contract. (O'Malleys series, #1.)
Roberts, Nora. Chasing hope. (Stanislaski family saga, books 1 & 2.)
Rosenberg, Joel C. The first hostage: a J. B. Collins novel
Roth, Kathleen Bittner. Alanna. (When hearts dare, #2.)
Ryan, Donal A slanting of the sun: stories
Samuel, Sigal The mystics of Mile End
Schaefer, Jack Shane
Scott, Bronwyn Rake most likely to thrill. (Rakes on tour, #2.)
Shalvis, Jill. My kind of wonderful. (Cedar Ridge series, #2.)
Silva, Daniel The heist
Sims, Jessica. Between a vamp and a hard place
Solem, Philip. Owlstones: a tale
Sorokin, Vladimir The blizzard
Stroud, Carsten The reckoning. (Niceville trilogy, #3.)
Swartz, Katharine. The lost garden: tales from Goswell
Swinson, Kiki. Cheaper to keep her 2
Swinson, Kiki. Heist 2
Sylvester, Simon The visitors
Taylor, Brad The forgotten soldier. (Pike Logan thriller, #9.)
Thom, James Alexander. Fire in the water
Tunnicliffe, Hannah Season of salt and honey
Turansky, Carrie. A refuge at Highland Hall. (Edwardian brides, #3.)
Vallgren, Carl-Johan. The merman
Vasquez, Juan Gabriel Lovers on All Saints' Day: stories
Walker, Shiloh. Headed for trouble. (McKay family, #1.)
Washburn, Tim. Powerless
Willingham, Michelle. Warrior of ice. (Warriors of Ireland, #1.)
Woods, Sherryl. One step away
Woods, Sherryl. The Calamity Janes: Lauren
Wright, Elle. His all night. (Edge of scandal novel, #2.)
York, Sabrina. Susana and the Scot. (Untamed highlanders series, #2.)
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