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New Graphic Novels for Adults - August 2015

These titles were added during July
All graphic novels for adults - fiction and nonfiction - are shelved in the Fiction & Media area

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Call Number Author Title
Fic Graphic X-Men 3 . Amazing X-Men, vol. 3: once and future Juggernaut
Fic Graphic Adachi, Toka 5 Adachi, Toka. Noragami, stray god, vol. 5
Fic Graphic Akamatsu, Ken 5 Akamatsu, Ken. UQ holder!, vol. 5
Fic Graphic Ant-Man . Ant-man prelude
Fic Graphic Ant-man 1 . Ant-man, vol. 1: second-chance man
Fic Graphic Aquaman 5 . Aquaman, vol. 5: sea of storms
Fic Graphic Avengers 3 . Secret Avengers, vol. 3 ; god level
Fic Graphic Batman 6 . Batman and Robin, vol. 6: the hunt for Robin
Fic Graphic Captain America 1 . Captain America & the Mighty Avengers, vol. 1: open for business
Fic Graphic Flash 6 . The Flash, vol. 6: out of time
Fic Graphic Fujiwara, Cocoa 8 Fujiwara, Cocoa. Inu x Boku SS, vol. 8
Fic Graphic Gillen, Kieron 2 Gillen, Kieron The wicked + the divine, vol. 2: fandemonium
Fic Graphic Green Lantern 6 . Green Lantern Corps, vol. 6: reckoning
Fic Graphic Hardman, Gabriel Hardman, Gabriel. Kinski
Fic Graphic Hickman, Jonathan 4 Hickman, Jonathan. East of West, vol. 4: who wants war?
Fic Graphic Iron Man 4 . Iron Man, vol. 4: Iron Metropolitan
Fic Graphic Iron Man 5 . Iron Man, vol. 5: Rings of the Mandarin
Fic Graphic Justice League 6 . Justice League, vol 6: Injustice League
Fic Graphic Koike, Kazuo 9 Koike, Kazuo Lone Wolf & Cub omnibus, 9
Fic Graphic Luce, Ed Luce, Ed. Wuvable oaf
Fic Graphic Millar, Mark 1 Millar, Mark. Jupiter's legacy, Book 1
Fic Graphic Moonshot 1 . Moonshot, the indigenous comics collection, vol. 1
Fic Graphic OÌ„hkubo, Atsushi 5 Ohkubo, Atsushi. Soul eater not!, vol. 5
Fic Graphic Original Sin . Original sin: who shot the Watcher
Fic Graphic Pinckney, David 1 Pinckney, David Fight like a girl, vol. 1: learning curve
Fic Graphic Sasuga, Yu 7 Sasuga, Yu. Terra formars, vol. 7
Fic Graphic Sejic, Stjepan 1 Sejic, Stjepan. Sunstone, vol. 1
Fic Graphic Shouoto, Aya 3 Shouoto, Aya, He's my only vampire, vol. 3
Fic Graphic Snyder, Scott 1 Snyder, Scott. Wytches, vol. 1
Fic Graphic Sons of Anarchy 3 . Sons of anarchy, vol. 3
Fic Graphic Spencer, Si Spencer, Si. Bodies
Fic Graphic Spider-woman 1 . Spider-woman, vol. 1: spider-verse
Fic Graphic Starks, Kyle Starks, Kyle. Sexcastle: a graphic novel
Fic Graphic Suicide Squad 1 . New Suicide Squad, vol. 1: pure insanity
Fic Graphic Supergirl 6 . Supergirl, vol. 6: Crucible
Fic Graphic Superman 3 . Superman: Earth One, vol. 3
Fic Graphic Takashige, Hiroshi 7 Takashige, Hiroshi Until death do us part, vol. 7
Fic Graphic Takashige, Hiroshi 8 Takashige, Hiroshi Until death do us part, vol. 8
Fic Graphic Takashige, Hiroshi 9 Takashige, Hiroshi Until death do us part, vol. 9
Fic Graphic Tonogai, Yoshiki 2 Tonogai, Yoshiki. Secret, 2
Fic Graphic Twilight Zone 2 . The twilight zone, vol. 2: the way in
Fic Graphic Twilight Zone 3 . The twilight zone, vol. 3: the way back
Fic Graphic Wonder Woman 1 . Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman, vol. 1
Fic Graphic Wood, Brian 3 Wood, Brian The massive, vol. 3: Longship
Fic Graphic Wood, Brian 4 Wood, Brian The massive, vol. 4: Sahara
Fic Graphic Wood, Brian 5 Wood, Brian The massive, vol. 5: Ragnarok
Fic Graphic Yoshinaga, Fumi 9 Yoshinaga, Fumi What did you eat yesterday?, vol. 9
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