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New Graphic Novels for Adults - February 2016

These titles were added during January
All graphic novels for adults - fiction and nonfiction - are shelved in the Fiction & Media area

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Call Number Author Title
Fic Graphic Adachi, Toka 10 Adachi, Toka. Noragami, stray god, vol. 10
Fic Graphic Adachi, Toka 9 Adachi, Toka. Noragami, stray god, vol. 9
Fic Graphic A-force 0 . A-force, vol. 0: warzones
Fic Graphic Allison, John 1 Allison, John. Giant days, vol. 1
Fic Graphic Batman 3 . Batman Superman, vol. 3: second chance
Fic Graphic Batman 7 . Batman detective comics, vol. 7: Anarky
Fic Graphic Beyond . Beyond: the queer sci-fi & fantasy comic anthology
Fic Graphic Deadpool . Deadpool's secret secret wars
Fic Graphic Flash 7 . The Flash, vol. 7: savage world
Fic Graphic Harley Quinn 2 . Harley Quinn, vol. 2: power outage
Fic Graphic Hazuki, Kanae 11 Hazuki, Kanae Say I love you, vol. 11
Fic Graphic Iinuma, Yūki 16 Iinuma, Yuki. Itsuwaribito, vol. 16
Fic Graphic Isayama, Hajime 17 Isayama, Hajime Attack on Titan, vol. 17
Fic Graphic Ishida, Sui 4 Ishida, Sui Tokyo ghoul, vol. 4
Fic Graphic Kanno, Aya 3 Kanno, Aya Requiem of the rose king, vol. 3
Fic Graphic Mignola, Michael 6 Mignola, Michael. Baltimore, vol. 6: the cult of the Red King
Fic Graphic ONE 4 ONE One-Punch Man, vol. 4
Fic Graphic Sasuga, Yu 10 Sasuga, Yu. Terra formars, vol. 10
Fic Graphic Shiki, Satoshi 6 Shiki, Satoshi. Attack on Titan: before the fall, vol. 6
Fic Graphic Shouoto, Aya 5 Shouoto, Aya He's my only vampire, vol. 5
Fic Graphic Spider-Gwen 0 Marvel Comics Group. Spider-Gwen vol. 0: most wanted?
Fic Graphic Squadron Sinister Marvel Comics Group. Squadron sinister
Fic Graphic Superman 7 . Superman action comics, vol. 7: under the skin
Fic Graphic Takashige, Hiroshi 11 Takashige, Hiroshi Until death do us part, vol. 11
Fic Graphic Tynion, James 3 Tynion, James, IV The woods, vol. 3: New London
Fic Graphic Urasawa, Naoki 5 Urasawa, Naoki Master Keaton, vol. 5
Fic Graphic Yuki, Kaori 3 Yuki, Kaori. Alice in Murderland, vol. 3
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