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New Graphic Novels for Adults - October 2015

These titles were added during September
All graphic novels for adults - fiction and nonfiction - are shelved in the Fiction & Media area

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Call Number Author Title
363.46 H327n Hayes, Leah. Not funny ha-ha: a handbook for something hard
791.44 Ab34o Abel, Jessica. Out on the wire: the storytelling secrets of the new masters of radio
Fic Graphic Adachi, Toka 6 Adachi, Toka. Noragami, stray god, vol. 6
Fic Graphic Avengers 4 . Avengers world, vol. 4: before time runs out
Fic Graphic Batwoman 6 . Batwoman, vol. 6: the unknowns
Fic Graphic Beaton, Kate Beaton, Kate Step aside, Pops: a Hark! a vagrant collection
Fic Graphic Captain America 5 . Captain America, vol. 5: the tomorrow soldier
Fic Graphic Captain Marvel 3 . Captain Marvel, vol. 3: alis volate propriis
Fic Graphic Catwoman 6 . Catwoman, vol. 6: keeper of the castle
Fic Graphic Deadpool . Return of the living Deadpool
Fic Graphic Gotham by Midnight 1 . Gotham by midnight, vol. 1: we do not sleep
Fic Graphic Green Lantern 6 . Green Lantern, new guardians, vol. 6: storming the gates
Fic Graphic Hazuki, Kanae 9 Hazuki, Kanae Say I love you, vol. 9
Fic Graphic Higgins, Kyle 1 Higgins, Kyle C.O.W.L., vol. 1: principles of power
Fic Graphic Isayama, Hajime 16 Isayama, Hajime Attack on Titan, vol. 16
Fic Graphic Justice League 6 . Justice League Dark, vol. 6: lost in forever
Fic Graphic Kataoka, Jinsei 10 Kataoka, Jinsei. Deadman Wonderland, vol. 10
Fic Graphic Kindt, Matt 5 Kindt, Matt. Mind MGMT, vol. 5: the eraser
Fic Graphic Kirkman, Robert 24 Kirkman, Robert. The walking dead, volume 24: life and death
Fic Graphic Larsson, Stieg Larsson, Stieg The girl who kicked the hornet's nest: a graphic novel
Fic Graphic Layman, John 10 Layman, John Chew, vol 10: blood puddin'
Fic Graphic Luna, Jonathan 3 Luna, Jonathan Alex + Ada, vol. 3
Fic Graphic Remender, Rick 3 Remender, Rick. Black Science Volume 3: vanishing pattern
Fic Graphic Sakurai, Gamon 6 Sakurai, Gamon Ajin, demi-human, vol. 6
Fic Graphic Sasuga, Yu 8 Sasuga, Yu. Terra formars, vol. 8
Fic Graphic Shiki, Satoshi 5 Shiki, Satoshi. Attack on Titan: before the fall, vol. 5
Fic Graphic Squirrel Girl 1 . The unbeatable Squirrel Girl, vol. 1: Squirrel power
Fic Graphic Tsukuda, Yuto 7 Tsukuda, Yuto. Food wars! Shokugeki no soma, vol. 7
Fic Graphic Urasawa, Naoki 4 Urasawa, Naoki Master Keaton, vol. 4
Fic Graphic Williamson, Joshua 3 Williamson, Joshua. Ghosted, vol. 3: death wish
Fic Graphic Willingham, Bill 22 Willingham, Bill. Fables: Farewell
Fic Graphic Willingham, Bill 5 Willingham, Bill. Fairest, vol. 5: the clamour for glamour
Fic Graphic Wolverine 4 . Savage Wolverine, vol 4: the best there is
Fic Graphic Wonder Woman 7 . Wonder Woman, vol. 7: war-torn
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