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New Nonfiction for Kids - August 2015

These titles were added in July

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Call Number Author Title
j031.02 An An, Vickie Big book of who
j158.1 Verdick Verdick, Elizabeth. Voices are not for yelling
j323.1 Lowery Lowery, Lynda Blackmon Turning 15 on the road to freedom: my story of the Selma Voting Rights March
j338.521 Adler Adler, David A. Prices! Prices! Prices!: why they go up and down
j355.009 Otfinoski Otfinoski, Steven. Courage under fire: true stories of bravery from the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines
j371.9 Miles Miles, Brenda. How I learn: a kid's guide to learning disability
j391 Albee Albee, Sarah. Why'd they wear that?: fashion as the mirror of history
j398.8 Hammill Hammill, Elizabeth. Over the hills and far away: a treasury of nursery rhymes
j507.8 Piazza Piazza, Carmelo. Crazy for science with Carmelo the Science Fellow
j523.7 Meier Meier, Anna. Curious George discovers the Sun
j551.46 Freitas Freitas, Bethany V. Curious George discovers the ocean
j567.91 Naish Naish, Darren. Jurassic record breakers
j591 Hestermann Hestermann, Josh Zoology for kids: understanding and working with animals: with 21 activities
j591.525 O'Sullivan O'Sullivan, Joanne. Migration nation: animals on the go from coast to coast
j591.53 Osborne Osborne, Mary Pope. Sharks and other predators
j594.56 Montgomery Montgomery, Sy. The octopus scientists: exploring the mind of a mollusk
j597.31 Cerullo Cerullo, Mary M. Shark expedition: a shark photographer's close encounters
j598.917 Patent Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw. The call of the osprey
j599.74443 Marsh Marsh, Laura F. Red pandas
j599.74446 Walker Walker, Sally M. Winnie: the true story of the bear who inspired Winnie-the-Pooh
j616 Rhatigan Rhatigan, Joe. Ouch!: the weird & wild ways your body deals with agonizing aches, ferocious fevers, lousy lumps, crummy colds, bothersome bites, breaks, bruises & burns & makes them feel better!
j616.01 Zappy Zappy, Erica. Curious George discovers germs
j616.8914 Sterling Sterling, Cheryl Some bunny to talk to: a story about going to therapy
j618.9285 Taylor Taylor, John F. The survival guide for kids with ADHD
j618.9289 McIntyre McIntyre, Thomas The survival guide for kids with behavior challenges: how to make good choices and stay out of trouble
j629.454 Zoehfeld Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner. Apollo 13: how three brave astronauts survived a space disaster...
j634.96 Collard Collard, Sneed Body. Fire birds: valuing natural wildfires and burned forests
j636.686 Dubke Dubke, Karon. Pet parrots up close
j636.7 Shores Shores, Erika L. Pet dogs up close
j636.70886 Feldman Feldman, Thea. Sadie: the dog who finds the evidence
j636.8 Olson Olson, Gillia M. Pet cats up close
j636.932 Baker Baker, Brynn. Pet guinea pigs up close
j636.9322 Wittrock Wittrock, Jeni. Pet rabbits up close
j639.54 Wittrock Wittrock, Jeni. Pet hermit crabs up close
j649.1 Rissman Rissman, Rebecca. The Babysitter's backpack: everything you need to be a safe, smart, and skilled babysitter
j730.92 Gunderson Gunderson, Jessica. Mount Rushmore: myths, legends, and facts
j741.5 Adventure #5 Adventure time Adventure time, vol. 5
j741.5 Davis Davis, Jim Garfield bigger and better
j741.5 Davis Davis, Jim Garfield dishes it out
j741.5 Maihack #2 Maihack, Mike. The thief and the sword. (Cleopatra in space, vol. 2.)
j741.5 My #3 My little pony. My little pony, friendship is magic, vol. 3
j741.5 My #4 My little pony. My little pony: friendship is magic, vol. 4
j743.6 Legendre Legendre, Philippe. Animals around the world: learn to draw exotic animals step by step!
j743.6 Legendre Legendre, Philippe. Dinosaurs, dragons & prehistoric creatures: learn to draw reptilian beasts and fantasy characters step by step!
j743.6 Legendre Legendre, Philippe. Favorite pets: learn to draw furry friends and cute companions step by step!
j743.6 Legendre Legendre, Philippe. Sea creatures & other favorite animals: learn to draw land and sea animals step by step!
j743.8 Legendre Legendre, Philippe. Planes, trains & moving machines: learn to draw flying, locomotive, and heavy-duty machines step by step!
j743.87 Legendre Legendre, Philippe. Princesses, fairies & fairy tales: learn to draw pretty princesses and fairy tale characters step by step!
j790.1922 Tornio Tornio, Stacy. The kids' outdoor adventure book: 448 great things to do in nature before you grow up
j796.357 Rivera Rivera, Mariano The closer: young readers edition
j796.357 Tavares Tavares, Matt. Growing up Pedro
j811.54 Rosen Rosen, Michael J. The Maine coon's haiku: and other poems for cat lovers
j811.6 Cannon Cannon, Nick, Neon aliens ate my homework and other poems
j811.6 Raczka Raczka, Bob. Santa Clauses: short poems from the North Pole
j912 Ganeri Ganeri, Anita Around the world: a colorful atlas for kids
j920 Henry Henry, Mike Tell me about the presidents: lessons for today's kids from America's leaders
j920 Schatz Schatz, Kate. Rad American women A-Z
j921 F854roc Rockliff, Mara. Mesmerized: how Ben Franklin solved a mystery that baffled all of France
j921 P234w Weatherford, Carole Boston Gordon Parks: how the photographer captured black and white America
j921 Sh634b Bolden, Tonya. Capital days: Michael Shiner's journal and the growth of our nation's capital
j921 W315m Martin, Jacqueline Briggs. Alice Waters and the trip to delicious
j932 Waldron Waldron, Melanie. Geography matters in ancient Egypt
j937 Waldron Waldron, Melanie. Geography matters in ancient Rome
j937.7 Clark Clark, Katie. Lincoln Memorial: myths, legends, and facts
j938 Waldron Waldron, Melanie. Geography matters in ancient Greece
j940.5421 O'Reilly O'Reilly, Bill. Hitler's last days: the death of the Nazi regime and the world's most notorious dictator
j973.3 Cummings Cummings, Judy Dodge. The American Revolution: experience the battle for independence
j975.3 Murray Murray, Robb. The Washington Monument: myths, legends, and facts
j976.4 Gunderson Gunderson, Jessica. The Alamo: myths, legends, and facts
j980.3 Incas Waldron Waldron, Melanie. Geography matters in the Inca empire
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