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New Nonfiction for Kids - March 2015

These titles were added in January & February

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Call Number Author Title
j001.96 Mills Mills, Andrea. True or false?
j005.1 Beer Beer, Paula. Hello app inventor!: Android programming for kids and the rest of us
j023 Meister Meister, Cari. Librarians
j031.02 Ripley Ripley Entertainment, Inc. Fun facts & silly stories 3.
j152.148 Gifford Gifford, Clive. Eye benders
j294.3 Nhat Hanh Nhat Hanh, Thich. Is nothing something?: kids' questions and zen answers about life, death, family, friendship, and everything in between
j296.43 Newman Newman, Leslea. Here is the world: a year of Jewish holidays
j303.69 Spilsbury Spilsbury, Louise. Say no to bullying
j306.766 Pitman Pitman, Gayle E. This day in June
j323.1 Freedman Freedman, Russell. Because they marched: the people's campaign for voting rights that changed America
j331.892 Brimner Brimner, Larry Dane. Strike!: the farm workers' fight for their rights
j332.4 Jenkins Jenkins, Martin The history of money: from bartering to banking
j333.7 Yasuda Yasuda, Anita. Explore natural resources!
j333.82 Bang Bang, Molly. Buried sunlight: how fossil fuels have changed the Earth
j391.6 McArdle McArdle, Thaneeya. The everything girls ultimate body art book: 50+ cool doodle tattoos to create and wear!
j398.2 Lang Lang, Andrew The blue fairy book
j398.2 Williamson Williamson, Duncan The flight of the golden bird: Scottish folk tales for children
j507.8 Young Young, Karen Romano. Try this!: 50 fun experiments for the mad scientist in you
j508 Smith Smith, Marilyn The kid's guide to exploring nature
j551.55 Callery Callery, Sean. Wild weather
j582.16 Galat Galat, Joan Marie Branching out: how trees are part of our world
j590.744 Krull Krull, Kathleen. What's new? the zoo!: a zippy history of zoos
j591 Broom Broom, Jenny. Animalium
j591.4 Jenkins Jenkins, Steve, Creature features: 25 animals explain why they look the way they do
j591.51 Harvey Harvey, Derek. Animal antics: the funny things animals do
j591.51 Scott Scott, Traer. Nocturne: creatures of the night
j591.56 Halfmann Halfmann, Janet. Animal teachers
j591.57 Berger Berger, Melvin. 101 hidden animals
j591.65 Carson Carson, Mary Kay. Deadly and dangerous
j595.7 Hughes Hughes, Catherine D. Little kids first big book of bugs
j596.04 De la Bedoyere De la Bedoyere, Camilla. Bone collection: skulls
j596.04 Rotner Rotner, Shelley. Body bones
j597.31 Roy Roy, Katherine. Neighborhood sharks: hunting with the great whites of California's Farallon Islands
j598.71 Sill Sill, Cathryn P. About parrots: a guide for children
j598.918 Godkin Godkin, Celia. Skydiver: saving the fastest bird in the world
j599.74446 Miller Miller, Debbie S. Grizzly bears of Alaska: explore the wild world of bears
j612 Parker Parker, Steve Super human encyclopedia: discover the amazing things your body can do
j612 Wilsdon Wilsdon, Christina. Ultimate body-pedia: an amazing inside-out tour of the human body
j612.6 Harris Harris, Robie H. It's so amazing!: a book about eggs, sperm, birth, babies, and families
j612.8 Birmingham Birmingham, Maria. Tastes like music: 17 quirks of the brain and body
j613.2 Harris Harris, Robie H. What's so yummy?: all about eating well and feeling good
j616.01 Gardy Gardy, Jennifer. It's catching: the infectious world of germs and microbes
j636.70886 Feldman Feldman, Thea. Gabe: the dog who sniffs out danger
j636.70886 Patent Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw. Super sniffers: dog detectives on the job
j639.28 Heinz Heinz, Brian J. Mocha Dick: the legend and fury
j639.34 Hemdal Hemdal, Jay F. Your first aquarium
j641.303 Nolan Nolan, Janet. PB&J Hooray!: your sandwich's amazing journey from farm to table
j641.5 Seaver Seaver, Barton. National Geographic kids cookbook: a year-round fun food adventure
j641.86 Besel Besel, Jennifer M. Custom confections: delicious desserts you can create and enjoy!
j702.8 Brooks Brooks, Susie. Get into art: places
j702.8 Schwake Schwake, Susan. Art lab for little kids: 52 playful projects for preschoolers!
j709.2 Winter Winter, Jeanette. Mr. Cornell's dream boxes
j741.5 Amano #5 Amano, Shiro. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, vol. 5
j741.5 Camper #1 Camper, Cathy. Lowriders in space, book 1
j741.5 Dauvillier Dauvillier, Loic Hidden: a child's story of the Holocaust
j741.5 Davis Davis, Jim Garfield: the big cheese
j741.5 Eaton #4 Eaton, Maxwell. The flying beaver brothers: birds vs bunnies
j741.5 Furman #3 Furman, Simon. The ice castle. (Dragons: riders of Berk, vol. 3.)
j741.5 Giarrusso #3 Giarrusso, Chris. Coming home. (G-Man, vol. 3.)
j741.5 Gorman Gorman, Zac. Costume quest: invasion of the candy snatchers
j741.5 Guibert #6 Guibert, Emmanuel. A nasty cat. (Ariol, vol. 6.)
j741.5 LEGO #4 LEGO toys. The power of fire chi. (Legends of Chima graphic novel, vol. 4.)
j741.5 My #1 My little pony. My little pony: adventures in friendship, vol. 1
j741.5 My #6 My little pony. My little pony: friendship is magic, vol. 6
j741.5 Peirce Peirce, Lincoln. Big Nate's greatest hits
j741.5 Pokemon Pokemon. Pokemon adventures: Diamond and Pearl/platinum, vol. 9
j741.5 Power #1 Power Rangers Rita Repulsa's attitude adjustment. (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, vol. 1.)
j741.5 Power#2 Power Rangers Going green. (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, vol. 2.)
j741.5 Sonic #2 Sonic the hedgehog The chase. (Sonic the Hedgehog, vol. 2.)
j741.5 Sonic #24 Sonic the hedgehog Sonic the hedgehog archives, vol. 24
j741.5 Teenage #5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Choosing sides. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated, vol. 5.)
j741.5 TenNapel #1 TenNapel, Doug. Escape from the lizzarks. (Nnewts, vol. 1.)
j741.5 Tobin Tobin, Paul Plants vs. zombies: Lawnmageddon
j741.5 Tobin Tobin, Paul Plants vs. zombies: Timepocalypse
j741.58 Last Last airbender. How to draw the legend of Korra
j745.5 Formaro Formaro, Amanda Duct tape mania: crafts, activities, facts, and fun!
j745.57 Formaro Formaro, Amanda Rubber band mania: crafts, activities, facts, and fun!
j745.57 Kollmar Kollmar, Elizabeth M. Hooked on rubber band jewelry: 12 off-the-loom designs for bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories
j770.9 Thomson Thomson, Ruth Photos framed: a fresh look at the world's most memorable photographs
j782.4092 Raschka Raschka, Christopher. The cosmo-biography of Sun Ra: the sound of joy is enlightening
j782.4092 Russell-Brown Russell-Brown, Katheryn Little Melba and her big trombone
j791.4372 Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Cinderella: the junior novel
j791.4372 Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Frozen: the cinestory
j791.4372 Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Frozen: the essential guide
j791.4372 Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Frozen sing-along storybook
j791.4372 SpongeBob SpongeBob SquarePants. The SpongeBob movie: sponge out of water: the junior novelization
j793.21 Jones Jones, Jen. Planning perfect parties: the girls' guide to fun, fresh, unforgettable events
j793.21 McIntyre McIntyre, Laura. The everything girls ultimate sleepover party book: 100+ ideas for sleepover games, goodies, makeovers, and more!
j793.7 Brown Brown, Peggy. The everything girls super cute kawaii fun book
j793.93 Pokemon Pokemon. Pokemon omega ruby, Pokemon alpha sapphire: the official Hoenn Regiion strategy guide
j794.82 Milton Milton, Stephanie. Minecraft essential handbook
j794.82 O'Hanlon O'Hanlon, Martin. Adventures in Minecraft
j796.21 Macy Macy, Sue. Roller derby rivals
j796.334 Hoena Hoena, B. A. Everything soccer
j796.357 Winter Winter, Jonah Joltin' Joe DiMaggio
j796.83 Denenberg Denenberg, Barry. Ali: an American champion
j811.54 Elliott Elliott, David On the wing
j811.54 Frank Frank, John. Lend a hand: poems about giving
j811.54 Hoberman Hoberman, Mary Ann. You read to me, I'll read to you: very short tall tales to read together
j811.54 Lewis Lewis, J. Patrick. Everything is a poem: the best of J. Patrick Lewis
j811.6 Jiang Jiang, Emily. Summoning the Phoenix: poems and prose about Chinese musical instruments
j821.8 Kipling Kipling, Rudyard, If-
j909.81 Mullenbach Mullenbach, Cheryl. The Industrial Revolution for kids: the people and technology that changed the world: with 21 activities
j920 Grant Grant, R. G. Superstars of history: the good, the bad, and the brainy
j920 Herrera Herrera, Juan Felipe. Portraits of Hispanic American heroes
j920 Winter Winter, Jeanette. Malala, a brave girl from Pakistan; Iqbal, a brave boy from Pakistan
j921 Ar58r Rau, Dana Meachen Neil Armstrong
j921 D442AAt DePrince, Michaela. Taking flight: from war orphan to star ballerina
j921 D632m Mattern, Joanne Walt Disney
j921 Ea72ma Mara, Wil. Amelia Earhart
j921 J579m Mattern, Joanne Steve Jobs
j921 L638sc Schroeder, Alan. Abe Lincoln: his wit and wisdom from A to Z
j932 Arlon Arlon, Penelope. Ancient Egypt
j940.3 Kenney Kenney, Karen Latchana. Everything World War I
j940.403 Lewis Lewis, J. Patrick. Harlem hellfighters
j940.5318 Kacer Kacer, Kathy The magician of Auschwitz
j947.08 Fleming Fleming, Candace. The family Romanov: murder, rebellion & the fall of Imperial Russia
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