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New Nonfiction for Kids - October 2014

These titles were added in September

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Call Number Author Title
j005.754 Martin Martin, Chris Build your own web site
j006.752 Plaja Plaja, Luisa. Write your own blog
j155.9042 Bellisario Bellisario, Gina. Keep calm!: my stress-busting tips
j292.211 Riordan Riordan, Rick. Percy Jackson's Greek gods
j363.1 Bellisario Bellisario, Gina. Be aware!: my tips for personal safety
j363.14 Lang Lang, Elizabeth. Sports safety
j394.2683 Peterson Peterson, Megan Cooley. Jack-o'-lanterns
j428.2 Cleary Cleary, Brian P. -Ful and -Less, -Er and -Ness: what is a suffix?
j428.2 Cleary Cleary, Brian P. Pre- and re-, mis- and dis-: what is a prefix?
j551.55 Miller Miller, Ron Chasing the storm: tornadoes, meteorology, and weather watching
j567.91 Milton Milton, Joyce. Dinosaur days
j593.7 Owen Owen, Ruth Box jellyfish
j594.5 Owen Owen, Ruth Giant squid and octopuses
j597.31 Owen Owen, Ruth Great white shark
j597.35 Owen Owen, Ruth Stingrays
j597.51 Owen Owen, Ruth Moray eels
j597.53 Owen Owen, Ruth Anglerfish
j613 Bailey Bailey, Megan. Healthy behaviors
j613.2 Bailey Bailey, Megan. Healthy eating choices
j613.2 Bellisario Bellisario, Gina. Choose good food!: my eating tips
j613.2 Clark Clark, Katie. Balanced meals
j613.2 Clark Clark, Katie. The dairy group
j613.2 Kennington Kennington, Tammy. The protein group
j613.2 Reinke Reinke, Beth Bence. Healthy snacks
j613.2 Reinke Reinke, Beth Bence. Sugars and fats
j613.2 Reinke Reinke, Beth Bence. The grains group
j613.2 Tometich Tometich, Annabelle The fruits group
j613.2 Tometich Tometich, Annabelle The vegetables group
j613.41 Bellisario Bellisario, Gina. Take a bath!: my tips for keeping clean
j613.7 Bailey Bailey, Megan. Fit and fun
j613.71 Bellisario Bellisario, Gina. Move your body!: my exercise tips
j615.9 Bellisario Bellisario, Gina. Poison alert!: my tips to avoid danger zones at home
j616.0252 Lang Lang, Elizabeth. First aid basics
j616.398 Ritter Ritter, Christie R. Obesity
j629.224 Howell Howell, Brian Monster trucks: tearing it up
j629.2275 Bailey Bailey, Diane Suzuki: built for speed
j629.2275 Bailey Bailey, Diane Yamaha: sport racing legend
j629.2275 Barrington Barrington, Richard BMW: ultimate riding experience
j629.2275 Barrington Barrington, Richard Ducati: high performance Italian racer
j629.2275 Kamberg Kamberg, Mary-Lane Kawasaki: world's fastest bike
j629.2275 Roza Roza, Greg. Harley-Davidson: an all-American legend
j629.4553 Miller Miller, Ron Curiosity's mission on Mars: exploring the red planet
j635 Lang Lang, Elizabeth. In the garden
j658.11 Sutherland Sutherland, Adam. Start your own business
j688.72 Farshtey Farshtey, Greg. LEGO minifigure year by year: a visual history
j688.72 Klang Klang, Joachim. Build your own galaxy: the big unofficial LEGO builder's book
j688.72 Klang Klang, Joachim. Build your own vehicles
j688.72 Kuipers Kuipers, Nathanael. Amazing vehicles. (The LEGO build-it book, vol. 1.)
j688.72 Lipkowitz Lipkowitz, Daniel. LEGO Batman: visual dictionary
j688.72 Lipkowitz Lipkowitz, Daniel. LEGO minifigures character encyclopedia
j688.72 Lipkowitz Lipkowitz, Daniel. LEGO play book: ideas to bring your bricks to life
j688.72 Reid Reid, Peter LEGO space: building the future
j688.72 Saunders Saunders, Catherine. LEGO Friends character encyclopedia
j688.72 Schwartz Schwartz, Jordan The art of LEGO design: creative ways to build amazing models
j741.5 Adventure #5 Adventure time Adventure time, vol. 5
j741.5 Chantler #5 Chantler, Scott. Pirates of the Silver Coast. (Three thieves, book 5.)
j741.5 Deneen Deneen, Brendan The island of misfit toys
j741.5 Hale #3 Hale, Nathan Donner dinner party. (Nathan Hale's hazardous tales, vol. 3.)
j741.5 LEGO LEGO toys. Comet crisis. (LEGO Ninjago graphic novel, #11.)
j741.5 LEGO LEGO toys. Kingdom of the snakes. (LEGO Ninjago graphic novel, #5.)
j741.5 Lepp #2 Lepp, Royden Secrets of the cell. (Rust, #2.)
j741.5 Peirce Peirce, Lincoln. Big Nate great minds think alike
j741.5 Rusch #1 Rusch, Elizabeth. The mystery of Marsh Creek. (Muddy Max, vol. 1.)
j741.5 Sonic #1 Sonic the hedgehog Countdown to Chaos. (Sonic the Hedgehog, vol. 1.)
j741.5 Sonic #23 Sonic the hedgehog Sonic the hedgehog archives, vol. 23
j741.5 Torres #3 Torres, J. The sound of thunder. (Bigfoot boy, vol. 3.)
j780.23 Gilpin Gilpin, Daniel. Start your own band
j781.63 Kallen Kallen, Stuart A. K-pop: Korea's musical explosion
j791.4372 Book Book of life The Book of life: movie novelization
j791.4372 Boxtrolls Boxtrolls The Boxtrolls: a novel
j791.4372 Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Big Hero 6: the essential guide
j791.4372 Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Big Hero 6: the junior novelization
j791.4372 Star Wars Star Wars. LEGO Star Wars: the dark side
j791.4372 Teenage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: special-edition movie novelization
j796.7 Hoblin Hoblin, Paul. Rock crawling: tearing it up
j796.7 Hoblin Hoblin, Paul. Tractor pulling: tearing it up
j796.7 Howell Howell, Brian Demolition derby: tearing it up
j796.7 Howell Howell, Brian Mud truck racing: tearing it up
j796.73 Howell Howell, Brian Rally car racing: tearing it up
j796.8 Byers Byers, Ann. Krav maga and self-defense: the fighting techniques of the Israeli defense forces
j796.8 Harmon Harmon, Daniel E. Grappling and submission grappling
j796.8 Roza Roza, Greg. Brazilian jiu-jitsu
j796.8 Roza Roza, Greg. Muay Thai boxing
j818.6 Guys . Guys read: true stories
j912 Quinlan Quinlan, Julia J. Different kinds of maps
j912 Quinlan Quinlan, Julia J. GPS and computer maps
j912 Quinlan Quinlan, Julia J. How to draw a map
j912 Quinlan Quinlan, Julia J. Keys, legends, and symbols in maps
j912 Quinlan Quinlan, Julia J. Latitude, longitude, and direction
j912 Quinlan Quinlan, Julia J. Scale and distance in maps
j921 W868AAb Woodson, Jacqueline. Brown girl dreaming
j921 Z42s Schwartz, Heather E. Zendaya: capturing the stage, screen, and modeling scene
j947.08 Fleming Fleming, Candace. The family Romanov: murder, rebellion & the fall of Imperial Russia
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