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New Fiction for Kids - December 2014

These titles were added in November

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Call Number Author Title
Juv Fic Berk #6 Berk, Sheryl. Royal icing. (The cupcake club series, vol. 6.)
Juv Fic Dowell Dowell, Frances O'Roark. Anybody shining
Juv Fic Erickson #63 Erickson, John R. The return of the Charlie Monsters. (Hank the cowdog, book 63.)
Juv Fic Hanlon Hanlon, Abby. Dory Fantasmagory
Juv Fic Harrington Harrington, Karen Courage for beginners
Juv Fic Horse Horse diaries. Black Cloud. (Horse diaries, vol. 8.)
Juv Fic Horse Horse diaries. Darcy. (Horse diaries, vol. 10.)
Juv Fic Horse Horse diaries. Jingle Bells. (Horse diaries, vol. 11.)
Juv Fic Horse Horse diaries. Tennessee Rose. (Horse diaries, vol. 9.)
Juv Fic Jennings #2 Jennings, Patrick. Guinea dog 2
Juv Fic Kennedy Kennedy, Marlane. Earthquake shock
Juv Fic Kennedy Kennedy, Marlane. Tornado alley
Juv Fic Kinney #9 Kinney, Jeff. The long haul. (Diary of a wimpy kid, book 9.)
Juv Fic Kirby #12 Kirby, Stan. Captain Awesome gets a hole-in-one! (Captain Awesome, vol. 12.)
Juv Fic Krulik #13 Krulik, Nancy E. How do you pee in space? (George Brown, class clown, vol. 13.)
Juv Fic Leavitt Leavitt, Martine Blue Mountain
Juv Fic London #1 London, C. Alexander. Semper fido. (Dog tags, book 1.)
Juv Fic London #2 London, C. Alexander. Strays. (Dog tags, book 2.)
Juv Fic London #3 London, C. Alexander. Prisoners of war. (Dog tags, book 3.)
Juv Fic London #4 London, C. Alexander. Divided we fall. (Dog tags, book 4.)
Juv Fic Lupica Lupica, Mike. Fantasy league
Juv Fic M Beauvais #1 Beauvais, Clementine. Sleuth on skates. (Sesame Seade mystery #1.)
Juv Fic M Butler #3 Butler, Dori Hillestad. The ghost backstage. (Haunted library, vol. 3.)
Juv Fic M Dixon #7 Dixon, Franklin W.. Shadows at Predator Reef. (Hardy boys adventures, vol. 7.)
Juv Fic M Frederick #1 Frederick, Heather Vogel. Absolutely Truly. (Pumpkin Falls mystery, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic M Gibbs #2 Gibbs, Stuart Poached. (Fun jungle, vol. 2.)
Juv Fic M Keene #3 Keene, Carolyn. Nancy Drew diaries graphic novel, vol. 3
Juv Fic M McCall Smith McCall Smith, Alexander The mystery of the missing lion: a Precious Ramotswe mystery for young readers
Juv Fic M Nicholson #1 Nicholson, Simon The magician's fire. (Young Houdini, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic M Ruby Ruby, Lois. The doll graveyard
Juv Fic M Stevenson #7 Stevenson, Steve. The crown of Venice. (Agatha: girl of mystery, vol. 7.)
Juv Fic M Taylor #2 Taylor, S. S. The Expeditioners and the secret of King Triton's lair
Juv Fic May #1 May, Kyla. Kiki: my stylish life. (Lotus Lane, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic May #2 May, Kyla. Coco: my delicious life. (Lotus Lane, vol. 2.)
Juv Fic May #3 May, Kyla. Lulu: my glamorous life. (Lotus Lane, vol. 3.)
Juv Fic May #4 May, Kyla. Mika: my new life. (Lotus Lane, vol. 4.)
Juv Fic McClure #2 McClure, Wendy. On track for treasure. (Wanderville, vol. 2.)
Juv Fic McKay McKay, Sharon E. The end of the line
Juv Fic McKay #4 McKay, Hilary. Lulu and the rabbit next door. (Lulu loves animals , vol. 4.)
Juv Fic Miles #35 Miles, Ellen. Cooper. (Puppy place, vol. 35.)
Juv Fic Pastis #3 Pastis, Stephan. We meet again. (Timmy Failure, no. 3.)
Juv Fic Perkins Perkins, Lynne Rae. Nuts to you
Juv Fic Pinkney Pinkney, Andrea Davis. The red pencil
Juv Fic Rivers Rivers, Karen Finding Ruby Starling
Juv Fic SF Abbott #1 Abbott, Tony The forbidden stone. (Copernicus legacy, book 1.)
Juv Fic SF Abbott #1 Abbott, Tony Wade and the scorpion's claw. (Copernicus archives, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic SF Abbott #2 Abbott, Tony. The serpent's curse. (Copernicus legacy, book 2.)
Juv Fic SF Baker Baker, E. D. The fairy-tale matchmaker
Juv Fic SF Brauner #3 Brauner, Barbara. The spell bind. (Oh my godmother, book 3.)
Juv Fic SF DC Comics DC Comics, Inc. Robin rules! (Teen Titans go!)
Juv Fic SF Farrey #3 Farrey, Brian. The Grimjinx rebellion. (Vengekeep prophecies, book 3.)
Juv Fic SF Haddix #6 Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Risked. (The missing, book 6.)
Juv Fic SF Holt #4 Holt, Christopher Journey's end. (The last dogs, book 4.)
Juv Fic SF Hunter Hunter, Erin. Tales from the Clans. (Warriors.)
Juv Fic SF Hunter #4 Hunter, Erin. The blazing star. (Warriors, dawn of the clans, book 4.)
Juv Fic SF Jennings Jennings, Patrick. Dognap
Juv Fic SF Krokos #2 Krokos, Dan. The black stars. (Planet thieves, vol. 2.)
Juv Fic SF Larson Larson, M. A. Pennyroyal Academy
Juv Fic SF Limbaugh #3 Limbaugh, Rush H. Rush Revere and the American Revolution: time-travel adventures with exceptional Americans
Juv Fic SF Nix #4 Nix, Garth. Clariel. (Old kingdom, vol. 4.)
Juv Fic SF Prager #1 Prager, Ellen J. The shark whisperer. (Tristan Hunt and the sea guardians, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic SF Richards #1 Richards, C. J. The junkyard bot. (Robots rule! book 1.)
Juv Fic SF Ryan #1 Ryan, Carrie. The map to everywhere. (The map to everywhere, book 1.)
Juv Fic SF White #1 White, J. A. A path begins. (The Thickety, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic SF Yolen Yolen, Jane. Centaur rising
Juv Fic Simon #22 Simon, Coco. Mia's recipe for disaster. (Cupcake diaries, vol. 22.)
Juv Fic Sternberg #1 Sternberg, Julie. Friendship over. (Top secret diary of Celie Valentine, book 1.)
Juv Fic Vrabel Vrabel, Beth. Pack of dorks
Juv Fic Warner #4 Warner, Sally. EllRay Jakes the dragon slayer! (EllRay Jakes, vol. 4.)
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