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New Mysteries - May 2015

These titles were added in April

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Author Title
Adams, Ellery. Lemon pies and little white lies. (Charmed pie shoppe mystery, #4.)
Albert, Susan Wittig. Bittersweet
Allan, Barbara. Antiques swap. (Trash 'n' treasures mystery, #9.)
Arnaldur Indriason Reykjavik nights
Atherton, Nancy. Aunt Dimity and the Summer King
Born, James O. Scent of murder
Brady, Conor. A June of ordinary murders
Brett, Simon. The tomb in Turkey: a Fethering mystery
Brown, Duffy. Demise in denim. (Consignment shop mystery, #4.)
Camilleri, Andrea. Game of mirrors
Canadeo, Anne The postman always purls twice. (Black Sheep Knitting Club, #7.)
Casey, Elizabeth Lynn. Wedding duress. (Southern sewing circle, book 10.)
Cass, Laurie. Borrowed crime. (Bookmobile cat mystery, #3.)
Cleeland, Anne. Murder in hindsight
Clement, Blaize. The cat sitter's whiskers
Cooper, Amanda. Shadow of a spout. (Teapot collector mystery, #2.)
Crawford, Isis. A catered Mother's Day: a mystery with recipes
Crosby, Ellen Ghost image. (Sophie Medina mystery, #2.)
Daheim, Mary. The Alpine zen: an Emma Lord mystery
DeSmet, Christine. Five-alarm fudge. (Fudge shop mystery, #3.)
Duncan, Elizabeth J. Slated for death: a Penny Brannigan mystery
Dyer-Seeley, Kate. Slayed on the slopes. (Pacific Northwest mystery, #2.)
Eastman, Dawn. A fright to the death. (Family Fortune mystery, #3.)
Fletcher, Jessica. Killer in the kitchen: a Murder, she wrote mystery
Gates, Eva. By book or by crook. (Lighthouse library mystery, #1.)
Gazan, Sissel-Jo The arc of the swallow
Hale, Rebecca M. How to catch a cat. (Cats and curios mystery, #6.)
Halliday, Gemma. Deadly in high heels. (High heels series, book 9.)
Hess, Joan. Pride v. prejudice
Kallentoft, Mons Spring remains: a thriller
Kappes, Tonya. A ghostly grave. (Ghostly Southern mystery, #2.)
Kerr, Philip. The lady from Zagreb: a Bernie Gunther novel
Lebow, Laura. The Figaro murders
Lee, Amanda Wicked stitch. (Embroidery mystery, #8.)
Leon, Donna. Falling in love
London, Colette. Criminal confections. (Chocolate whisperer mystery, #1.)
Lourey, Jess February fever. (Murder by month mystery, book 10.)
Lyle, Dixie. Marked fur murder. (Whiskey, Tango & Foxtrot mystery, #3.)
McKinlay, Jenn. Dark chocolate demise. (Cupcake bakery mystery, #7.)
Perry, Anne. The Angel Court affair: a Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novel
Perry, Carol J. Tails, you lose. (Witch city mystery, #2.)
Riggs, Cynthia. Poison ivy. (Martha's Vineyard mystery, #11.)
Ryan, Sofie. Buy a whisker. (Second chance cat mystery, #2.)
Shames, Terry. A deadly affair at Bobtail Ridge. (Samuel Craddock mystery, #4.)
Smith, Lachlan. Fox is framed: a Leo Maxwell mystery
Spillane, Mickey Kill me, darling: a Mike Hammer novel
Sundstol, Vidar The ravens. (Minnesota trilogy, #3.)
Walker, Martin The children return: a Bruno, chief of police novel
Wolfe, Ethan J. The regulator
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