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New Mysteries - September 2015

These titles were added in August

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Author Title
Aarons, Kathy. Truffled to death. (Chocolate covered mystery, #2.)
Abbott, Allyson K. In the drink. (Mack's bar mystery, #3.)
Adams, Ellery. Murder in the paperback parlor. (Book retreat mystery, #2.)
Andrews, Donna. Lord of the wings: a Meg Langslow mystery
Bain, Donald Margaret Truman's Internship in murder: a capital crimes novel
Batacan, F. H. Smaller and smaller circles
Blevins, Winfred. The darkness rolling. (Yazzie Goldman, #1.)
Bowen, Rhys. Malice at the palace. (Her royal spyness mystery, #9.)
Budewitz, Leslie. Butter off dead. (Food lovers' village mystery, #3.)
Burdette, Lucy. Fatal reservations. (Key West food critic mystery, #6.)
Carpenter, C. J. Hidden vices. (Megan McGinn novel, #2.)
Castle, Richard. Raging heat. (Nikki Heat series, #6.)
Cochran, Peg. Berried secrets. (Cranberry Cove mystery, #1.)
Connolly, Sheila. Privy to the dead. (Museum mystery, #6.)
Crider, Bill Between the living and the dead
Davis, Krista. The diva steals s chocolate kiss. (Domestic diva mystery, book 9.)
Davis, Lindsey. Deadly election. (Flavia Albia mystery, #3.)
Eckel, Wendy Sand. Murder at Barclay Meadow
Fairstein, Linda A. Devil's bridge
Fifield, Christy. Murder ties the knot. (Haunted souvenir shop mystery, #4.)
Fossum, Karin The drowned boy
Freydont, Shelley. A gilded grave. (Newport gilded age mystery, #1.)
Furlong, Susan. Peaches and scream. (Georgia peach mystery, #1.)
Genova, Rosie. A dish best served cold. (Italian kitchen mystery, #3.)
Gerber, Daryl Wood. Fudging the books. (Cookbook nook mystery, #4.)
Goodwin, Nathan Dylan. Hiding the past. (Forensic genealogist series, #1.)
Grafton, Sue. X
Harvey, Cameron The evidence room
Herriman, Nancy. No comfort for the lost: a mystery of old San Francisco
Hilary, Sarah. No other darkness
Hollis, Lee. Death of a cupcake queen. (Hayley Powell food and cocktails mystery, #6.)
Hyzy, Julie A. Grace cries uncle. (Manor house mystery, #6.)
Keller, Julia. Last ragged breath. (Bell Elkins novels, #4.)
Kennedy, Mary Dream a little scream. (Dream club mystery, #2.)
Kennedy, Mary Nightmares can by murder. (Dream club mystery, #1.)
Knox, Annie. Collared for murder. (Pet boutique mystery, #3.)
Kovaly, Heda Innocence; or, murder on Steep Street
Kuhns, Eleanor. Death in Salem. (Will Rees mysteries, #4.)
Laurie, Victoria. Sense of deception. (Psychic eye mystery, book 13.)
Lovesey, Peter. Down among the dead men: a Peter Diamond investigation
Lowell, Virginia. Dead men don't eat cookies. (Cookie cutter shop mystery, #6.)
Maron, Margaret. Long upon the land
Marrison, James. The drowning ground
Martin, Carol Ann. Loom and doom. (Weaving mystery, #4.)
McCall Smith, Alexander The novel habits of happiness. (Isabel Dalhousie series, #10.)
Meier, Leslie. Candy corn murder: a Lucy Stome mystery
Meier, Leslie. French pastry murder: a Lucy Stone mystery
O'Sullivan, Kathryn. Neighing with fire
Parker, Kate The royal assassin. (Victorian bookshop mystery, #3.)
Parks, Brad The fraud
Parra, Nancy J. Bodice of evidence. (Perfect proposals mystery, #2.)
Penny, Louise. The nature of the beast
Pike, Penny. Death of a chocolate cheater. (Food festival mystery, #2.)
Pressey, Rose. All dressed up and no place to haunt. (Haunted vintage mystery, #2.)
Rankin, Ian. The beat goes on: the complete Rebus stories
Reed, Hannah Hooked on ewe. (Scottish highlands mystery, #2.)
Robinson, Peter In the dark places: an Inspector Banks novel
Rowland, M. L. Murder on the horizon. (Search and rescue mystery, #3.)
Shelton, Paige. Bushel full of murder. (Farmers' market mystery, #6.)
Shelton, Paige. If onions could spring leeks. (Country cooking school mystery, #5.)
Smith, Karen Rose. Drape expectations. (Caprice De Luca mystery, #4.)
Spann Craig, Elizabeth. Tying the knot. (Southern quilting mystery, #5.)
Sweeney, Leann. The cat, the sneak and the secret. (Cats in trouble mystery, #7.)
Syken, Bill. Hangman's game
Thomas, Will Anatomy of evil. (Barker & Llewelyn novel, #7.)
Todd, Charles. A pattern of lies
Tremayne, Peter. The Devil's seal: a mystery of ancient Ireland
Vallere, Diane. Crushed velvet. (Material witness mystery, #2.)
Wenger, Christine Anne Macaroni and freeze. (Comfort food mystery, #4.)
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