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New Nonfiction DVDs - August 2014

These titles were added in July

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Call Number Title
277.3 Am35 DVD American Jesus
323.1996 Sp44 DVD Spies of Mississippi
326.8 Ab75 DVD The abolitionists
333.823 F841 DVD Fracknation
333.8233 G2122 DVD Gasland. Part II
362.16 L626 DVD Life and death in assisted living
363.25 D349 DVD A death in St. Augustine.
363.378 B93 DVD Burn
363.82 N884 DVD Nuclear terrorism: is America safer?
364.106 D361 DVD The definitive guide to the mob
364.106 Se25 DVD Secret life secret death [a docudrama mystery]
364.1523 C424 DVD The Cheshire murders
507.8 M9996 DVD Mythbusters. Collection 6
507.8 M9997 DVD Mythbusters. Collection 7
530.142 H313g DVD Stephen Hawking's grand design
551.5 C386 DVD Chasing ice
590 M99 DVD My bionic pet
591.51 In722 DVD Inside animal minds
597.95 K836 DVD Komodo: secrets of the dragon
598.441 P376 DVD Penguins: spy in the huddle
599.82 Sn61 DVD Snow monkeys
600 M2892 DVD Making stuff 2: wilder, colder, safer, faster
611 Sh91y DVD Your inner fish: meet the ancestors you never knew you had
613.2 G62m DVD The myths of nutrition and fitness
613.69 D722 DVD Doomsday preppers. Season 1
613.69 D723 DVD Doomsday preppers. Season 2
613.69 D724 DVD Doomsday preppers. Season 3
613.69 M3111 DVD Man vs. wild Collection 1
613.69 M3112 DVD Man vs. wild with Bear Grylls. Season 2
613.69 M3114 DVD Man vs. wild with Bear Grylls. Season 4
613.69 M3115 DVD Man vs. wild with Bear Grylls. Season 5
613.69 M3116 DVD Man vs. wild with Bear Grylls. Season 6
613.69 M31c DVD Man vs. wild with Bear Grylls.
613.69 M31s DVD Man vs wild with Bear Grylls. Stranded around the world
613.69 Su799 DVD Survivorman. 10 days with Les Stroud.
613.7046 Y753 DVD Yoga burn
618.92898 Un31 DVD The United States of autism
641.568 L619 DVD Lidia celebrates America. Life's milestones
646.75 G286 DVD Generation iron
647.95 Sp46 DVD Spinning plates
746.46 Al26 DVD Alex Anderson teaches you to start quilting
746.46 L479 DVD Learn to make a quilt from start to finish
759.0112 C315 DVD Cave of forgotten dreams
759.13 G28 DVD Genesis: the art of creation
780.42 F878 DVD Freestyle: the art of rhyme
781.66 F429 DVD Festival express
782.4092 B475g DVD Justin Bieber: the untold story of his rise to fame
782.4092 Su34p DVD I want my name back
791.4572 D8585 DVD Duck dynasty: season 5
812.6 P416 DVD The perfect gift
914.04 R421 DVD Rick Steves' Europe Travel extras: Bonus DVD
914.1 R42 DVD Rick Steves' Europe England & Wales: Ireland & Scotland
914.4 R42 DVD Rick Steves' Europe France: Spain
914.5 R421 DVD Rick Steves' Europe Italy's cities: Italy's countryside
914.69 R42 DVD Rick Steves' Europe Greece, Turkey & Portugal: European travel skills & specials
914.8 R42 DVD Rick Steves' Europe Scandinavia: Eastern Europe
917.3 Al5122 DVD How the states got their shapes. Season 2
918.1 B739 DVD Brazil with Monty Python's Michael Palin
921 H55m DVD Anita: speaking truth to power
921 T846c DVD Codebreaker: story of Alan Turing
948.02 V6937 DVD Vikings: the real warriors
951.93 Se25 DVD Secret state of North Korea: Explore life under Kim Jong-Un
956.91 Sy83 DVD Syria behind the lines: Life on both sides of a sectarian war
973.711 Un213 DVD Underground railroad: the William Still story
973.82 C967 DVD Custer's last stand
977.634 L899 DVD Lost Iron Range
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