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New Nonfiction DVDs - November 2015

These titles were added in October

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Call Number Title
001.94 An227 DVD Ancient aliens. Season 7
001.942 Ar31 DVD Area 51 the CIA's secret
133.1 P767 DVD Poltergeists: real-life hauntings.
158.12 Ea79 DVD Easy meditation for everyone
211 G54 DVD God? the almighty question
306.768 G919 DVD Growing up trans
306.874 C191 DVD Caring for mom & dad
331.544 Ov26 DVD The overnighters
332.42 R492 DVD The rise and rise of Bitcoin
333.956 W6322 DVD Wicked tuna: season 2
333.956 W6323 DVD Wicked tuna: season 3
333.956 W6324 DVD Wicked tuna: season 4
362.18 C648 DVD Code black
362.883 R18 DVD Rape on the night shift
507.8 M99992 DVD Mythbusters. Collection 12
507.8 M99993 DVD Mythbusters. Collection 13
551.46 L568 DVD Lethal seas
591.53 Af83 DVD Africa's deadliest
597.31 Sh2271 DVD Shark week. Dominating the deep
597.92 T869 DVD Turtle: the incredible journey
599.82 M999 DVD Mystery monkeys of Shangri-la
613.7046 P874 DVD Power yoga
613.7046 Y7511 DVD Yoga for balance
613.7046 Y757 DVD Yoga for everyone. Strengthening
613.7046 Y758 DVD Yoga for health with Jenny Cornero. Fears/anxiety
613.7046 Y759 DVD Yoga beginners
613.71 Se82 DVD 7 day tone & burn
613.71 T349 DVD 30-minutes to fitness. home gym intervals
614.47 V1335 DVD The vaccine war
615.85154 Al48 DVD Alive inside [a story of music & memory]
622.1841 Ic22 DVD Ice cold gold. Season one
746.92 D623 DVD Dior and I
781.66 D357 DVD The decline of western civilization collection
782.12 M272 DVD The Magic flute
782.4092 C152k DVD Glen Campbell: I'll be me
782.4092 C632s DVD Soaked in bleach: a documentary film about the death of Kurt Cobain
782.4092 Un88 DVD Until the light takes us
784.092 R651mo DVD Rolling Stones, crossfire hurricane
786.9092 B468 DVD Beware of Mr. Baker
791.4572 St28 DVD StarTalk with Neil Degrasse Tyson
792.7 M687 DVD Misery loves comedy
796.75 K742mu DVD I am Evel Knievel
796.83 C359 DVD Champs
796.83 F468 DVD Fight like a girl
822.33 DT342 DVD Themes from Shakespeare
914.183 On23 DVD One million Dubliners
918.1 Se82 DVD Seven wonders of Brazil
919.89 An864 DVD Antarctica: a year on ice
921 Al193p DVD Louisa May Alcott: the woman behind Little women
921 Ap28m DVD Iris
921 F229b DVD I am Chris Farley
921 Sp46l DVD I am Big Bird: the Caroll Spinney story
921 W459co DVD Magician: the astonishing life & work of Orson Welles
921 Y75d DVD Awake: the life of Yogananda
929.72 T143 DVD Tales from the royal bedchamber
929.72 T1431 DVD Tales from the royal wardrobe
930.1 F519 DVD First peoples: their story is our story
940.5412 N239 DVD Nazi hunters: the heroes who defeated Hitler
959.7043 L339 DVD Last days in Vietnam
973.92 J559 DVD JFK LBJ: a time for greatness
974.71 B566 DVD Blackout
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