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New Nonfiction DVDs - March 2015

These titles were added in January & February

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Call Number Title
001.9 N42 DVD New world order: the conspiracy to rule your mind.
001.944 W771 DVD Witches, ghosts & monsters
303.483 H83 DVD How we got to now [the history and power of great ideas]
303.625 R492 DVD The rise of ISIS
306.76 B74 DVD Breaking through: out of the closet and into the halls of power
323.1196 F8758 DVD Freedom summer: Mississippi 1964
338.47664 F316 DVD Fed up
363.189 M713 DVD Mobilize
364.132 D55 DVD Dick Cavett's Watergate
523.1 T888i DVD The inexplicable universe: unsolved mysteries
576 F639m DVD Mysteries of the microscopic world
597.98 G2262 DVD Gator boys. Season 2
613.69 D724 DVD Doomsday preppers. Season 3
613.71 B4173 DVD Bellydance shimmy workout
613.71 W4272 DVD Weight watchers: 15-minute boot camp series
614.57 Su799 DVD Surviving ebola
630.9173 G919 DVD Growing cities [a film about urban farming in America]
635.977 M992h DVD How to grow anything: make your trees and shrubs thrive
636.8 Am359 DVD America's cutest. Season 2
641.3 N853 DVD Nourish: short films
641.3 N8531 DVD Nourish: food + community
641.555 Ev274 DVD The everyday gourmet: making great meals in less time
641.6383 Ev27 DVD The everyday gourmet: essential secrets of spices in cooking
709.04 Ar757 DVD Art 21: art in the 21st century. Season 7 art in the twenty-first century
782.4092 C859 DVD Crazysexycool: the TLC story
782.4092 G957 DVD Guns n' Roses: after the destruction
784.52 Au76 DVD Austin city limits celebrates 40 years
791.4572 D8586 DVD Duck dynasty: season 6
796.323 B214 DVD Ballin' at the graveyard: the game is only half the story
910.41 L852 DVD Long way down. Complete TV series
914.94 Sw68 DVD Switzerland
915.2 C333 DVD Central Japan
915.61 Ea77 DVD East to west: Istanbul to Vienna
915.91 M99 DVD Myanmar
917.1 Ea77 DVD Eastern Canada
917.2 C763 DVD Conquistadors, Aztecs & Incas
917.2 M5742 DVD Mexico and the Caribbean with Shari Belafonte
917.291 B464 DVD Best of travel: Cuba today!
919.504 P119 DVD Pacific journeys
919.69 W643 DVD Wild Hawaii
921 C454g DVD Is the man who is tall happy? an animated conversation with Noam Chomsky
921 H5635 DVD Bound by flesh
921 L51mc DVD I am Bruce Lee
929.1 F4922 DVD Finding your roots. Season 2
932.01 Eg981 DVD Egypt unwrapped
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