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New Nonfiction - December 2014

These titles were added in November

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Call Number Author Title
070.5025 H426i Herman, Jeff Jeff Herman's guide to book publishers, editors, & literary agents: who they are! what they want! how to win them over!
111 K141d Kaplan, Eric. Does Santa exist?: a philosophical investigation
133.1 C556g Clarke, Roger. Ghosts: a natural history: 500 years of searching for proof
133.9013 B125g Bachrach, Judy Glimpsing heaven: the stories and science of life after death
150 C268p Cash, Adam. Psychology for dummies
155.232 K714n Kluger, Jeffrey. The narcissist next door: understanding the monster in your family, in your office, in your bed-in your world
155.937 F381c Ferguson, Gary The carry home: lessons from the American wilderness
158.1 M611e Millburn, Joshua Fields. Everything that remains: a memoir by The Minimalists
158.12 Iy11a Iyer, Pico. The art of stillness: adventures in going nowhere
179.9 D143 . Daily gratitude: 365 days of reflection: photos and wisdom to enrich your spirit.
231.73 M564m Metaxas, Eric. Miracles: what they are, why they happen, and how they can change your life
236.9 R346e Rhodes, Ron. The 8 great debates of Bible prophecy
248.32 L962b Lucado, Max. Before amen: the power of a simple prayer
248.4 L193sm Lamott, Anne. Small victories: spotting improbable moments of grace
255 P577i Piazza, Jo. If nuns ruled the world: ten sisters on a mission
261 In47c Ingram, Chip Culture shock: a biblical response to today's most divisive issues
289.3 St34l Steinberg, Avi. The lost Book of Mormon: a journey through the mythic lands of Nephi, Zarahemla, and Kansas City, Missouri
291.211 C455f Chopra, Deepak. The future of God: a practical approach to spirituality for our times
291.22 B469e Bhagavati, Ma Jaya Sati The 11 karmic spaces: choosing freedom from the patterns that bind you
294.344 N499ho Nhat Hanh, Thich. How to eat
296.344 R476bo Rinzler, Lodro. The Buddha walks into the office: a guide to livelihood for a new generation
305.31 G875m Griffin, Dan. A man's way through relationships: learning to love and be loved
305.486971 N753u Nordberg, Jenny. The underground girls of Kabul: in search of a hidden resistance in Afghanistan
305.899 P918l Prentice, Claire The lost tribe of Coney Island: headhunters, Luna Park, and the man who pulled off the spectacle of the century
306.874 K528p Khetarpal, Roma. The "perfect" parent: 5 tools for using your inner perfection to connect with your kids
323.445 At84s Attkisson, Sharyl Stonewalled: my fight for truth against the forces of obstruction, intimidation, and harassment in Obama's Washington
330.9 L224h Lanchester, John. How to speak money: what the money people say: and what it really means
332.678 D758b 2010 Downes, John Barron's finance & investment handbook
332.678 L324b 2014 Lindauer, Mel The Bogleheads' guide to investing
338.47664 G288c Genoways, Ted. The chain: farm factory
341.69 R96h Ryback, Timothy W. Hitler's first victims: the quest for justice
347.7326 C42c Chemerinsky, Erwin. The case against the Supreme Court
362.16 M432c Matthews, Joseph L. Long-term care: how to plan and pay for it
362.21 Se13b Seager, Stephen B. Behind the gates of Gomorrah: a year with the criminally insane
362.292 Si56d Simone, Frances. Dark wine waters: my husband of a thousand joys and sorrows
363.33 G366e Giffords, Gabrielle D. Enough: our fight to keep America safe from gun violence
363.46 P764p Pollitt, Katha. Pro: reclaiming abortion rights
363.7387 D249h Darling, Seth B. How to change minds about our changing climate: let science do the talking the next time someone tries to tell you ...: the climate isn't changing: global warming is actually a good thing: climate change is natural, not man-made: ... and other argume
364.1 R335b Reynolds, Julia. Blood in the fields: ten years inside California's Nuestra Familia gang
364.1523 D369m DeKok, David. Murder in the stacks: Penn State, Betsy Aardsma, and the killer who got away
364.1524 Or141kp O'Reilly, Bill. Killing Patton: the strange death of World War II's most audacious general
365.43 K458o Kerman, Piper. Orange is the new black: my year in a women's prison
371.01 B988b Buzbee, Lewis Blackboard: a personal history of the classroom
378.73 T152u 2015 Tanabe, Gen S. The ultimate guide to America's best colleges: detailed profiles on academics, student life, campus vibe, athletics, admissions, scholarships, and financial aid.
388.42 Is14t Isaacs, Aaron Twin ports by trolley: the streetcar era in Duluth-Superior
391.2 C817m Corrigan, Joyce. Marie Claire: dress skinny: perfecting your style, flattering your body, and looking fabulous
395.52 C697i Collinsworth, Eden. I stand corrected: how teaching Western manners in China became its own unforgettable lesson
428.1 R56w 2012 Robinson, Adam Word smart: how to build an educated vocabulary
509.22 Sh11g Shachtman, Tom Gentlemen scientists and revolutionaries: the founding fathers in the age of enlightenment
510.76 On22 2013 . 1001 math problems.
551.552 So12s Sobel, Adam H. Storm surge: Hurricane Sandy, our changing climate, and extreme weather of the past and future
579.4 M329t Marbury, Robert. Taxidermy art: a rogue's guide to the work, the culture, and how to do it yourself
613.2 R762t Rouse, James Think eat move thrive: the practice for an awesome life
613.25 Se17me Sears, Barry The Mediterranean zone: unleash the power of the world's healthiest diet for superior weight loss, health, and longevity
613.25 Sw55s Swift, Kathie Madonna. The swift diet: 4 weeks to mend the belly, lose the weight, and get rid of the bloat
613.71 F838b Foy, Sean. The burst! workout: the power of 10-minute interval training
613.71 M955m Murphy, Myatt. Men's health push, pull, swing: the fat-torching, muscle-building dumbbell, kettlebell and sandbag program
613.713 H35d Hedrick, Allen. Dumbbell training
615.7827 B126c Backes, Michael. Cannabis pharmacy: a practical guide to medical marijuana
616.398 L391o Lavie, Carl J. The obesity paradox: when thinner means sicker and heavier means healthier
616.399 M964m . Mayo Clinic going gluten-free
616.8521 W527f Westlund, Stephanie. Field exercises: how veterans are healing themselves through farming and outdoor activities
616.99449 St28p Stark, Lizzie. Pandora's DNA: tracing the breast cancer genes through history, science, and one family tree
621.47 So426 2014 Schaeffer, John. Real Goods solar living sourcebook: your complete guide to living beyond the grid with renewable energy technologies and sustainable living
635.0484 M834v Morrow, Joel Vegetable gardening for organic and biodynamic growers: biographies of over 70 vegetables, with detailed accounts of how to grow them, their climate of origin, their transformation over time, and their nutritional and therapeutic potential
635.965 Se56a Sengo, Zenaida. Air plants: the curious world of Tillandsias
639.978 R123b Raffin, Michele. The birds of Pandemonium: life among the exotic and the endangered
641.302 Sh72f Shockey, Kirsten. Fermented vegetables
641.44 M349b Marrone, Teresa. The beginner's guide to making and using dried foods: preserve fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and meat with a dehydrator, a kitchen oven, or the sun
641.53 M811s Mordechai, Karen. Sunday suppers: recipes + gatherings
641.555 W184a Wang, Peggy Amazing food hacks: 75 incredibly easy tips, tricks & recipes to amp up flavor
641.563 P422g Perlmutter, David The grain brain cookbook: more than 150 life-changing gluten-free recipes to transform your health
641.563 T422 . Thug Kitchen: eat like you give a f*ck: [the official cookbook].
641.5635 Sp34fd Spencer, Mimi The fastday cookbook: delicious low-calorie meals to enjoy while on the fastdiet
641.5636 P182p Palmer, Sharon Plant-powered for life: eat your way to lasting health with 52 simple steps and 125 delicious recipes
641.5636 W171e Walters, Terry Eat clean, live well
641.5972 M228t McMillan, Kate Taco night
641.5973 N4197 . The new family cookbook: all-new edition of the best-selling classic with 1,100 new recipes
641.5975 B848b Bryson, Francine. Blue ribbon baking from a redneck kitchen
641.6331 H469o Hester, Kathy. Oatrageous oatmeals: delicious & surprising plant-based dishes from the humble, heart-healthy grain
641.645 T157i Tannenbaum, Cara. In a nutshell: cooking and baking with nuts and seeds
641.812 C872b Crocker, Betty. Betty Crocker tiny bites.
641.812 P29b Payany, Esterelle. Better made at home: original, 100% natural, fresh
641.815 B45ba Beranbaum, Rose Levy. The baking bible
641.815 C463m Christie, Charmian. The messy baker: more than 75 delicious recipes from a real kitchen
641.815 F926i Fromartz, Samuel. In search of the perfect loaf: a home baker's odyssey
646.4 B239m Barickman, Amy The magic pattern book: sew 6 patterns into 36 different styles!
646.4 H921r Huntington, Beth, The Refashion handbook: refit, redesign, remake for every body
647.94 D874v Duffy, Gillian. How to find the perfect vacation rental: discover the secrets to staying in apartments and houses around the world
647.9477 W674l Williams, Mike. Life at Kettle Falls
648.8 K836l Kondo, Marie. The life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing
649.122 El52p Elkind, David Parenting on the go: birth to six, A to Z
649.4 J313n Jassey, Lewis. The newborn sleep book: a simple, proven method for training your new baby to sleep through the night
649.64 P51t Phelan, Thomas W. Tantrums!: managing meltdowns in public and private
649.64 Si155n Siegel, Daniel J. No-drama discipline: the whole-brain way to calm the chaos and nurture your child's developing mind
650.1 F914l Friedman, Stewart D. Leading the life you want: skills for integrating work and life
658.4092 T71l Treasurer, Bill Leaders open doors: a radically simple leadership approach to lift people, profits, and performance
658.4092 W85t Wood, Jake Take command: lessons in leadership: how to be a first responder in business
684.08 W879 . Woodworking wisdom & know-how: everything you need to know to design, build, and create
688.72 R542t Roberts, Kate Toys of the '50s, '60s, and '70s
700.23 C76a Congdon, Lisa. Art, Inc.: the essential guide for building your career as an artist
712.092 Sa148AAs Sackville-West, V. Sissinghurst: Vita Sackville-West and the creation of a garden
741.2 M233b McNeill, Suzanne. The beauty of Zentangle: inspirational examples from 137 tangle artists worldwide
745.5 W493m Werker, Kim P. Make it mighty ugly: exercises & advice for getting creative even when it ain't pretty
745.54 P1968 . Paper robots: 25 fantastic robots you can build yourself: easy-to-fold, pre-scored designer templates: simply pop out the parts, fold, and glue!: the coolest robot designs
745.92 H212w Harampolis, Alethea. The wreath recipe book: year-round wreaths, swags, and other decorations to make with seasonal branches
746.432 L721c Little, Ashley. Chunky knits: 31 projects for you & your home knit with bulky yarn
746.432 R116k Radcliffe, Margaret. The knowledgeable knitter: understand the inner workings of knitting and make every project a success
746.46 M974q Muska, Michele. Quilting the new classics: 20 inspired quilt projects: traditional to modern designs
747 R396s Richardson, Sarah Sarah style: [an inspiring room-by-room guide to designing your perfect home]
747 W338s Watson, Ted Kennedy. Style & simplicity: an A to Z guide to living a more beautiful life
747.1 H816 . House Beautiful think small: make the most of every square foot.
782.4092 J745c Cooke, John Byrne. On the road with Janis Joplin
784.092 B38d2 Davies, Hunter The Beatles lyrics: the stories behind the music, including the handwritten drafts of more than 100 classic Beatles songs
784.092 L587b Bragg, Rick. Jerry Lee Lewis: his own story
792.8 C79AAl Copeland, Misty. Life in motion: an unlikely ballerina
796.015 M132f McClusky, Mark. Faster, higher, stronger: how sports science is creating a new generation of superathletes, and what we can learn from them
796.0196 Sh86f Shriver, Timothy. Fully alive: discovering what matters most
796.334 G138s Gallucci, John. Soccer injury prevention and treatment: a guide to optimal performance for players, parents and coaches
796.334 M615a Miller, Jay Attacking soccer
796.4 H719s Holland, Tom Swim, bike, run-- eat: the complete guide to fueling your triathlon
796.42 W383o Webb, Margaret. Older, faster, stronger: what women runners can teach us all about living younger, longer
796.522 M564r Messner, Reinhold Reinhold Messner: my life at the limit
797.124 Sl25s Sleight, Steve. Sailing essentials: [all you need to know when you are at sea]
808.02 D451a DeSalvo, Louise A. The art of slow writing: reflections on time, craft, and creativity
808.86 L5692 . Letters of note: an eclectic collection of correspondence deserving of a wider audience
811.3 W596la Whitman, Walt Leaves of grass and selected poems and prose
811.54 W714o Wiman, Christian Once in the West
818.54 Or66b O'Rourke, P. J. The baby boom: how it got that way and it wasn't my fault and I'll never do it again
821.914 B637w Boland, Eavan. A woman without a country: poems
824.914 B51m Binchy, Maeve. Maeve's times: in her own words
839.6 Sn58zB Brown, Nancy Marie. Song of the Vikings: Snorri and the making of the Norse myths
854.914 C139c Calvino, Italo. Collection of sand: essays
910.4 B275s Barrett, Martha Barron Slow travel: two women of a certain age-- and modest means-- leave home: a travel memoir
914.96 T398d Thorpe, Nick. The Danube: a journey upriver from the Black Sea to the Black Forest
917.7 N42 2013 . The New York Times 36 hours USA & Canada: Midwest and Great Lakes
919.611 Os13r 2014 Osborn, Ian The Rough Guide to Fiji
919.8 As63as Aspen, Jean. Arctic son: fulfilling the dream
921 B6305AAe Boast, Will. Epilogue: a memoir
921 B9626bu Bush, George W. 41: a portrait of my father
921 C584AAs Cleese, John. So anyway...
921 C591kat Katz, Harry L. Mark Twain's America: a celebration in words and images
921 Is1d Downey, Kirstin. Isabella: the warrior queen
921 J1385g Gwynne, S. C. Rebel yell: the violence, passion, and redemption of Stonewall Jackson
921 L1313a Auricchio, Laura. The marquis: Lafayette reconsidered
921 L325b Booth, James Philip Larkin: life, art and love
921 M1252m McCandless, Carine. The wild truth
921 M521AAd Mencken, H. L. The days trilogy
921 M548g Garcia-Lapuerta, Alina. La Belle Creole: the Cuban countess who captivated Havana, Madrid, and Paris
921 N1625r Roberts, Andrew Napoleon: a life
921 R5922s Smith, Richard Norton On his own terms: a life of Nelson Rockefeller
921 Sch31s Secrest, Meryle. Elsa Schiaparelli: a biography
921 V581AAs Verant, Samantha. Seven letters from Paris: a memoir
921 V666wi Wilson, A. N. Victoria: a life
921 W3675el Eliot, Marc. American titan: searching for John Wayne
921 W726AAw Winfrey, Oprah. What I know for sure
932.014 C783w Cooney, Kara. The woman who would be king: [Hatshepsut's rise to power in Ancient Egypt]
940.44 H998u Hynes, Samuel The unsubstantial air: American fliers in the First World War
951.93 K561w Kim, Suki Without you, there is no us: my time with the sons of North Korea's elite
956.7 Ar29f Ardolino, Bill. Fallujah awakens: Marines, sheikhs, and the battle against al Qaeda
958.1047 W52o West, Francis J. One million steps: a marine platoon at war
960 M541f Meredith, Martin. The fortunes of Africa: a 5000-year history of wealth, greed, and endeavour
973.714 B758l Brewster, Todd. Lincoln's gamble: the tumultuous six months that gave America the Emancipation Proclamation and changed the course of the Civil War
973.92 L617n Lichtblau, Eric. The Nazis next door: how America became a safe haven for Hitler's men
973.931 R492p Risen, James. Pay any price: greed, power, and endless war
973.932 M831p Morris, Dick. Power grab: Obama's dangerous plan for a one party nation
975.3 D559e Dickey, Jeff. Empire of mud: the secret history of Washington, DC
975.5295 P788s Poole, Robert M. Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery: where war comes home
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