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New Nonfiction - October 2015

These titles were added in September

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Call Number Author Title
002.075 Ab83h Abramsky, Sasha. The house of twenty thousand books
004.693 M616m Miller, Michael My Facebook for seniors
025.524 M315o Mann, Thomas The Oxford guide to library research
027.009 M462 . The meaning of the library: a cultural history
100 G987w Gutting, Gary. What philosophy can do
149 W158d Walsh, Michael The devil's pleasure palace: the cult of critical theory and the subversion of the West
153.35 G373c Gilbert, Elizabeth Big magic: creative living beyond fear
153.4 N631m Nisbett, Richard E. Mindware: tools for smart thinking
155.24 G455d Gladwell, Malcolm David and Goliath: underdogs, misfits, and the art of battling giants
155.935 R292u Rendon, Jim. Upside: the new science of post-traumatic growth
158.2 B466t Bettencourt, Megan Feldman. Triumph of the heart: forgiveness in an unforgiving world
170 Og44i Ogien, Ruwen. Human kindness and the smell of warm croissants: an introduction to ethics
171.8 M119d MacAskill, William Doing good better: effective altruism and how you can make a difference
179.9 K141g Kaplan, Janice. The gratitude diaries: how a year looking on the bright side can transform your life
190 R311j Rescher, Nicholas. A journey through philosophy in 101 anecdotes
248.4 F877s Freeman, Emily P. Simply Tuesday: small-moment living in a fast-moving world
248.843 L329y Larson, Susie Your sacred yes: trading life-draining obligation for freedom, passion, and joy
261 M577w Meynell, Mark. A wilderness of mirrors: trusting again in a cynical world
294.344 N163b Napthali, Sarah Buddhism for couples: a calm approach to relationships
294.344 P688s Piver, Susan Start here now: an open-hearted guide to the path and practice of meditation
294.344 St84b Stribling, Gerry. Buddhism for dudes: a jarhead's field guide to mindfulness
294.3927 Y14z Yamada, Koun Zen: the authentic gate
297.1977 K745w Knight, Michael Muhammad. Why I am a Salafi
303.484 B762r Brick, Howard Radicals in America: the U.S. Left since the Second World War
304.2 H215h Harcourt, A. H. Humankind: how biology and geography shape human diversity
305.4 L648d Link, Mardi. The Drummond girls: a story of fierce friendship beyond time and chance
305.42 B91b Burge, Kimberly. The born frees: writing with the girls of Gugulethu
305.896 J358n Jefferson, Margo Negroland: a memoir
306.736 L413t Law, Susan C. Through the keyhole: sex, scandal and the secret life of the country house
306.742 M793p Moran, Rachel. Paid for: my journey through prostitution
306.766 B452n Berg, Ryan No house to call my home: love, family, and other transgressions
306.81 G117n Gadoua, Susan Pease. The new I "do": reshaping marriage for skeptics, realists, and rebels
306.81 M349 . The marriage book
306.8742 St14o Stahl, Jerry. OG dad: weird shit happens when you don't die young
323.445 W64 . The WikiLeaks files: the world according to US empire
323.448 B625s Blue, Violet. The smart girl's guide to privacy: practical tips for staying safe online
327.12 G869n Grey, Stephen The new spymasters: inside the modern world of espionage from the Cold War to global terror
330.122 L825d . Disaster capitalism: making a killing out of catastrophe
339.22 P637e Piketty, Thomas The economics of inequality
339.46 Ed42t Edin, Kathryn J. $2.00 a day: living on almost nothing in America
342.087 B841d Bryant, Jonathan M. Dark places of the earth: the voyage of the slave ship Antelope
345.05 B454c 2015 Bergman, Paul The criminal law handbook: know your rights, survive the system
346.052 C612e 2015 Clifford, Denis. Estate planning basics
347.7326 H617s Hirshman, Linda R. Sisters in law: how Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg went to the Supreme Court and changed the world
355.7 V75b Vine, David Base nation: how U.S. military bases abroad harm America and the world
361.7 L974c Lupton, Robert D. Charity detox: what charity would look like if we cared about results
362.12 T371t Thompson-Bode, Mary. Timeless vision: the Duluth Clinic: 100 years 1915-2015
362.175 Sch16a Schaper, Donna. Approaching the end of life: a practical and spiritual guide
362.196994 G275c Geiger, Chris The cancer survivors club: a collection of inspirational and uplifting survival stories
362.29 D137l Dahl, Linda. Loving our addicted daughters back to life: a guidebook for parents
363.12465 M178f McGregor, Kevin A. Flight of gold: two pilots' true adventure discovering Alaska's legendary gold wreck
363.25 M142f McDermid, Val. Forensics: what bugs, burns, prints, DNA, and more tell us about crime
363.7387 J136w Jackson, M. While glaciers slept: being human in a time of climate change
364.1523 B971v Butcher, Amy Visiting hours: a memoir of friendship and murder
364.162 H552l Hill, Henry The Lufthansa heist: behind the six-million-dollar cash haul that shook the world
364.66 G139o Galvin, Anthony. Old sparky: the electric chair and the history of the death penalty
392.36 F613m Flanders, Judith. The making of home: the 500-year story of how our houses became our homes
515 C166p Cantarella, Cara. Peterson's egghead's guide to calculus
551.49 F632v Fletcher, Angela. The value of nature's benefits in the St. Louis River watershed
574.192 M161l McFadden, Johnjoe. Life on the edge: the coming of age of quantum biology
575.7 K831s Kolbert, Elizabeth. The sixth extinction: an unnatural history
581.632 R72m Rose, Lisa M. Midwest foraging: 115 wild and flavorful edibles from burdock to wild peach
598.072 Sw51b Swick, Nate. Birding for the curious: the easiest way for anyone to explore the incredible world of birds
610.92 T916b Tweedy, Damon. Black man in a white coat: a doctor's reflections on race and medicine
612.3 C477m Chutkan, Robynne. The microbiome solution: a radical new way to heal your body from the inside out
612.82 Em67s Emmons, Henry. Staying sharp: 9 keys for a youthful brain through modern science and ageless wisdom
613.2 B263h Barnes-Svarney, Patricia L. The handy nutrition answer book
614.57 B735c Brantly, Kent. Called for life: how loving our neighbor led us into the heart of the ebola epidemic
616.692 M454 . Mayo Clinic guide to fertility and conception
616.8 An14m Ananthaswamy, Anil. The man who wasn't there: investigations into the strange new science of the self
616.833 P175b Palfreman, Jon. Brain storms: the race to unlock the mysteries of Parkinson's disease
616.8582 M199p MacKenzie, Jackson. Psychopath free: recovering from emotionally abusive relationships with narcissists, sociopaths, and other toxic people
616.86 L587b Lewis, Marc D. The biology of desire: why addiction is not a disease
616.89 Sch95i Schwartz, Casey. In the mind fields: exploring the new science of neuropsychoanalysis
616.89 Un22 . Understanding mental disorders: your guide to DSM-5
616.9792 H641 . HIV essentials
616.9792 Q256c Quammen, David The chimp and the river: how AIDS emerged from an African forest
616.994 T854r Turner, Kelly A. Radical remission: surviving cancer against all odds
617.522 B727t Bradford, Jason S. TMJ no more: the complete guide to TMJ causes, symptoms, & treatments, plus a holistic system to relieve TMJ pain naturally and permanently
618.92898 Si32n Silberman, Steve. Neurotribes: the legacy of autism and the future of neurodiversity
620 M264a Madhavan, Guruprasad. Applied minds: how engineers think
629.227 C754m Condon, Ken. Motorcycling the right way: do this, not that: lessons from behind the handlebars
629.2293 F441c Fialka, John J. Car wars: the rise, the fall, and the resurgence of the electric car
629.287 M365h Martin, Tracy How to use automotive diagnostic scanners
631.542 B532h Bird, Richard. How to prune trees, shrubs & climbers: a gardener's guide to cutting, trimming and training, with over 650 photographs and illustrations, and practical, easy-to-follow advice
631.58 H372p Hemenway, Toby The permaculture city: regenerative design for urban, suburban, and town resilience
631.58 Or48b Orion, Tao Beyond the war on invasive species: a permaculture approach to ecosystem restoration
635.965 M365i Martin, Tovah. The indestructible houseplant: 200 beautiful plants that everyone can grow
636.0831 L351o LaTour, Randy 101 different ways to build homes and pens for your animals: a complete step-by-step guide
636.76 Se95s Seymour, Alex. Shih Tzu dogs: the complete owner's guide from puppy to old age: buying, caring for, grooming, health, training and understanding your Shih Tzu dog
639.41 B75o Brennan, Summer. The oyster war: the true story of a small farm, big politics, and the future of wilderness in America
641.302 C425b Chesman, Andrea. The backyard homestead guide to kitchen know-how: field-to-table cooking skills
641.5636 C152p Campbell, Kim. The PlantPure Nation cookbook: the official companion cookbook to the breakthrough film...with over 150 plant-based recipes
641.5636 C738 . The complete vegetarian cookbook: a fresh guide to eating well with 700 foolproof recipes
641.5636 M429n Mattern, Mary. Nom yourself: simple vegan cooking
641.5638 C265o Castaneda, Jenny. One-pot paleo: simple to make, delicious to eat and gluten-free to boot
641.568 G3662 . Gifts from the kitchen: [more than 150 treats to make & share]
641.59 Sw24n Swanson, Heidi Near & far: recipes inspired by home and travels
641.64 D715a Donatelle, Joan. Astonishing apples
641.66 F523a Fischer, Jens. The art of the burger: more than 50 recipes to elevate America's favorite meal to perfection
641.812 St49ma Stewart, Martha. Martha Stewart's appetizers: 200 recipes for dips, spreads, snacks, small plates, and other delicious hors d'oeuvres, plus 30 cocktails.
647.95 P382s Pennette, Jody. Starting & running a restaurant
648.9 B468e Bewsey, Susan. Estate downsizing for caregivers: transitioning from a home to an apartment or care facility
649.7 R292r Rende, Richard. Raising can-do kids: giving children the tools to thrive in a fast-changing world
650.1 El76h Elsdon, Ron How to build a nontraditional career path: embracing economic disruption
658.314 Sch95w Schwartz, Barry Why we work
658.4 D28y Davidds, Yasmin. Your own terms: a woman's guide to taking charge of any negotiation
660.65 Oc57r O'Connor, M. R. Resurrection science: conservation, de-extinction and the precarious future of wild things
728.37 D563m Diedricksen, Derek. Microshelters: 59 creative cabins, tiny houses, tree houses, and other small structures
741.2 J632h Johnson, Gillian How to draw everything
741.2 M233j McNeill, Suzanne. Joy of Zentangle: drawing your way to increased creativity, focus, and well-being
745.61 D68m Doh, Jenny. More creative lettering: techniques & tips from top artists
746.432 On23 . One-skein wonders for babies
746.432 Y84b Young, Celeste. Baby & me knits: 20 timeless knitted designs for baby & mom
746.92 An486f Angus, Emily. The fashion encyclopedia: a visual resource for terms, techniques, and styles
746.92 Od22t Odell, Amy Tales from the back row: an outsider's view from inside the fashion industry
747.797 F456m Field-Lewis, Jane. My cool kitchen: a style guide to unique and inspirational kitchens
751.422 F928w Frontz, Leslie. The watercolor course you've always wanted: guided lessons for beginners and experienced artists
778.3 D569 . Digital photography complete course: [learn everything you need to know in 20 weeks]
778.99392 P419h Perkins, Michelle. How to photograph weddings
782.4092 Al42d De Sola, David. Alice in Chains: the untold story
784.092 D992wa Wald, Elijah. Dylan goes electric!: Newport, Seeger, Dylan, and the night that split the sixties
784.092 St28s Starr, Michael Ringo: with a little help
796.332 G235b Gaul, Gilbert M. Billion-dollar ball: a journey through the big-money culture of college football
796.334 Sz93m Szymanski, Stefan Money and soccer: a soccernomics guide
796.357 W565i Wheeler, Lonnie. Intangiball: the subtle things that win baseball games
796.815 R298m Rousey, Ronda. My fight/your fight
808.02 M782d Moore, Dinty W. Dear mister essay writer guy: advice and confessions on writing, love, and cannibals
808.06692 K148a Karr, Mary. The art of memoir
810.9 Eb96s Eby, Margaret. South toward home: travels in Southern literature
811.54 F898p Freydberg, Margaret Howe. Poems from the pond: 107 years of words and wisdom, the writings of Peggy Freydberg
811.54 St45wh Sterle, Francine. What thread?
811.6 P599b Piepzna-Samarasinha, Leah Lakshmi Bodymap: poems
813.52 H375zWh Wheeler, Robert. Hemingway's Paris: a writer's city in words and images
814.6 D627br Dirda, Michael. Browsings: a year of reading, collecting, and living with books
817.6 L445f Lawson, Jenny Furiously happy: a funny book about horrible things
818 J13l Jackson, Shirley Let me tell you: new stories, essays, and other writings
823.912 C463zHar Harkup, Kathryn. A is for arsenic: the poisons of Agatha Christie
914.531 M815v Morelli, Laura Venice: a travel guide to Murano glass, carnival masks, gondolas, lace, paper & more
917.304 M126r McCarron, Leon. The road headed west: a 6,000-mile cycling odyssey through North America
917.41 C463m Christie, John Maine outdoor adventure guide
917.758 R328s Revolinski, Kevin. 60 hikes within 60 miles, Madison: includes Dane and surrounding counties
921 B4128AAw Bell, Gertrude Lowthian A woman in Arabia: the writings of the Queen of the Desert
921 B4362n Newkirk, Pamela. Spectacle: the astonishing life of Ota Benga
921 C19442AAc Carlin, Kelly A Carlin home companion: growing up with George
921 F8471c Collins, Michael Pope Francis: a photographic portrait of the People's Pope
921 Ic22g Gifford, Justin Street poison: the biography of Iceberg Slim
921 M12876AAp McCaskill, Claire. Plenty ladylike: a memoir
921 N373AAh Ness, Don. Hillsider: snapshots of a curious political journey
921 P1945AAs Pankhurst, Emmeline Suffragette: my own story
921 P44255AAd Peterson, Joel L. A. Dreams of my mothers: a story of love transcendent
921 Sm55AAd Smith, Earl A. Death row chaplain: unbelievable true stories from America's most notorious prison
921 St27r Ryan, Craig Sonic wind: the story of John Paul Stapp and how a renegade doctor became the fastest man on Earth
929.2 B388d Beck, Jane C. Daisy Turner's kin: an African American family saga
940.5318 G113g Gabis, Rita, A guest at the shooters' banquet: my grandfather's SS past, my Jewish family, a search for the truth
940.5318 Si54u Simon, Marie Underground in Berlin: a young woman's extraordinary tale of survival in the heart of Nazi Germany
940.5472 F347z Felton, Mark Zero night: the untold story of World War Two's greatest escape
942.01 H535u Higgins, Charlotte Under another sky: journeys in Roman Britain
956.9405 B627f Blumenthal, Max The 51 day war: ruin and resistance in Gaza
956.9405 Om14t O'Malley, Padraig. The two-state delusion: Israel and Palestine: a tale of two narratives
970.5 N79s Norrgard, Chantal. Seasons of change: labor, treaty rights, and Ojibwe nationhood
972.9106 R158h Randall, Margaret, Haydee Santamaria, Cuban revolutionary: she led by transgression
973.0495 L511m Lee, Erika. The making of Asian America: a history
973.3 Am357 . American revolution: writings from the pamphlet debate [1764 - 1776]
973.3 D956i DuVal, Kathleen. Independence lost: lives on the edge of the American Revolution
976.431 In89 . Invisible in Austin: life and labor in an American city
977.434 M325o Maraniss, David. Once in a great city: a Detroit story
981.53 B232d Barbassa, Juliana. Dancing with the devil in the City of God: Rio de Janeiro on the brink
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