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New Nonfiction - April 2014

These titles were added in March

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Call Number Author Title
004.693 B692i Boyd, Danah It's complicated: the social lives of networked teens
004.693 L191t Lamont, Ian. Twitter in 30 minutes: how to connect with interesting people, write great tweets, and find information that's relevant to you
070.5092 B623AAr Bloom, Patience. Romance is my day job: a memoir of finding love at last
070.92 P835l Lucht, Tracy. Sylvia Porter: America's original personal finance columnist
128 Ei84m Eisenstein, Charles The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible
133.2548 H143e Hall, Judy The encyclopedia of crystals
133.9013 Su22a Sudman, Natalie. The application of impossible things: my near death experience in Iraq
133.9013 T797r Tucker, Jim B. Return to life: extraordinary cases of children who remember past lives
153 H939s Hurley, Dan Smarter: the new science of building brain power
153.35 B815d Brown, Sunni. The doodle revolution: unlock the power to think differently
155.232 P268s Pastor, Joan. Success as an introvert for dummies
155.418 B623j Bloom, Paul Just babies: the origins of good and evil
158.1 C119i Cahn, Lu Ann. I dare me: how I rebooted and recharged my life by doing something new every day
158.1 D988i Dyer, Wayne W. I can see clearly now
158.3 St89a Strozzi-Heckler, Richard. The art of somatic coaching: embodying skillful action, wisdom, and compassion
177.7 B643i Bonner, Barbara Inspiring generosity
184 G578p Goldstein, Rebecca Plato at the Googleplex: why philosophy won't go away
188 Se56zR Romm, James S. Dying every day: Seneca at the court of Nero
234.5 F46f Fields, Leslie Leyland Forgiving our fathers and mothers: finding freedom from hurt and hate
248.482 H911l Hunt, Allen R. Life's greatest lesson: what I have learned from the happiest people I know
261.873 Ev14 . Evangelical peacemakers: Gospel engagement in a war-torn world
264.02 C816d Cornwell, John The dark box: a secret history of confession
282 K962c Kung, Hans Can we save the Catholic Church?
294.5436 H439p Hersey, Baird. The practice of nada yoga: meditation on the inner sacred sound
296.76 Sh55b Sherman, Charles S. The broken and the whole: discovering joy after heartbreak: lessons from a life of faith
302 Su74c Sunstein, Cass R. Conspiracy theories & other dangerous ideas
302.23 D352n De Botton, Alain The news: a user's manual
303.483 B846s Brynjolfsson, Erik. The second machine age: work, progress, and prosperity in a time of brilliant technologies
303.49 W556 . What should we be worried about?: real scenarios that keep scientists up at night
305.8924 An87 . Anti-semitism: [opposing viewpoints]
305.896 M833b Morris, Monique W. Black stats: African Americans by the numbers in the twenty-first century
306.362 D291p Davis, David Brion. The problem of slavery in the age of emancipation
306.362 G764e Grandin, Greg The empire of necessity: slavery, freedom, and deception in the New World
306.7 T181s Tashiro, Ty. The science of happily ever after: what really matters in the quest for enduring love
306.874 M834h Morris, Virginia. How to care for aging parents: a one-stop resource for all your medical, financial, housing, and emotional issues
306.874 Se57a Senior, Jennifer. All joy and no fun: the paradox of modern parenthood
306.9 P931m Price, Steven D. More than sympathy: essential advice on funerals, money, family, and grief after the death of a loved one
320.9753 L531t Leibovich, Mark. This town: two parties and a funeral-- plus, plenty of valet parking!-- in America's gilded capital
323.1196 H193d Haney-Lopez, Ian. Dog whistle politics: how coded racial appeals have reinvented racism and wrecked the middle class
327.12 R529c Rizzo, John Anthony Company man: thirty years of controversy and crisis in the CIA
327.73 J898g Judis, John B. Genesis: Truman, American Jews, and the origins of the Arab/Israeli conflict
332.6 M127s McCarthy, Tim The safe investor: how to make your money grow in a volatile global economy
332.6324 Sm61m Smith, Kimberly. Making money with rental properties
333.338 R543f Roberts, Ralph R. Flipping houses for dummies
333.823 P951h Prud'homme, Alex. Hydrofracking: what everyone needs to know
335.5 K422s Kenworthy, Lane. Social democratic America
338.47641 D656n Dobrow, Joe. Natural prophets: from health foods to whole foods: how the pioneers of the industry changed the way we eat and reshaped American business
338.47664 L552m Leonard, Christopher The meat racket: the secret takeover of America's food business
341.69 T666m Townsend, Tim. Mission at Nuremberg: an American army chaplain and the trial of the Nazis
344.0226 M432s 2014 Matthews, Joseph L. Social Security, Medicare & government pensions: get the most out of your retirement & medical benefits
346.0482 C796 . Copyright infringement: [opposing viewpoints]
355.00952 M311s Man, John Samurai: the last warrior: a history
362.175 Sm56c Smith, Fran. Changing the way we die: compassionate end-of-life care and the hospice movement
362.1783 K86f Kramer, Wendy Finding our families: a first-of-its-kind book for donor-conceived people and their families
362.29 D663s Dodes, Lance M. The sober truth: debunking the bad science behind 12-step programs and the rehab industry
362.733 D363f DeGarmo, John The foster parenting manual: a practical guide to creating a loving, safe, and stable home
362.733 G463a Glass, Cathy. Another forgotten child: too late to help?: a shocking true story of abuse and neglect
362.734 B675w Bowen, Jenny. Wish you happy forever: what China's orphans taught me about moving mountains
362.76 Sp46p Spinelli, Frank. Pee-shy
362.86 W556 2014 . What every veteran should know.
363.179 L787f Lochbaum, David A. Fukushima: the story of a nuclear disaster
363.2 N373p Perry, Douglas Eliot Ness: the rise and fall of an American hero
364.106 L292d Lansky, Sandra Daughter of the king
364.1092 W442b Burch, Jack Ghost burglar: the true story of Bernard Welch Jr. master thief, ruthless con man, and cold-blooded killer
364.1323 R833b Ruderman, Wendy. Busted: a tale of corruption and betrayal in the city of brotherly love
364.152 St29i Stauth, Cameron. In the name of God: the true story of the fight to save children from faith-healing homicide
364.1523 P367k Pelonero, Catherine. Kitty Genovese: a true account of a public murder and its private consequences
387.155 C612w Clifford, Mary Louise. Women who kept the lights: an illustrated history of female lighthouse keepers
388.428 M855r Most, Doug. The race underground: Boston, New York, and the incredible rivalry that built America's first subway
391.6 Ab33t Abdoyan, Brenda. Teach yourself henna tattoo: making Mehndi art with easy-to-follow instructions, patterns, and projects
392.5 Eg13h 2014 Egan, Christine. How to have the wedding you want: (not the one everybody else wants you to have)
513.14 Z29b 2014 Zegarelli, Mark. Basic math & pre-algebra for dummies
516.24 St45t 2014 Sterling, Mary Jane. Trigonometry for dummies
520 Sa18c Sagan, Carl Cosmos
530.11 B439w Bennett, Jeffrey O. What is relativity?: an intuitive introduction to Einstein's ideas, and why they matter
530.11 F413p Ferreira, Pedro G. The perfect theory: a century of geniuses and the battle over general relativity
551.22 D959e Dvorak, John Earthquake storms: the fascinating history and volatile future of the San Andreas Fault
581 K154g Kassinger, Ruth A garden of marvels: how we discovered that flowers have sex, leaves eat air, and other secrets of plants
581 W154p Walker, Timothy Plant conservation: why it matters and how it works
591 C257n 2013 Carwardine, Mark. Natural History Museum book of animal records
595.7 W171i Walters, Martin. An illustrated directory of the insects of the world: a visual reference guide to 650 arthropods, including all the common species such as beetles, spiders, crickets, butterflies, moths, grasshoppers and flies
612.82 K123f Kaku, Michio. The future of the mind: the scientific quest to understand, enhance, and empower the mind
613.2 Ab83o Abramson, Winnie. One simple change: surprisingly easy ways to transform your life
613.2 R72f Rose, Natalia. Forever beautiful: the age-defying detox plan
613.2 W255d Warren, Richard The Daniel plan: 40 days to a healthier life
613.25 F874d Freedhoff, Yoni. The diet fix: why diets fail and how to make yours work
613.25 F955e Fuhrman, Joel The end of dieting: how to live for life
613.25 L628h Lillien, Lisa. The hungry girl diet: big portions, big results, drop 10 pounds in 4 weeks
613.26 G926b Gruno, Brad. Brad's raw made easy: the fast, delicious way to lose wieght, optimize health, and live mostly in the raw
613.66 M364s Martin, Neal. Self defence tips everyone should know
613.7 B592f Blanchard, Kenneth H. Fit at last: look and feel better once and for all
613.71 H999m Hyson, Sean. The Men's Fitness exercise bible: 101 best workouts to build muscle, burn fat, and sculpt your best body ever!
613.71 K757c Knopf, Karl G. Core strength for 50+: a customized program for safely toning ab, back & oblique muscles
613.78 B684a Bowman, Katy. Alignment matters: the first five years of Katy Says
615.329 M887d Mueller, Julia. Delicious probiotic drinks: 75 recipes for kombucha, kefir, ginger beer, and other naturally fermented drinks
615.36 V591h Vermeulen, Kristy. Happy hormones: discover the breakthrough treatment program for better hormonal health: natural treatment programs for weight loss, pms, menopause, fatigue, and irritability
616.0252 F732e Fong, Kevin Extreme medicine: how exploration transformed medicine in the twentieth century
616.0472 F762n Foreman, Judy. A nation in pain: healing our nation's biggest health problem
616.12 K383h Kennedy, John M. The heart health bible: the five-step plan to prevent and reverse heart disease
616.85232 M223a MacLean, David The answer to the riddle is me: a memoir of amnesia
616.8527 R747d Rottenberg, Jonathan. The depths: the evolutionary origins of the depression epidemic
616.8582 H323m Haycock, Dean A. Murderous minds: exploring the criminal psychopathic brain: neurological imaging and the manifestation of evil
616.8583 D347 . Dear sister: letters from survivors of sexual violence
616.8589 Sa86a Saul, Richard. ADHD does not exist: the truth about attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder
616.86 B468 . Beyond addiction: how science and kindness help people change: a guide for change
616.86 L421r Lawford, Christopher Kennedy Recover to live: kick any habit, manage any addiction
616.99449 J152s Jacobs, Hollye The silver lining: a supportive and insightful guide to breast cancer
616.99449 Si29b Sikka, Madhulika. A breast cancer alphabet
618.11 G83p Greene, Caroline D. Permanently beat PCOS: the complete solution: proven step-by-step polycystic ovarian syndrome guide to improved fertility, weight loss and clear skin through simple diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes
618.4 Sh14d Shainberg, Catherine. Dreambirth: transforming the journey of childbirth through imagery
618.928 B394 . Behavioral disorders: opposing viewpoints
618.92858 M332s Marchenko, Gillian. Sun shine down: a memoir
618.9289 Sh19pa Shannon, Scott M. Parenting the whole child: a holistic child psychiatrist offers practical wisdom on behavior, brain health, nutrition, exercise, family life, peer relationships, school life, trauma, medication, and more
618.92898 D382e Delmolino, Lara. Essential first steps for parents of children with autism: helping the littlest learners
630.1 L829g Logsdon, Gene. Gene everlasting: a contrary farmer's thoughts on living forever
634 D347w Deardorff, David C. What's wrong with my fruit garden?: 100% organic solutions for berries, trees, nuts, vines, and tropicals
635 D54s Diacono, Mark. The speedy vegetable garden
635.049 W158a Walliser, Jessica. Attracting beneficial bugs to your garden: a natural approach to pest control
635.092 Ow3AAw Wall, Carol Mister Owita's guide to gardening: how I learned the unexpected joy of a green thumb and an open heart
635.9 P853s Potter, Jennifer Seven flowers and how they shaped our world
636.085 T215h Taylor-Laino, Barbara. Healthy homemade pet food: 75 whole-food recipes and tasty treats for dogs and cats of all ages
636.70832 An22r Anderegg, Zak. Rescuing Riley, saving myself: a man and his dog's struggle to find salvation
636.7085 W462h Wellock, David G. Health and nutrition for dogs and cats: a guide for pet parents
640 C776 . Cool tools: a catalog of possibilities
640 P364m Pellegrini, Georgia. Modern pioneering: more than 150 recipes, projects, and skills for a self-sufficient life
641.356 B644c Boone, Lauri. Chia: boost stamina, aid weight loss, improve digestion, 75 recipes
641.5 P281t Paul, Clara. 200 skills every cook must have: the step-by-step methods that will turn a good cook into a great cook
641.563 L323e Largeman-Roth, Frances. Eating in color: delicious, healthy recipes for you and your family
641.5635 D36b Deen, Bobby Bobby Deen's everyday eats
641.5636 H367n Heller, Ricki Naturally sweet & gluten-free: allergy-friendly vegan desserts: 100 recipes without gluten, dairy, eggs, or refined sugar
641.5636 L619o Liddon, Angela. The oh she glows cookbook: over 100 vegan recipes to glow from the inside out
641.5636 R548v Robertson, Robin Vegan planet: more than 425 irresistible recipes with fantastic flavors from home and around the world
641.5638 B966s Bussanich, Kyra Sweet cravings: 50 seductive desserts for a gluten-free lifestyle
641.5638 L725p Little, Meghan. Paleo effect: 150 all-natural recipes for a grain-free, dairy-free lifestyle
641.5952 On66js Ono, Tadashi Japanese soul cooking: ramen, tonkatsu, tempura, and more from the streets and kitchens of Tokyo and beyond
641.5973 P871i Power, Teri Snell. Isle Royale families cookbook: a collection of recipes from summer residents 1886-2013
641.59794 T484g Timmermeister, Kurt. Growing a feast: the chronicle of a farm-to-table meal
641.6374 M469s Medrich, Alice. Seriously bitter sweet: the ultimate dessert maker's guide to chocolate
641.76 St81u Strahs, Kathy. The ultimate panini press cookbook: more than 200 perfect-every-time recipes for making panini--and lots of other things--on your panini press or other countertop grill
641.86 B462b Bertinetti, Heather. Bake it, don't fake it!: a pastry chef shares her secrets for impressive (and easy) from-scratch desserts
641.86 C762p Connell, Heather. Paleo sweets & treats: seasonally inspired desserts that let you have your cake and your paleo lifestyle, too
641.865 P476a Pfeiffer, Jacquy. The art of French pastry
641.865 W981g Wyman, Carolyn. The great American chocolate chip cookie book
641.873 Ag63c Agnew, Michael. Craft beer for the homebrewer: recipes from America's top brewmasters
641.875 H814c Houk, Jill. The complete soda making book: from homemade root beer to seltzer and sparklers, 100 recipes to make your own soda
646.34 K848g Kotsiopoulos, George. Glamorous by George: the key to creating movie-star style
648.5 K463m Kerr, Jolie. My boyfriend barfed in my handbag-- and other things you can't ask Martha
649.122 F929j Frost, Jo. Jo Frost's toddler rules: your 5-step guide to shaping proper behavior
649.125 B439d Bennett, Elayne. Daughters in danger: helping our girls thrive in today's culture
649.133 B473r Biddulph, Steve. Raising girls: how to help your daughter grow up happy, healthy, and strong
649.8 L148c Lake, Nell. The caregivers: a support group's stories of slow loss, courage, and love
650.1 St26m Stanzione, Vince. The millionaire dropout: fire your boss, do what you love, reclaim your life!
650.14 Sch27r Schenck, Dwain. Reset: how to beat the job loss blues and get ready for your next act
658.4092 M367f Marturano, Janice. Finding the space to lead: a practical guide to mindful leadership
658.456 P182t Palmer, Alan Talk lean: shorter meetings, quicker results, better relations
658.84 Es49m Eslinger, Tom. Mobile magic: the Saatchi & Saatchi guide to mobile marketing and design
658.84 L579t Levy, Scott. Tweet naked: a bare-all social media strategy for boosting your brand and your business
658.84 V976e Vulich, Nick. eBay 2014: why you're not selling anything on eBay, and what you can do about it
690.87 H83 . How to build cabins, lodges and bungalows: complete manual of constructing, decorating, and furnishing homes for recreation or profit
717 G93h Guagliumi, Susan Handmade for the garden: 75 ingenious ways to enhance your outdoor space with DIY tools, pots, supports, embellishments, and more
728.37 R782c Rowan, Gerald. Compact houses: 50 creative floor plans for efficient, well-designed small homes
736.982 St76f Stovall, Jill. Fabrigami: the origami art of folding cloth to create beautiful craft objects
739.27 R186s Ratcliffe, Spurgeon Vaughn. Steampunk jewelry
745.5068 J337h Jayne, Torie. How to show & sell your crafts: how to build your craft business at home, online, and in the marketplace
745.51 Ir44p Irish, Lora S. Pyrography basics: techniques and exercises for beginners
745.5941 D68s Doh, Jenny. Stylish weddings: 50 simple ideas to make from top designers
745.5941 H554r Hill, Morgann. Rustic chic wedding: 55 projects for crafting your own wedding style
746.432 Ed58w Edmonds, Marion. When bad things happen to good knitters: revised, expanded, and updated survival guide for every knitting emergency
746.432 M614o Miller, Genevieve Once upon a knit: 28 Grimm and glamorous fairy-tale projects
746.46 M451q May, Rachel Quilting with a modern slant: people, patterns, and techniques inspiring the modern quilt community
781.573 K835o Komara, Edward M. 100 books every blues fan should own
782.4092 Al568p Paul, Alan One way out: the inside history of the Allman Brothers Band
782.4092 C6606b Cohen, Leonard Leonard Cohen on Leonard Cohen: interviews and encounters
782.4092 K54s Kidjo, Angelique Spirit rising: my life, my music
784.092 B38row . The Beatles are here!: 50 years after the band arrived in America, writers and other fans remember
785.067 N555c Niemisto, Paul. Cornets & pickaxes: Finnish brass on the Iron Range
791.43028 W125y Wagner, Robert You must remember this: life and style in Hollywood's golden age
791.4372 F939s Solomon, Charles The art of Frozen
791.45 Au75s Austerlitz, Saul. Sitcom: a history in 24 episodes from I love Lucy to Community
796.043 B388c Beck, Stan College sports traditions: picking up butch, silent night, and hundreds of others
796.323 J137r Richmond, Peter Phil Jackson: lord of the rings
796.42 G721r Goucher, Adam Running the edge: discover the secrets to better running and a better life
796.62 Ar47m Macur, Juliet. Cycle of lies: the fall of Lance Armstrong
808.51 G137t Gallo, Carmine. Talk like TED: the 9 public speaking secrets of the world's top minds
808.51 W974e Wyeth, Sims. The essentials of persuasive public speaking
811.6 B937s Burns, Cullen Bailey. Slip: [poems]
811.6 P281m Paul, Kate Ingrid. Memoirs from down in the boondocks: a spiritual journey through poem and short story
811.6 Si42f Simar, Candace. Farm girls: reflections and impressions
814.6 R272f Reid, Catherine Falling into place: an intimate geography of home
817.6 H192u Handler, Chelsea. Uganda be kidding me
818.54 B279y Barry, Dave. You can date boys when you're forty: Dave Barry on parenting and other topics he knows very little about
821.912 P752 . Poetry of the First World War: an anthology
823.912 P851zM McDowell, Marta. Beatrix Potter's gardening life: the plants and places that inspired the classic children's tales
910.202 El58h Elliott, Christopher How to be the world's smartest traveler (and save time, money, and hassle)
910.202 W574 . Where the locals go: more than 300 places around the world to eat, play, shop, celebrate, and relax
914.9587 B235f Barclay, Jennifer. Falling in honey: how a tiny greek island stole my heart
915.17 D684m Doig, Tom. Moron to Moron: two men, two bikes, one Mongolian misadventure
917.763 M146w McDonnell, Timothy The whole forest for a backyard: a Gunflint Trail wilderness memoir
917.763 St87f Strom, Gerald. Following the Voyageurs: a first Boundary Waters expedition
917.86 M451m May, Molly Caro. The map of enough: one woman's search for place
921 Aa77AAt Aas, Martha Andrea. Threads of hope: caring for babies across three continents
921 Ai52s Sherman, Gabriel. The loudest voice in the room: how the brilliant, bombastic Roger Ailes built Fox News-- and divided a country
921 B945m Miles, Barry Call me Burroughs: a life
921 C8178AAg Corrigan, Kelly Glitter and glue: a memoir
921 C91c Cheever, Susan. E. E. Cummings: a life
921 F7495AAm Ford, Ford Madox Memories of a Pre-raphaelite youth: selections from the memoirs and autobiographical writings
921 F755d Doolittle, Robyn. Crazy town: the Rob Ford story
921 H147AAh Hall, Shyima. Hidden girl: the true story of a modern-day child slave
921 H3669f Formo, Philip J. Papa: a life remembered: a fictionalized memoir
921 M2655c Chadwick, Bruce. James & Dolley Madison: America's first power couple
921 M717AAr Mock, Janet Redefining realness: my path to womanhood, identity, love & so much more
921 N523e Eliot, Marc. Nicholson: a biography
921 P237t Theoharis, Jeanne. The rebellious life of Mrs. Rosa Parks
921 Se772b Barthel, Joan American saint: the life of Elizabeth Seton
921 Sh236l Landau, David. Arik: the life of Ariel Sharon
921 T391si Sims, Michael The adventures of Henry Thoreau: a young man's unlikely path to Walden Pond
921 W12564s Sturdevant, Lori Her honor: Rosalie Wahl and the Minnesota women's movement
940.487 B625d Blum, Howard. Dark invasion: 1915: Germany's secret war and the hunt for the first terrorist cell in America
940.5318 L619c Lidegaard, Bo Countrymen
940.5421 C114m Caddick-Adams, Peter Monte Cassino: ten armies in Hell
940.5486 J156o Jacobsen, Annie. Operation Paperclip: the secret intelligence program that brought Nazi scientists to America
941.5081 C77f Coogan, Tim Pat The famine plot: England's role in Ireland's greatest tragedy
947.086 F323r Feifer, Gregory Russians: the people behind the power
947.98 R193e Rausing, Sigrid. Everything is wonderful: memories of a collective farm in Estonia
949.703 T711b Trebincevic, Kenan The Bosnia list: a memoir of war, exile, and return
951 K462s Kerr, Gordon. A short history of China: from ancient dynasties to economic powerhouse
956.054 D542 . Diaries of an unfinished revolution: voices from Tunis to Damascus
956.7 W152c Walker, Johnny Code name: Johnny Walker: the extraordinary story of the Iraqi who risked everything to fight with the U.S. Navy SEALs
959.604 C889m Cruvellier, T. The master of confessions: the making of a Khmer Rouge torturer
972.94 L131w Laferriere, Dany. The world is moving around me: a memoir of the Haiti earthquake
973 B388m Beck, Glenn. Miracles and massacres: true and untold stories of the making of America
973.0468 F391o Fernandez-Armesto, Felipe. Our America: a Hispanic history of the United States
973.0496 D624s Diouf, Sylviane A. Slavery's exiles: the story of the American Maroons
973.7092 Z374l Zeitz, Joshua. Lincoln's boys: John Hay, John Nicolay, and the war for Lincoln's image
977.6 K395n Kenney, Dave Northern lights: the stories of Minnesota's past
977.604 L972d Lundborg, Paul. Death of a dream:/ one family's experience of the 1862 US/Dakota War
977.635 F319z Fedo, Michael W. Zenith City: stories from Duluth
978.02 St28a Stark, Peter Astoria: John Jacob Astor and Thomas Jefferson's lost Pacific empire: a story of wealth, ambition, and survival
978.752 W619d Whittlesey, Lee H. Death in Yellowstone: accidents and foolhardiness in the first national park
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