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New Nonfiction - July 2014

These titles were added in June

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New Nonfiction
Call Number Author Title
004.693 H675i Hofmann, Janell Burley. iRules: what every tech-healthy family needs to know about selfies, sexting, gaming, and growing up
005.133 Sa56h Sande, Warren. Hello world!: computer programming for kids and other beginners
128.4 G911p Gros, Frederic A philosophy of walking
152.1 L783s Lobel, Thalma. Sensation: the new science of physical intelligence
152.41 M459a McLaren, Karla. The art of empathy: a complete guide to life's most essential skill
152.41 Os26l O'Shea, Samara. Loves me... not: how to survive (and thrive!) in the face of unrequited love
153.83 M199e McKeown, Greg Essentialism: the disciplined pursuit of less
153.83 P865r Poundstone, William. Rock breaks scissors: a practical guide to outguessing and outwitting almost everybody
155.93 Sa87y Sausys, Antonio. Yoga for grief relief: simple practices for transforming your grieving mind & body
155.937 Sm79f Smolowe, Jill. Four funerals and a wedding: resilience in a time of grief
158 M451h Maxwell, John C. How successful people grow: 15 ways to get ahead in life
158.1 It11 . It ain't over-- till it's over: reinventing your life-- and realizing your dreams-- anytime, at any age
158.1 L988l Lyle, Lesley. Laugh your way to happiness: use the science of laughter for total well-being
158.1 M178l McGraw, Phillip C. Life code: the new rules for winning in the real world
158.7 Sch81o Schulte, Brigid Overwhelmed: work, love, and play when no one has the time
200.973 R118 . Radiant truths: essential dispatches, reports, confessions, & other essays on American belief
220.1 Sa83h Satlow, Michael L. How the Bible became holy
220.61 H18m Hamilton, Adam Making sense of the Bible: rediscovering the power of scripture today
220.61 P935h Prince, Jennifer Rebecca. The handy Bible answer book: understanding the world's all-time bestseller
232.908 Eh89h Ehrman, Bart D. How Jesus became God: the exaltation of a Jewish preacher from Galilee
248.843 D879g Duggar, Jana. Growing up Duggar: it's all about relationships
282 F847c Francis, Pope The church of mercy: a vision for the church
291.2114 M741e Monaghan, Patricia. Encyclopedia of goddesses & heroines
291.43 K967e Kurtz, Ernest. Experiencing spirituality: finding meaning through storytelling
302.3 W617e Whitson, Signe. 8 keys to end bullying: strategies for parents & schools
303.4833 C455i Chopra, Aneesh. Innovative state: how new technologies can transform government
303.4833 W93c Wright, Alex Cataloging the world: Paul Otlet and the birth of the information age
305.23 G941 2012/13 . Guide to summer programs: an objective, comparative reference source for residential summer programs.
305.235 M139y McCullough, David, Jr. You are not special-- and other encouragements
305.242 F131i Fagan, Chelsea. I'm only here for the wifi: a complete guide to reluctant adulthood
305.42 So46m Solnit, Rebecca. Men explain things to me
305.868 H245g Harrison, Carlos The ghosts of Hero Street: how one small Mexican-American community gave so much in World War II and Korea
305.892 L335f Laskin, David The family: three journeys into the heart of the twentieth century
306.0973 Am35 . American values: [opposing viewpoints]
306.0973 C239o Carson, Ben. One nation: what we can all do to save America's future
306.766 B3882f Becker, Jo. Forcing the spring: inside the fight for marriage equality
306.89 B171c Baker, Amy J. L. Co-parenting with a toxic ex: what to do when your ex-spouse tries to turn the kids against you
320.973 G39a Gilens, Martin. Affluence and influence: economic inequality and political power in America
320.973 Sch78w Schuck, Peter H. Why government fails so often: and how it can do better
323.1196 C633t Cobb, Charles E., Jr. This nonviolent stuff'll get you killed: how guns made the civil rights movement possible
330.973 G279s Geithner, Timothy F. Stress test: reflections on financial crises
332.024 B534f Birken, Emily Guy. The 5 years before you retire: retirement planning when you need it the most
332.024 R149s Ramsey, Dave. Smart money smart kids: raising the next generation to win with money
332.1 P936a Prins, Nomi. All the presidents' bankers: the hidden alliances that drive American power
338.064 B843s Bryce, Robert Smaller faster lighter denser cheaper: how innovation keeps proving the catastrophists wrong
338.162 Sp66i Sponenberg, D. Phillip An introduction to heritage breeds: saving and raising rare-breed livestock and poultry
338.19 B233t Barber, Dan The third plate: field notes on the future of food
338.19 G255l Gayeton, Douglas. Local: the new face of food and farming in America
338.19 G78w Gustafson, Ellen. We the eaters: if we change dinner, we can change the world
338.7 Sch81s Schulman, Daniel. Sons of Wichita: how the Koch brothers became America's most powerful and private dynasty
342.73 P972i Purdum, Todd S. An idea whose time has come: two presidents, two parties, and the battle for the Civil Rights Act of 1964
342.73 R492b Risen, Clay. The bill of the century: the epic battle for the Civil Rights Act
346.054 C612q Clifford, Denis. Quick & legal will book
359.9435 D988a Dyer, Geoff. Another great day at sea: life aboard the USS George H.W. Bush
362.734 T691r Traster, Tina. Rescuing Julia twice: a mother's tale of Russian adoption and overcoming reactive attachment disorder
363.28 Em64w Emmett, Dan Within arm's length: a secret service agent's definitive inside account of protecting the president
363.285 L863b Longmire, Sylvia. Border insecurity: why big money, fences, and drones aren't making us safer
363.32 H369l Helman, Scott. Long mile home: Boston under attack, the city's courageous recovery, and the epic hunt for justice
364.1523 B319p Bates, Stephen The poisoner: the life and crimes of Victorian England's most notorious doctor
364.1523 F877u Freeman, Jim R. Unabomber: how the FBI broke its own rules to capture the terrorist Ted Kaczynski
364.1523 St48m Stewart, Gary L. The most dangerous animal of all: searching for my father-- and finding the Zodiac Killer
370.91724 B738p Braun, Adam. The promise of a pencil: how an ordinary person can create extraordinary change
373.236 Ic11 Icard, Michelle. Middle school makeover: improving the way you and your child experience the middle school years
387.742 St12j Stadiem, William. Jet set: the people, the planes, the glamour, and the romance in aviation's glory years
392.5 K251p Keene, Meg. A practical wedding: creative ideas for planning a beautiful, affordable, and meaningful celebration
395 Al49g Alkon, Amy. Good manners for nice people: who sometimes say f*ck
508.092 M973r Musil, Robert K. Rachel Carson and her sisters: extraordinary women who have shaped America's environment
510 B417g Bellos, Alex The grapes of math: how life reflects numbers and numbers reflect life
515 F391e Fernandez, Oscar E. Everyday calculus: discovering the hidden math all around us
523 Sc32st Scagell, Robin. Stargazing with a telescope
523.1 L626a Lightman, Alan P. The accidental universe: the world you thought you knew
574.015 St49m Stewart, Ian Mathematics of life
581.632 C441e Chin, Ava. Eating wildly: foraging for life, love and the perfect meal
591.16 Sch33n Schilthuizen, Menno. Nature's nether regions: what the sex lives of bugs, birds, and beasts tell us about evolution, biodiversity, and ourselves
591.53 Sh69p Shivik, John A. The predator paradox: ending the war with wolves, bears, cougars, and coyotes
591.92576 M459r McCalman, Iain. The reef: a passionate history: the Great Barrier Reef from Captain Cook to climate change
595.79 G74s Goulson, Dave. A sting in the tale: my adventures with bumblebees
612.82 K196t Kean, Sam. The tale of the dueling neurosurgeons: the history of the human brain as revealed by true stories of trauma, madness, and recovery
613 L934t Lourie, Bruce. Toxin toxout: getting harmful chemicals out of our bodies and our world
613.2 M663d Minger, Denise. Death by food pyramid
613.25 G1143s Gabriel, Julie. The super soup diet: lose weight and stay healthy with slimming soups for every age
613.25 Sm59s Smith, Ian Super shred: the big results diet: 4 weeks, 20 pounds, lose it faster!
613.25 W669t Willett, Walter. Thinfluence: thin-flu-ence (noun) the powerful and surprising effect friends, family, work, and environment have on weight
613.26 F26g Fasano, Alessio. Gluten freedom: the nation's leading expert offers the essential guide to a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle
613.28 T233b Teicholz, Nina. The big fat surprise: why butter, meat, and cheese belong in a healthy diet
613.7046 L762y Livingston, Kathryn E. Yin, yang, yogini: a woman's quest for balance, strength and inner peace: a memoir
613.71 L622as Liebman, Hollis Lance. Anatomy of strength & conditioning
615.321 C838p Cowan, Eliot Plant spirit medicine: a journey into the healing wisdom of plants
615.88 C738 . Complete guide to natural home remedies: 1,025 easy ways to live longer, feel better, and enrich your life
616.0472 K141t Kaplan, Gary Total recovery: solving the mystery of chronic pain and depression: how we get sick, why we stay sick, how we can recover
616.399 Es65j Esposito, Jennifer Jennifer's way: my journey with celiac disease-- what doctors don't tell you and how you can learn to live again
616.833 T64n Toth, Susan Allen. No saints around here: a caregiver's days
616.85212 C174s Capps, Ron. Seriously not all right: five wars in ten years: a memoir
616.85223 L16q Lam, Kam Chuen. The qigong workbook for anxiety: powerful energy practices to rebalance your nervous system and free yourself from fear
616.99481 B541s Bishop, Bryan Shrinkage: manhood, marriage, and the tumor that tried to kill me
617.092 R341AAt Rhee, Peter Trauma red: the making of a surgeon in war and in America's cities
617.89 D437i Denworth, Lydia I can hear you whisper: an intimate journey through the science of sound and language
618.92898 K162a Kaufman, Raun Kahlil. Autism breakthrough: the groundbreaking method that has helped families all over the world
618.92898 Su81l Suskind, Ron. Life, animated: a story of sidekicks, heroes, and autism
620.11 M669s Miodownik, Mark. Stuff matters: exploring the marvelous materials that shape our man-made world
629.222 Sw54a Swift, Earl Auto biography: a classic car, an outlaw motorhead, & 57 years of the American dream
635.932 On19f Ondra, Nancy J. Five-plant gardens: 52 ways to grow a perennial garden with just five plants
636.108 P586h Pickeral, Tamsin. The horse lover's bible: the complete practical guide to horse care and management
636.8 B675w Bowen, James The world according to Bob: the further adventures of one man and his streetwise cat
640.41 W522f Westdale, Laura M. 501 amazing uses for salt, vinegar, baking soda, olive oil, and lemons
640.73 En32w Engels, Nathan. We use coupons, you should too!: how coupons changed my life ...
641.3 D517p DeWitt, Dave. Precious cargo: how foods from the Americas changed the world
641.5 M699 2014 . Mixing bowl
641.555 G593 . Good housekeeping weeknight easy: 185 really quick, simply delicious recipes.
641.5635 L976f Lustig, Robert H. The fat chance cookbook: more than 100 recipes ready in under 30 minutes to help you lose the sugar and the weight
641.5636 B47m Bialik, Mayim. Mayim's vegan table: more than 100 great-tasting and healthy recipes from my family to yours
641.5636 R548m Robertson, Robin More quick-fix vegan: simple, delicious recipes in 30 minutes or less
641.568 G3662 . Gifts from the kitchen: [more than 150 treats to make & share]
641.5942 R659b Rolls, Jans Ondaatje. The Bloomsbury cookbook: recipes for life, love and art
641.59593 P969s Punyaratabandhu, Leela. Simple Thai food: classic recipes from the Thai home kitchen
641.5973 L265n Langholtz, Gabrielle. The new Greenmarket cookbook: recipes and tips from today's finest chefs: the stories behind the farms that inspire them
641.5973 V675t Vienneau, Nancy The third thursday community potluck cookbook: recipes and stories to celebrate the bounty of the moment
641.59776 G754n Graden, Scott New Scenic Cafe: the cookbook
641.86 St35t Steinhauer, Jennifer. Treat yourself: 70 classic snacks you loved as a kid (and still love today)
641.875 R275s Reinhard, Tonia. Superjuicing: more than 100 nutritious vegetable and fruit recipes
646.726 P468f Pez, Catherine. The 5-minute facial workout 30 exercises for a naturally beautiful face
646.77 G791f Gray, Christopher From shy to social: the shy man's guide to personal & dating success
646.77 H255c Hartman, Christie Changing your game: a man's guide to success with women
649.68 H219b Harding, Kip The brainy bunch: the Harding family's method to college ready by age twelve
650.1 C225b Carpenter, Ben. The bigs: the secrets nobody tells students and young professionals about how to: choose a career, find a great job, do a great job, be a leader, start a business, manage your money, stay out of trouble, live a happy life
658.4 C29c Catmull, Edwin E. Creativity, Inc.: overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration
658.4092 Sa56lg Sandberg, Sheryl. Lean in: for graduates
658.452 M177p McGowan, Bill. Pitch perfect: how to say it right the first time, every time
658.85 K837a Konrath, Jill. Agile selling: get up to speed quickly in today's ever-changing sales world
658.85 W678a Willingham, Ron Authenticity: the head, heart, and soul of selling
663.42 B617l Blessing, Anna H. Locally brewed: portraits of craft breweries from America's heartland
663.42 H588c Hindy, Steve The craft beer revolution: how a band of microbrewers is transforming the world's favorite drink
664.902 D211b Danforth, Adam. Butchering poultry, rabbit, lamb, goat, and pork: the comprehensive photographic guide to humane slaughtering and butchering
686.225 Sa43d Samara, Timothy. Design elements: understanding the rules and knowing when to break them
709.78 L664u Lippard, Lucy R. Undermining: a wild ride through land use, politics, and art in the changing west
712.6 M563l Messervy, Julie Moir. Landscaping ideas that work
728.37 M73o Mola, Francesc Zamora 150 best sustainable home ideas
728.37 P448h Petroski, Henry. The house with sixteen handmade doors: a tale of architectural choice and craftsmanship
728.9 M461m Mead, Matthew. Matthew Mead's backyard style
741.5 Sch83com21 Schulz, Charles M. The complete Peanuts: 1991 to 1992
741.5973 B816h Browne, Dik. Hagar the Horrible: the epic chronicles: dailies 1977 to 1978
741.5973 B816h2 Browne, Dik. Hagar the Horrible: the epic chronicles: dailies 1979 to 1980
741.5973 W153b Walker, Mort. Beetle Bailey, 1966: daily & Sunday strips
741.6 G462g Glaser, Jessica. The graphic design exercise book: creative briefs to enhance your skills and develop your portfolio
741.6 G586g Gomez-Palacio, Bryony. Graphic design referenced: a visual guide to the language, applications, and history of graphic design
741.6 G764g 2013 Graphic Artists Guild Graphic Artists Guild handbook: pricing & ethical guidelines
745.5 F866m Frauenfelder, Mark. Maker dad: lunch box guitars, antigravity jars, and 22 other incredibly cool father-daughter DIY projects
745.5 K599p Kingloff, Amanda. ProjectKid: 100 ingenious crafts for family fun
745.92 R564l Robinson, Natalie Bernhisel. Living wreaths: 20 beautiful projects for gifts and decor
746.14 C733k Combs, Rebecca Ann. Kumihimo: basics & beyond: 24 braided and beaded jewelry projects on the kumihimo disk
746.2 J977n Jurgrau, Andrea. New vintage lace: knits inspired by the past
746.432 Ep85kr Epstein, Nicky. Knitting reimagined: an innovative approach to structure and shape with 25 breathtaking projects
746.6 K869i Krawczyk, Lynn. Intentional printing: simple techniques for inspired fabric art
746.92 P958l Przybyszewski, Linda. The lost art of dress: the women who once made America stylish
782.4092 B739AAu Braxton, Toni. Unbreak my heart: a memoir
782.4092 M127d Doyle, Tom Man on the run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s
784.092 M584AAv Midler, Bette. A view from a broad
791.4375 T84no Turan, Kenneth. Not to be missed: fifty-four favorites from a lifetime of film
793.2 H199v Hansson, Linda. Vintage parties: a guide to throwing themed events--from Gatsby galas to Mad Men martinis and much more
796.342 W6752b Williams, Richard Black and white: the way I see it
796.352 J719h Hansen, James R. A difficult par: Robert Trent Jones Sr. and the making of modern golf
796.357 W675w Williams, Claudia. Ted Williams, my father: [a memoir]
796.51 B128 2014 . Backpacker gear guide.
796.522 H14d Hall, Andy. Denali's howl: the deadliest climbing disaster on America's wildest peak
796.6 B4737 2014 . Bicycling buyer's guide.
809 D283r Davidson, Jenny. Reading style: a life in sentences
811.54 M559mo Merwin, W. S. The moon before morning
811.54 W93ca Wright, Charles Caribou
811.6 L814m Lockwood, Patricia. Motherland, fatherland, homelandsexuals
811.6 M741s Monaghan, Patricia. Sanctuary
811.608 T22 . Teaching with heart: poetry that speaks to the courage to teach
817.54 B856b Buckley, Christopher But enough about you: essays
818.6 Ob69k O'Bryant, Robin. Ketchup is a vegetable: and other lies moms tell themselves
823.912 J853zBir Birmingham, Kevin. The most dangerous book: the battle for James Joyce's Ulysses
823.914 P887s Pratchett, Terry. The Science of Discworld
829.3 B45T . Beowulf: a translation and commentary: together with Sellic spell
891.73 T588zK Kaufman, Andrew Give War and Peace a chance: Tolstoyan wisdom for troubled times
909 D361i D'Efilippo, Valentina. The infographic history of the world
910.01 K546i Kieran, Dan. The idle traveller
910.45 B276s Barrie, David. Sextant: a young man's daring sea voyage and the men who mapped the world's oceans
914.37 Sz19g Szczygiel, Mariusz Gottland: mostly true stories from half of Czechoslovakia
914.413 W155f Wallace, Don The French house: an American family, a ruined maison, and the village that restored them all
917.287 C812h Cornett, Meredith W. Heart of palms: my Peace Corps years in Tranquilla
917.304 W317c Waters, John Carsick
917.76 J631b Johnson, Deane. The best of Itasca: a guide to Minnesota's oldest state park
917.9447 K123y 2014 Kaiser, James. Yosemite: the complete guide
921 B1513AAs Bailey, Blake The splendid things we planned: a family portrait
921 B4594AAd Berry, Wendell Distant neighbors: the selected letters of Wendell Berry and Gary Snyder
921 B64321ma Marsh, Charles Strange glory: a life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
921 C4758ro Rose, Jonathan The literary Churchill: author, reader, actor
921 C543g Gordon, Meryl. The phantom of Fifth Avenue: the mysterious life and scandalous death of heiress Huguette Clark
921 C6173AAh Clinton, Hillary Rodham. Hard choices
921 Ih4h Hesthamar, Kari So long, Marianne: a love story
921 K3831be Berman, Matt JFK Jr., George, & me: a memoir
921 L515k Korda, Michael Clouds of glory: the life and legend of Robert E. Lee
921 M119pe Perry, Mark The most dangerous man in America: the making of Douglas MacArthur
921 P9676AAg Pulos, Jenni, Grin and bear it: how to be happy no matter what reality throws your way
921 R423r Ross, John F. Enduring courage: ace pilot Eddie Rickenbacker and the dawn of the age of speed
921 R433s Sherr, Lynn. Sally Ride: America's first woman in space
921 R6176AAm Rodriguez, Deborah. Margarita Wednesdays: making a new life by the Mexican sea
921 Sa33b Beller, Thomas. J.D. Salinger: the escape artist
921 Sm689AAm Smith Rakoff, Joanna My Salinger year
921 St501AAl Stibbe, Nina Love, Nina: a nanny writes home
921 W3825AAi Webb, James H. I heard my country calling: a memoir
921 W5214gi Gibb, Lorna. The extraordinary life of Rebecca West
921 Z92p Prochnik, George. The impossible exile: Stefan Zweig at the end of the world
930.156 C615o Cline, Eric H. 1177 B.C.: the year civilization collapsed
940.3 R333l Reynolds, David The long shadow: the legacies of the Great War in the twentieth century
940.412 R824l Rubin, Richard. The last of the doughboys: the forgotten generation and their forgotten world war
940.415 An24l Anderson, Scott Lawrence in Arabia: war, deceit, imperial folly and the making of the modern Middle East
940.5318 P926f Pressman, Steven. 50 children: one ordinary American couple's extraordinary rescue mission into the heart of Nazi Germany
940.5343 D74l Dos, Margarete Letters from Berlin: a story of war, survival, and the redeeming power of love and friendship
940.5421 Sy67n Symonds, Craig L. Neptune: the Allied invasion of Europe and the D-Day landings
947.08 R182r Rappaport, Helen. The Romanov sisters: the lost lives of the daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra
951.5 T433 2014 . Tibet: [opposing viewpoints]
956.7 Si33b Sileo, Tom. Brothers forever: the enduring bond between a Marine and a Navy SEAL that transcended their ultimate sacrifice
970.3 D149han Hansen, Karen V. Encounter on the Great Plains: Scandinavian settlers and the dispossession of Dakota Indians, 1890-1930
973.099 L611i L'Heureux, Ray Inside Marine One: four U.S. Presidents, one proud Marine, and the world's most amazing helicopter
973.311 B667a Borneman, Walter R. American spring: Lexington, Concord, and the road to revolution
973.711 Oa43s Oakes, James. The scorpion's sting: antislavery and the coming of the Civil War
973.917 F776 . The 40s: the story of a decade
974.7 W73i Winn, Christopher I never knew that about New York
975.5 T212i Taylor, Alan The internal enemy: slavery and war in Virginia, 1772-1832
979.313 N556u Nies, Judith Unreal city: Las Vegas, Black Mesa, and the fate of the West
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