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New Picture Books & Easy Readers - October 2015

These titles were added in September

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Key to Call Numbers:
j = Picture Book
E = Easy Reader

Call Number Author Title
E Barbie Barbie. Dream-tastic story collection: a collection of four comic readers.
E Barbie Barbie. Pretty pearl mermaid
E Berenstain Berenstain, Michael. The Berenstain Bears are superbears!
E Davis Davis, Eleanor Flop to the Top!: a toon book
E DC Comics DC Comics, Inc. Bizarro day!
E DC Comics DC Comics, Inc. Superman versus the silver banshee
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. A tale of two sisters
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Anna's best friends
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Big snowman, little snowman
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Hello Olaf!
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Snuggle buddies
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. The Christmas party
E Dunrea Dunrea, Olivier. Jasper & Joop
E Dunrea Dunrea, Olivier. Merry Christmas, Ollie!
E Hoff Hoff, Syd Danny and the dinosaur and the new puppy
E LEGO LEGO toys. Space justice!
E Long Long, Ethan. In, over and on! (the farm)
E My My little pony. Ponyville reading adventures.
E Nolen Nolen, Jerdine. Backyard camp-out
E Nolen Nolen, Jerdine. Block party surprise
E Ransom Ransom, Candice F. Pumpkin day!
E Ruzzier Ruzzier, Sergio Two mice
E Rylant Rylant, Cynthia. Mr. Putter & Tabby smell the roses
j Watt, Melanie Bug in a vacuum
j Angleberger Angleberger, Tom. McToad mows Tiny Island: [a transportation tale]
j Austin Austin, Mike Fire engine no. 9
j Barbie Barbie. A paw-some mystery
j Barbie Barbie. Snow much fun!
j Bardhan-Quallen Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta. Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!
j Barnett Barnett, Mac. Leo: a ghost story
j Beaumont Beaumont, Karen. Crybaby
j Berenstain Berenstain, Michael When I grow up
j Blake Blake, Quentin. The five of us
j Borando Borando, Silvia. Black cat, white cat
j Borden Borden, Louise. Kindergarten luck
j Butler Butler, M. Christina. One snowy rescue
j Buzzeo Buzzeo, Toni. Whose truck?
j Carroll Carroll, James Christopher Papa's backpack
j Chaud Chaud, Benjamin. The bear's surprise
j Christie Christie, R. Gregory Mousetropolis
j Corderoy Corderoy, Tracey. More!
j Cox Cox, Russ. Faraway friends
j Cronin Cronin, Doreen. Click, clack, ho ho ho!
j Daniel Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daneil tries a new food
j Daniel Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daniel plays in the snow
j Daniel Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Nighttime in the neighborhood!
j DePaola DePaola, Tomie Look and be grateful
j Detlefsen Detlefsen, Lisl H. Time for cranberries
j Dewdney Dewdney, Anna. Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa
j Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. The secret library
j Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Winter fun for everyone!
j Elliott Elliott, David This orq. (he say ugh!)
j Fortino Fortino, Lauri. The peddler's bed
j Fredrickson Fredrickson, Lane. Monster trouble!
j Friot Friot, Bernard Worms
j Fullerton Fullerton, Alma. In a cloud of dust
j Gauch Gauch, Sarah. The tomb robber and King Tut
j Gorbachev Gorbachev, Valeri. Doctor Nice
j Gordon Gordon, Domenica More. Archie loves skipping
j Gray Gray, Kes. Frog on a log?
j Hacohen Hacohen, Dean. Who's hungry?
j Henkes Henkes, Kevin. Waiting
j Hutchins Hutchins, Hazel. SNAP!
j Jenkins Jenkins, Emily The fun book of scary stuff
j Jenkins Jenkins, Emily Toys meet snow: being the wintertime adventures of a curious stuffed buffalo, a sensitive plush stingray, and a book-loving rubber ball
j Kang Kang, Anna. That's not mine
j Kenah Kenah, Katharine. The very stuffed turkey
j Kennedy Kennedy, Anne Ragweed's Farm Dog Handbook
j Kim Kim, Soo-hyeon. What does the bee see?
j Kobald Kobald, Irena. My two blankets
j Lundquist Lundquist, Mary. Cat & Bunny
j Manceau Manceau, Edouard Tickle monster
j Manushkin Manushkin, Fran. Happy in our skin
j Martin Martin, Emily Winfield. The wonderful things you will be
j Mayer Mayer, Mercer Just a special Thanksgiving
j McCartney McCartney, Tania Peas in a pod
j McGee McGee, Marni. Bear Can't Sleep!
j Medina Medina, Meg. Mango, Abuela, and me
j Miller Miller, Pat Zietlow. Sharing the bread: an old-fashioned Thanksgiving story
j Miller Miller, Pat Zietlow. Wherever you go
j Muncaster Muncaster, Harriet. Happy Halloween, witch's cat!
j Nordqvist Nordqvist, Sven. The fox chase
j Olien Olien, Jessica. Shark detective! / by Jessica Olien.
j Peppa Peppa Pig. Bedtime for Peppa
j Pett Pett, Mark. Lizard from the park
j Pilutti Pilutti, Deb. Bear and Squirrel are friends...yes, really!
j Pinkney Pinkney, J. Brian. On the ball
j Plant Plant, David J. Hungry Roscoe
j Reich Reich, Kass Up hamster, down hamster
j Riehle Riehle, Mary Ann McCabe The little kids' table
j Rosenthal Rosenthal, Amy Krouse. Friendshape: an uplifting celebration of friendship
j Rozier Rozier, Lucy Margaret. Jackrabbit McCabe & the electric telegraph
j Savage Savage, Stephen Where's walrus? and penguin?
j Scarry Scarry, Richard. Richard Scarry's busy, busy world
j Silvano Silvano, Wendi J. Turkey trick or treat
j Smallman Smallman, Steve. Poo in the zoo
j Soman Soman, David. Ladybug Girl and the best ever playdate
j Spinelli Spinelli, Eileen. Thankful
j Stark Stark, Ulf When dad showed me the universe
j Stower Stower, Adam. Troll and the Oliver
j Torrey Torrey, Rich. My dog, Bob
j Van Wright Van Wright, Cornelius. Bucky and Stu vs. the Mikanikal Man
j Vere Vere, Ed. Max the brave
j Villeneuve Villeneuve, Anne Loula and Mister the monster
j Wahl Wahl, Jan. I met a dinosaur
j Ward Ward, Jennifer There was an old mummy who swallowed a spider
j Wilson Wilson, Karma. Duddle Puck: the puddle duck
j Winters Winters, Kari-Lynn Bad pirate
j Yoon Yoon, Salina. Penguin's big adventure
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