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New Picture Books & Easy Readers - April 2015

These titles were added in March

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Key to Call Numbers:
j = Picture Book
E = Easy Reader

Call Number Author Title
E Brown Brown, Jeff Flat Stanley and the very big cookie
E Brown Brown, Jeff Flat Stanley goes camping
E Brown Brown, Jeff Show-and-tell, Flat Stanley!
E Dean Dean, James Pete the cat: Pete at the beach
E Dean Dean, James Pete the cat: too cool for school
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. A tale of two sisters
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Anna's best friends
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Big snowman, little snowman
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Blue-ribbon bunny
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Just one of the princes
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Sofia takes the lead
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. The Christmas party
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. The missing necklace
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Toy box heroes. (Disney Infinity easy reader)
E Dora Dora the explorer. We love to dance!
E Eastman Eastman, P. D. Aaron has a lazy day
E Eastman Eastman, P. D. Aaron is a good sport
E Lewin Lewin, Betsy. Groundhog Day
E Manushkin Manushkin, Fran. Piggy bank problems
E Ziefert Ziefert, Harriet. Frog jog
j Agee Agee, Jon. It's only Stanley
j Appelt Appelt, Kathi Counting crows
j Appelt Appelt, Kathi When Otis courted Mama
j Ashman Ashman, Linda. Little Baby Buttercup
j Baker Baker, Keith Little green peas
j Bee Bee, William. Migloo's day
j Bee Bee, William. Stanley the farmer
j Bevis Bevis, Mary Elizabeth A bird on my hand: making friends with chickadees
j Berger Berger, Carin. Finding spring
j Caillou Caillou. Mystery valentine
j Castillo Castillo, Lauren. Nana in the city
j Chiew Chiew, Suzanne. When you need a friend
j Clement Clement, Nathan Big tractor
j Cocca-Leffler Cocca-Leffler, Maryann Janine
j Cousins Cousins, Lucy. Count with Maisy, cheep, cheep, cheep!
j Daywalt Daywalt, Drew. The day the crayons quit
j Dewdney Dewdney, Anna. Llama Llama and the bully goat
j Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. A royal mouse in the house
j Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Cinderella is my babysitter
j Dubuc Dubuc, Marianne The bus ride
j Dunrea Dunrea, Olivier. Gemma & Gus
j Dunrea Dunrea, Olivier. Gus
j Dyckman Dyckman, Ame. Wolfie the bunny
j Edwards Edwards, Karl. Fly!
j Evert Evert, Lori. The tiny wish
j Feeney Feeney, Tatyana. Small Elephant's bathtime
j Gavin Gavin, Ciara. Room for Bear
j George George, Bobby Montessori map work
j Hamburg Hamburg, Jennifer. Monkey and Duck Quack Up!
j Heos Heos, Bridget. Mustache Baby meets his match
j Hills Hills, Tad. Duck & Goose colors
j Holabird Holabird, Katharine. Angelina's best friend dance
j How How to train your dragon A fiery discovery
j Kann Kann, Victoria. Aqualicious
j Könnecke Konnecke, Ole You can do it, Bert!
j Krug Krug, Ken. No, silly!
j Landström Landstrom, Lena. Where is Pim?
j Lang Lang, Suzanne. Families, families, families!
j LaRochelle LaRochelle, David. Moo!
j Larsen Larsen, Andrew See you next year
j Lawson Lawson, JonArno. Sidewalk flowers
j LEGO LEGO toys. Andrea's new horse
j LEGO LEGO toys. Cops, crocs, and crooks!
j LEGO LEGO toys. Follow that Easter egg!
j LEGO LEGO toys. Friends and Foes!
j London London, Jonathan Froggy's birthday wish
j Loory Loory, Ben. The baseball player and the walrus
j Maloney Maloney, Brenna. Ready Rabbit gets ready!
j Manceau Manceau, Edouard Look!
j Markle Markle, Sandra. Toad weather
j Martin Martin, David Peep and Ducky rainy day
j Nelson Nelson, Kadir. If you plant a seed
j O'Connell O'Connell, Rebecca Baby party
j Oldland Oldland, Nicholas Walk on the wild side
j Ormerod Ormerod, Jan. The baby swap
j Parenteau Parenteau, Shirley. Bears and a birthday
j Patricelli Patricelli, Leslie. Hop! hop!
j Pennypacker Pennypacker, Sara Meet the Dullards
j Peppa Peppa Pig. My mommy
j Peppa Peppa Pig. Peppa pig and the treasure hunt
j Perkins Perkins, Maripat Rodeo red
j Russo Russo, Marisabina. Little Bird takes a bath
j Santat Santat, Dan. The adventures of Beekle: the unimaginary friend
j Scarry Scarry, Richard. Richard Scarry's Postman Pig and his busy neighbors.
j Scarry Scarry, Richard. Richard Scarry's the rooster struts
j Sher Sher, Emil A button story
j Sher Sher, Emil A pebble story
j Slegers Slegers, Liesbet. Me and my day
j Slegers Slegers, Liesbet. Me and the seasons
j SpongeBob SpongeBob SquarePants. Haunted Houseboat
j Stead Stead, Philip Christian. Special delivery
j Steele-Saccio Steele-Saccio, Eva. Bears
j Steele-Saccio Steele-Saccio, Eva. Bugs
j Stein Stein, Peter Little Red's riding 'hood
j Sweeney Sweeney, Linda Booth When the wind blows
j Taylor Taylor, Sean Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise
j Teenage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Follow the ninja!
j Transformers Transformers. Land before Prime
j Trapani Trapani, Iza. Little Miss Muffet
j Trasler Trasler, Janee. A new chick for chickies
j Trasler Trasler, Janee. Bedtime for chickies
j Trasler Trasler, Janee. Dinnertime for chickies
j Trasler Trasler, Janee. Pottytime for chickies
j Wahl Wahl, Charis. Rosario's fig tree
j Wall Wall, Laura. Goose
j Wardlaw Wardlaw, Lee Won Ton and Chopstick: a cat and dog tale told in haiku
j Wargin Wargin, Kathy-jo. Otter out of water
j Warnes Warnes, Tim. The great cheese robbery
j Weeks Weeks, Sarah. Glamourpuss
j Weidner Weidner, Teri. Always twins
j Wells Wells, Rosemary. Max's special spring
j Wells Wells, Rosemary. Use your words, Sophie
j Willis Willis, Jeanne. Elephants can't jump!
j Yolen Yolen, Jane. How do dinosaurs stay safe?
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