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New Picture Books & Easy Readers - May 2015

These titles were added in April

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Key to Call Numbers:
j = Picture Book
E = Easy Reader

Call Number Author Title
E DC Comics DC Comics, Inc. Batman's hero files
E DC Comics DC Comics, Inc. Winter wasteland
E Dean Dean, James Pete the cat: too cool for school
E LEGO LEGO toys. Amazing battles!
E LEGO LEGO toys. Batman's missions
E O'Connor O'Connor, Jane. Fancy Nancy, super secret surprise party
E PAW PAW patrol. Pit crew pups
E Teenage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Too much ooze!
j Barton Barton, Byron. My bike
j Beaumont Beaumont, Karen. Wild about us!
j Berenstain Berenstain, Michael God bless our country
j Bileck Bileck, Marvin. By trolley past Thimbledon Bridge
j Bloom Bloom, C. P. The monkey and the bee
j Bunting Bunting, Eve Yard sale
j Carlson Carlson, Marion. Run duck hide!: the Martians are coming?
j DC Comics DC Comics, Inc. Batman: an origin story
j DC Comics DC Comics, Inc. Superman: an origin story
j DC Comics DC Comics, Inc. Wonder Woman: an origin story
j De Lisle De Lisle, Sandy. Hens for friends
j Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. An amazing snowman
j DiTerlizzi DiTerlizzi, Angela. Baby love
j Dolan Dolan, Elys. Weasels
j Ebbeler Ebbeler, Jeffrey. Click!
j Escoffier Escoffier, Michael A mammoth in the fridge
j Escoffier Escoffier, Michael Me first!
j Falconer Falconer, Ian A sweet surprise for mom
j Ferry Ferry, Beth. Stick and Stone
j Frost Frost, Helen Sweep up the sun
j Gaiman Gaiman, Neil. Chu's day at the beach
j Gillette Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare. It's okay to ask!
j Jönsson Jonsson, Maria Astrid the fly
j Kang Kang, Anna. You are (not) small
j Kimura Kimura, Ken 999 frogs and a little brother
j Knudsen Knudsen, Michelle. Marilyn's monster
j Leiter Leiter, Richard. The flying hand of Marco B.
j Mack Mack, Jeff. Look!
j McKenna McKenna, Martin The octopuppy
j McPike McPike, Elizabeth. Little sleepyhead
j Menchin Menchin, Scott. Grandma in blue with red hat
j Newman Newman, Leslea. Heather has two mommies
j Niemann Niemann, Christoph. The potato king
j O'Connor O'Connor, George. If I had a triceratops
j Peppa Peppa Pig. Peppa Pig and the great vacation
j Peppa Peppa Pig. Peppa Pig and the vegetable garden
j Pinkney Pinkney, Jerry. The grasshopper & the ants
j Plecas Plecas, Jennifer. Bah! said the baby
j Powell-Tuck Powell-Tuck, Maudie. Pirates aren't afraid of the dark!
j Reagan Reagan, Jean How to surprise a dad
j Robertson Robertson, Rachel. When you just have to roar!
j Rosen Rosen, Michael The bus is for us!
j Rosenstock Rosenstock, Barb. Ben Franklin's big splash: the mostly true story of his first invention
j Rosenthal Rosenthal, Amy Krouse. I wish you more
j Ross Ross, Tony. Rita's rhino
j Roussen Roussen, Jean Beautiful birds
j Salas Salas, Laura Purdie. A rock can be . . .
j Saltzberg Saltzberg, Barney. Inside this book (are three books).
j Samoun Samoun, Abigail How Gator says good-bye!
j Samoun Samoun, Abigail How Hippo says hello!
j Schertle Schertle, Alice Such a little mouse
j Schneider Schneider, Josh Everybody sleeps (but not Fred)
j Scotton Scotton, Rob. The big helper
j Shea Shea, Bob. Dinosaur vs. Mommy
j Sias Sias, Ryan. Sniff! sniff!
j Spinelli Spinelli, Jerry. Mama Seeton's whistle
j Symes Symes, Sally. Funny face, sunny face
j Thong Thong, Roseanne. Green is a chile pepper: a book of colors
j Viva Viva, Frank. Outstanding in the rain
j Wan Wan, Joyce. The whale in my swimming pool
j Ward Ward, Helen Spots in a box
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