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New Science Fiction - October 2015

These titles were added in September

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Author Title
. Press start to play
Aguirre, Ann. Breakout. (Dred chronicles, #3.)
Belcher, R. S. Nightwise
Chu, Wesley. Time salvager
Cole, Myke. Gemini cell
De Castell, Sebastien. Knight's shadow. (Greatcoats, book 2.)
Dunstall, S. K. Linesman
Green, Simon R. Forces from beyond. (Ghost finders novels, #6.)
Holt, Tom The good, the bad and the smug
Jemisin, N. K. The fifth season. (Broken earth, book 1.)
Kadrey, Richard. Killing pretty. (Sandman Slim novel, #7.)
Kennedy, Jeffe The talon of the hawk. (Twelve kingdoms, #3.)
Lindskold, Jane M. Artemis invaded
Liu, Cixin. The dark forest
Maas, Sarah J. A court of thorns and roses. (Court of thorns and roses series, #1.)
Martin, Gail Iron & blood: a Jake Desmet adventure
McGuire, Seanan. A red-rose chain. (October Daye novel, #9.)
Milan, Victor. The dinosaur lords
Monk, Devon. Crucible zero. (House immortal novel, #3.)
Nagata, Linda. The trials. (Red trilogy, #2.)
Nelson, J. C. Wish bound. (Grimm Agency novel, #3.)
Odom, Mel. Guerilla. (Makaum war, book 2.)
Reynolds, Alastair Slow bullets
Saintcrow, Lilith. Blood call
Scalzi, John The end of all things. (Old man's war series, #6.)
Stengl, Anne Elisabeth. Golden daughter. (Tales of Goldstone Wood, #7.)
Thayer, Anna The broken blade. (Knight of Eldaran, #3.)
Thayer, Anna. The king's hand. (Knight of Eldaran, #2.)
Walton, David Supersymmetry
Wendig, Chuck. Aftermath. (Aftermath trilogy, book 1.)
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