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New Science Fiction - April 2014

These titles were added in March

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Author Title
. Games creatures play
Almasi, G. T. Hammer of angels. (Shadowstorm, #2.)
Bach, Rachel. Honor's knight. (Paradox series, #2.)
Beyer, Kirsten. Protectors. (Star trek: Voyager.)
Bradley, Marion Zimmer. The children of kings: a Darkover novel
Brennan, Marie. Tropic of serpents: a memoir by Lady Trent
Briggs, Patricia. Night broken
Corey, James S. A. Honor among thieves. (Empire and rebellion, #2.)
Cox, Greg No time like the past. (Star trek novel.)
Gould, Steven. Impulse
Herbert, Brian. Mentats of Dune. (Dune chronicles, #10.)
Lafferty, Mur. Ghost train to New Orleans
Larke, Glenda. The Lascar's dagger. (Forsaken lands, #1.)
Lovegrove, James. Redlaw
McGuire, Seanan. Half-off ragnarok. (InCryptid novel, #3.)
Pratchett, Terry. Raising Steam: a Discworld novel
Salvatore, R. A. Night of the hunter. (Companions codex, book I.)
Salvatore, R. A. The companions. (Sundering, book I.)
Sanderson, Brandon. Words of radiance. (Stormlight archive, book 2.)
Schafer, Kerry. Wakeworld: a book of the Between
Scull, Luke. The Grim Company
Stengl, Anne Elisabeth. Shadow hand. (Tales of Goldstone Wood, #6.)
Weber, David Echoes of Honor. (Honor Harrington, book 8.)
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