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New Books for Teens - December 2014

These titles were added in November

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Call Number Author Title
YA 363.7 Fleischman Fleischman, Paul. Eyes wide open: going behind the environmental headlines
YA 741.5 Amemiya #13 Amemiya, Yuki. 07-ghost., vol. 13.
YA 741.5 Clamp #1 Clamp xxxHolic omnibus, vol. 1
YA 741.5 Clamp #2 Clamp xxxHolic omnibus, vol. 2
YA 741.5 Clamp #3 Clamp xxxHolic omnibus, vol. 3
YA 741.5 Dukihiro #3 Dukihiro, Utako. Devils and realist, vol. 3
YA 741.5 Kazue #12 Kazue, Kato Blue Exorcist, vol. 12.
YA 741.5 Komi #6 Komi, Naoshi. Showtime. (Nisekoi = false love, vol. 6.)
YA 741.5 Kubo #62 Kubo, Tite. Heart of wolf. (Bleach, vol. 62.)
YA 741.5 Lee #10 Lee, Stan Ultimo, vol. 10
YA 741.5 Marvel #1 Marvel Comics Group No normal. (Ms. Marvel, vol. 1.)
YA 741.5 Mashima #43 Mashima, Hiro. Fairy tail, vol. 43.
YA 741.5 Motomi #15 Motomi, Kyousuke. Dengeki Daisy, vol. 15
YA 741.5 Nakamura #9 Nakamura, Yoshiki. Skip beat! 3-in-1 edition, vol. 9
YA 741.5 Narita #2 Narita, Ryohgo. Durarara!! Yellow Scarves ARC, vol. 2
YA 741.5 Takahashi #16 Takahashi, Rumiko Rin-ne, vol. 16
YA 741.5 Toboso #18 Toboso, Yana. Black butler, vol. 18
YA 741.5 Toriyama #2 Toriyama, Akira Dragon Ball Vizbig edition, vol. 2
YA Fic Clarke Clarke, Cat. Undone
YA Fic Cross Cross, Julie. Whatever life throws at you
YA Fic Fichera Fichera, Liz. Played
YA Fic Fombelle Fombelle, Timothee De. Vango: Between sky and earth
YA Fic Kain Kain, Jamie. The good sister
YA Fic Lundquist #2 Lundquist, Jenny. The opal crown
YA Fic Lynch #5 Lynch, Chris Walking wounded. (Vietnam, book 5.)
YA Fic M Bacigalupi Bacigalupi, Paolo. The doubt factory
YA Fic M Barnes #2 Barnes, Jennifer Killer instinct. (A Naturals novel, #2.)
YA Fic M Boone #1 Boone, Martina. Compulsion. (Heirs of Watson Island, vol. 1.)
YA Fic M Brown #1 Brown, Teri J. Born of illusion. (Born of illusion, vol. 1.)
YA Fic M Brown #2 Brown, Teri J. Born of deception
YA Fic M Carey #1 Carey, Edward Heap House. (Iremonger, book 1.)
YA Fic M Cochran #2 Cochran, Molly. Poison. (Legacy series, vol. 2.)
YA Fic M Cremer #4 Cremer, Andrea R. Snakeroot. (Nightshade series, vol. 4.)
YA Fic M Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick, Becca. Black ice
YA Fic M Hodkin #3 Hodkin, Michelle. The retribution of Mara Dyer. (Mara Dyer, vol. 3.)
YA Fic M Hunter #2 Hunter, C. C. Eternal. (Shadow Falls after dark, vol. 2.)
YA Fic M Johansson #1 Johansson, J. R. Insomnia. (Night Walkers, book 1.)
YA Fic M Kagawa #2 Kagawa, Julie. The eternity cure. (Blood of Eden, vol. 2.)
YA Fic M Kam Kam, Jennifer Wolf. Devin Rhodes is dead
YA Fic M Kate #2 Kate, Lauren. Waterfall. (Teardrop novel, #2.)
YA Fic M LaFevers #3 LaFevers, Robin. Mortal heart. (His fair assassin, book 3.)
YA Fic M Lane #5 Lane, Andy Snake bite. (Sherlock Holmes, the legend begins, vol. 5.)
YA Fic M Maxwell Maxwell, Lisa Sweet unrest
YA Fic M Nadol Nadol, Jen. This is how it ends
YA Fic M O'Rourke #2 O'Rourke, Erica. Tangled. (Torn series, vol. 2.)
YA Fic M Parker Parker, Natalie C. Beware the wild
YA Fic M Rosenfield Rosenfield, Kat. Inland
YA Fic M Summer Summer, Mary Elizabeth. Trust me, I'm lying
YA Fic M Vaught Vaught, Susan Freaks like us
YA Fic M Zettel #2 Zettel, Sarah. Dangerous deceptions. (Palace of spies, book 2.): being the latest volume in the entirely true and wholly remarkable adventures of Margaret Preston Fitzroy, maid of honor, impersonator of persons of quality, confirmed house-breaker, apprentice card shark
YA Fic Magoon Magoon, Kekla. How it went down
YA Fic McKinney-Whitaker McKinney-Whitaker, Courtney. The last sister
YA Fic Meyer #12 Meyer, L. A. Wild rover no more. (A Bloody Jack adventure, #12.): being the last recorded account of the life and times of Jacky Faber
YA Fic Reed Reed, Amy Lynn. Damaged
YA Fic SF Akins Akins, Karen. Loop
YA Fic SF Albin #3 Albin, Gennifer. Unraveled. (Crewel world, vol. 3.)
YA Fic SF Black #3 Black, Jenna. Revolution. (Replica trilogy, vol. 3.)
YA Fic SF Bracken #3 Bracken, Alexandra. In the after light. (Darkest minds, vol. 3.)
YA Fic SF Brown Brown, Rachel Manija. Stranger
YA Fic SF Card #3 Card, Orson Scott. Visitors. (Pathfinder series, vol. 3.)
YA Fic SF Carriger #3 Carriger, Gail. Waistcoats & weaponry. (Finishing school, book the third.)
YA Fic SF Chima #5 Chima, Cinda Williams. The sorcerer heir. (Heir chronicles, vol. 5.)
YA Fic SF Clare Clare, Cassandra. The Bane chronicles. (The mortal instruments.)
YA Fic SF Clare #5 Clare, Cassandra. City of lost souls. (The mortal instruments, book 5.)
YA Fic SF Dickerson #5 Dickerson, Melanie. The princess spy. (Healer's apprentice, vol. 5.)
YA Fic SF Doctor Doctor Who Summer falls: and other stories
YA Fic SF Forster #2 Forster, Miriam Empire of shadows. (Bhinian Empire, book 2.)
YA Fic SF Hehir Hehir, Tim Julius & the watchmaker
YA Fic SF John #3 John, Antony. Renegade. (Elemental, vol. 3.)
YA Fic SF Kagawa #1 Kagawa, Julie. Talon. (Talon saga, #1.)
YA Fic SF Kincaid #2 Kincaid, S. J. Vortex. (World War III Insignia series, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Kincaid #3 Kincaid, S. J. Catalyst. (World War III Insignia series, vol. 3.)
YA Fic SF Marriott #1 Marriott, Zoe. The Name of the blade. (Name of the blade, vol. 1.)
YA Fic SF Owen #7 Owen, James A. The first dragon. (The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica, #7.)
YA Fic SF Raasch #1 Raasch, Sara. Snow like ashes. (Snow like ashes, vol. 1.)
YA Fic SF Reed #3 Reed, Jaime. Fading Amber. (The Cambion chronicles, book 3.)
YA Fic SF Thompson Thompson, Kelly Storykiller
YA Fic SF Zevin #3 Zevin, Gabrielle. In the age of love and chocolate. (Birthright, vol. 3.)
YA Fic Shaw Shaw, Tucker. Oh yeah, Audrey!
YA Fic Stokes Stokes, Paula. The art of Lainey
YA Fic Tingle #2 Tingle, Tim. Danny Blackgoat: rugged road to freedom
YA Fic Ventresca Ventresca, Yvonne. Pandemic
YA Fic West West, Kasie. On the fence
YA Fic Wiles #2 Wiles, Deborah. Revolution. (Sixties trilogy, book 2.)
YA Fic Willey Willey, Margaret. Beetle Boy
YA Fic Winters Winters, Cat. The cure for dreaming
YA Fic Wolitzer Wolitzer, Meg. Belzhar
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