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Legacy Programs

These programs are funded in part with money from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

If you've enjoyed the programs, please fill out an evaluation (either printed or online). Your feedback helps library staff plan more programs.

The Secret Life of Puppets

August 4  •  3:30 pm  •  Main Library Green Room
August 11  •  10:30 am  •  West Duluth Branch Library

Kids will learn the tricks to turning sticks, cloth, string and even their own hands into lively characters in this hands-on workshop by Z Puppets Rosenschnoz. For kids entering grade 1 and up.

Kid & puppet

The Timeless Beauty of Harp and Flute

August 18  •  6 pm  •  Main Library Green Room

Janell Lemire and Betty Braunstein play two of the world's oldest and most beloved instruments. Using modern instruments, images from the past, actual instruments from other times and places, and music for harp and flute, these fine musicians will explore the question of why human beings have been music makers since the beginning of time.


The Music and Culture of Latin America

August 21  •  6 pm  •  West Duluth Branch Library

Melanie Sever and Nixon Bustos will take you on a tour through Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Cuba and Venezuela. You'll learn traditional Latin rhythms, play various folk percussion instruments and even get the chance to try out your dancing feet with styles like the Argentinian Tango, Colombian Cumbia and Brazilian Samba.

Latin American music

Briand Morrison, Jazz Guitarist

August 25  •  6 pm  •  Main Library Green Room
August 28  •  6 pm  •  West Duluth Branch Library

Grand Marais’s Briand Morrison will play his guitar and talk about the music writing process and the stories behind each song. Get answers to your questions about how to become a good guitar player.

Briand Morrison

Legacy Fund

The programs are sponsored by the Duluth Public Library and
the Arrowhead Library System,
and are funded by money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. 

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