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Legacy Programs

These programs are funded in part with money from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

If you've enjoyed the programs, please fill out an evaluation (either printed or online). Your feedback helps library staff plan more programs.

Laatikko/Box: Finnish Immigration and Music

Thursday, September 18  •  6 pm  •  West Duluth Branch Library

Sara Pajunen's Laatikko/Box program uses Finnish folk music combined with items she has collected about Finnish immigration to the United States. The result is a multi-media interactive story about immigration then and how we as individuals are always moving from the known to the unknown as we move through different phases of our lives.

Finnish music

FUN!!damentals of Photography

Friday, October 10  •  1 - 4 pm  •  West Duluth Branch Library

Brian Rauvola, owner of the Duluth Photography Institute, will present a 3-hour hands-on beginning photography workshop about using digital cameras and editing photos. Bring your camera (compact or dSLR), camera manual, a tripod (if you have one) and other accessories to learn how to use your camera’s features to improve the pictures you take. Make sure your batteries are charged and you have plenty of memory; the group is going to explore the library inside and outside (weather permitting) to practice taking photos while also learning to use light effectively and other artistic elements to improve your images. The last part of the workshop will be about downloading pictures, organizing files, and using software to optimize and resize images. Brian will show you how to edit your pictures to get better photos and have fun doing it!

Registration required: sign up online or call 730-4236.

This program will be repeated in February at the Main Library. Registration will open January 2.


The Art and History of Henna Body Art

Thursday, October 16  •  3:30 pm  •  Main Library Green Room

Find out how different cultures have used henna as body decoration, where it comes from and how it's grown, how to mix paste for body art purposes, and, of course, how to apply it to the skin. Do some henna yourself, on friends, or get a design from the artist.

Intended for teens in grades 6-12. Registration required: sign up online or call 730-4200/option 4.


Cartooning with 3-2-1 Art Studio

Thursday, October 16  •  6 pm  •  West Duluth Branch Library
Monday, October 20  •  6:30 pm  •  Main Library Green Room

Learn the basics of cartooning and then practice your skills at home. 3-2-1 Art Studio will show you step-by-step how to draw facial expressions on cartoon characters, create your own cartoon character and start a simple comic strip.

Intended for kids in grades K - 6. 4- and 5-year-olds accompanied by an adult are welcome, as are as older kids.

Cartoon kids

Legacy Fund

The programs are sponsored by the Duluth Public Library and
the Arrowhead Library System,
and are funded by money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. 

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